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Marinks is the femslash ship between Marine and Sticks from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


They have never met in the games or comics. In the Post-Super Genesis Wave comics, both have met the post-SGW counterparts of some characters, as the Boom Zone and regular Zone were combined during a crossover event. The post-SGW counterparts of Sonic, Tails, Amy and Cream all met Marine in the Sol Zone at some point.

Similarities and comparisons


When a picture of Sticks was shown, many thought it was meant to be a Sonic Boom version of Marine, given their similar looks and the fact that the main characters had different designs in Boom. Because of this, when Sticks was announced, the two were often associated with each other by fans.

The relationship between the two in fan works varies. Some view Sticks as Marine's Sonic Boom counterpart, with one headcanon even going as far as suggesting that Sticks was originally Marine, who later lost her memory. Others see the two as relatives, such as half-sisters. When following the theory that the Sol Dimension is the future, Sticks could be Marine's ancestor. Sticks and Marine are also commonly portrayed as rivals, and fanon material of the two fighting is not uncommon.

Shipping Sticks and Marine as a couple is rare. It is still acknowledged by some fans. Two users gave the pairing a good rating on Wattpad. A stamp of the ship has also been made by DeviantArt user MsHoshi, and it was favorite'd by at least seven people.



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