Marivian is the het ship between Mario and Vivian from the Super Mario fandom.


Mario originally meets Vivian as an enemy in the Boogly Woods. Here, she was a member of the Shadow Sirens and was tasked with ambushing Mario and gang. However, due to Beldam misplacing an image to identify Mario with (Vivian is blamed for it), they do not immediately recognize the red plumber until he has to fight them for Flurrie's necklace. Once defeated, they leave the necklace behind.

Later, when Doopliss ends up stealing Mario's name and face, Vivian asks for his help in finding the Superbombomb. When they end up finding it, she thanks him with a kiss, unaware of him actually being Mario. She decides to help him find Doopliss with her shadow powers. With Vivian's help, Mario has the ability to hide from NPCs and eventually finds out Doopliss' name.

When the duo finally corners Doopliss at the Creepy Steeple, Vivian finally learns of Mario's true identity and becomes reluctant on helping him. After the first two turns of the fight, Vivian decides to join the plumber due to him treating her more kindly than her sisters. Thus, the duo defeat Doopliss. Mario's other party members are hesitant on letting Vivian join at first. Despite this, Mario stands up for her and lets her come along.

At the end of the game, when Mario is preparing to leave Rogueport, Vivian comes close to admitting her romantic feelings towards him, but decides against it. Instead, she states Mario and Peach would make a great couple.


The ship mainly formed from both the events in Twilight Town and Vivian's near-confession. Vivian's status as a fan-favorite character also causes fans to prefer the ship. In terms of tropes, it goes into enemies to lovers and unrequited love.

With aesthetics for fan art, they will typically use colors associated with Halloween. This is due to Twilight Town's fall look. It is also common for Vivian to be wrapped around Mario or hug him. This references her out-of-battle ability to pull Mario into the shadows to hide from enemies.



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  • In Super Paper Mario, Vivian appears as a catch card the player can obtain. A plushie of her can also be seen in Francis' castle
    • In the game's files, unused sprite work of Vivian can be found alongside Mario's other past partners. This likely suggests Vivian and others were supposed to make a cameo akin to Lady Bow's appearance in Thousand Year Door,
  • In most versions of Thousand Year Door, Vivian is shown to be a trans girl who Mario accepts. The English and German versions censored Vivian's story as a transgender character, however.


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