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Marinic is the het ship between Marine and Manic from the Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Underground fandoms.


They never interacted with each other, since the two appear in separate continuities. Marine’s first appearance was after Manic's last appearance.

Other than their names starting with the same first two letters M and A, both characters appeared in the Pre-Super Genesis Wave Archie comics. Neither of them has counterparts in Mobius Prime. Manic originates from the Underground Zone along with his two siblings, while Marine the Sol Zone along with Blaze. They have been seen meeting Prime Sonic when the blue hedgehog visited their respective Zones, though a Mobian resembling the green hedgehog can be seen in issue 134. Both are associated with the color green. The raccoon wears a green top with a white trim, as well as green and orange shoes. The hedgehog has green fur, in addition to that being his signature color. They grew up without proper families and were raised by a semi-nomadic group. Manic was raised by thieves after his mother left him to them. Marine was raised by the Coconut Crew prior to the events of Sonic Rush Adventire. Neither of them had many interactions with outsiders prior to meeting their counterparts of Sonic. Both had Sonic become one of their closest friends shortly after meeting the blue hedgehog, with the friendship extending with a princess. Manic’s triplet sister Sonia help establish their band, and Blaze having a history with the blue hedgehog in the first Sonic Rush game.


The ship is rare sight in the fandom. Some have seen disliking the two together due to originating from different Zones or to a small age gap. The former case can be worked out by having either one of them travel through different dimensions, as is the case with many other pairings involving Blaze or Marine. The latter can be avoided by having fan work of them take place exclusively in the future where age differences do not matter as much. One has made Manic not age for a certain period of time, others just changing both of theirs altogether. This has been seen with Tails in his different incarnations of mostly American-made media. Other than that, fans would pair them due to processes of elimination between minor and lesser-known characters in the franchise. This pairing is superseded by slightly more-popular ones like Manina (Manic×Mina) or Rayrine (Marine×Ray).

Fan-art of this pairing has been mostly done by DeviantArt user kittykitkit102. As of late, the account has been deactivated along with their work. Other users known to ship this pairing at some degree some point are CutelittlemouseyGirl, Amazingangus76, and CountryballFan (PetStarPlanet).

The ship name was first used by the latter for the pairing in a stamp uploaded in 2016. At least two stamps for the pairing have been made on DeviantArt, the first being the aforementioned and the second from a request in 2019. Star also wrote a work on Archive of Our Own, but it has yet for the raccoon to come to the story. It is currently the only one under the Manic/Marine tag.

Due to its nature, Marinic can be considered to be a crack ship. Explanations for why people ship them are often considered way too unconvincing for most people, and it in most cases it is a case of simply pairing all the semi-main characters. Reasons for pairing them vary from the pairing seeming fun from the two characters’ starting locations being on a tree in the somewhat popular Sonic Fan character playset 2 by Birdhousebirdy.



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