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Matt“You know, we're gonna die here.”
Elektra“No... this is what living feels like.”

MattLektra is the het ship between Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios from the Marvel and Daredevil fandoms.


Netflix Series

Matthew and Elektra first met when he was at an exclusive event with his best friend, Foggy. The two flirted for a while before stealing a car and taking a joy-ride across town, and eventually visited Jack Murdock's old boxing ring, where Matt tells Elektra about his past and his father's death. Elektra comforts him as best as she can and eventually the two sparr together. After flirting for a little while, the two have sex.

Later on, Elektra brings Matt to one of her father's co-worker's houses, and the two break in. Matt carries Elektra in the mansion, and the two approach the kitchen where they talk about what happens to them after graduation. Elektra tells Matt that when he graduates and they get married, they joke about how they'll buy multiple houses and eventually have kids, Ellie and Matty Jr. Matt catches Elektra in his arms and tells her that she knows him unlike anyone else, and that they belong together. The two kiss before getting interrupted by a noise coming from inside the house. Elektra tells Matt it must be her father's co-worker and goes to resolve the issue.

When Matt goes to find Elektra after she had disappeared, he finds his father's murderer tied up while Elektra stands over him. Elektra encourages Matt to "avenge" his father and tries to pressure him into killing the man, however Elektra is stunned when Matt tells her that he could never go that far. She disappears when Matt turns to call the police.

Season 2

When Elektra comes back after 10 years, at first, Matthew is angry and upset at her. Snapping at her and telling her to get out of his house when she breaks in. The two later team up to stop the Yakuza and find themselves becoming closer again. At the time, Matt was "dating" Karen, however he spent his time mostly around Elektra. When Elektra got hurt fighting the Yakuza, Matthew brings Elektra back to his house and treats her wounds. The two sit together on the couch and Elektra traces Matt's scars and asks where he got them from. The two talk for a while before Matt sorrowfully asks Elektra where she had gone after she'd left him. Elektra replies that she went as far from his as she could, and the reason why she came back was because he didn't knew what she knew. She tells Matt that he deserves better.

When Elektra and Matt find out what the Yakuza is hiding, the two battle against The Hand's men. When Elektra gets injured, Stick saves them both and brings them back to Matt's place. Matt stays by Elektra's side until she wakes up, and prays.

In the finale of Season 2, Matt and Elektra are up against The Hand. The two lock themselves in a room and talk about what they're going to do if they win the war. Matt tells Elektra that they should run away together, and wherever she goes, he'll go with her. The two make plans to elope and go to London, smiling at each other. Going up on the roof, Elektra and Matt face against Nobu; where Elektra gets impaled by him, saving Matt in the process. Matt holds Elektra in his arms as she bleeds out. Elektra apologizes to Matthew about everything she'd ever done that hurt him before passing away. After her death, with the help of Frank Castle, Matt defeats Nobu and his men.

The Defenders

Elektra is brought back to life by Alexandra, the leader of The Hand, where she gets trained to defeat their enemy, The Chaste. When Matt finds Elektra again, he hears no heartbeat from her, but is eventually still able to recognize her. After realizing she's alive Matt begins to find a way to bring Elektra back and get her to remember him again, to which she eventually does. Before she remembers, however, Elektra goes around NYC and finds Matt's apartment. She sleeps on his bed and has a dream of the two of them together, and regains her memories. When Elektra kills Alexandra, she takes over The Hand and finds Matt again. Elektra's fear of death caused her to seek out The Hand's power, and when she finds Matt on her opposing side, the two fight. Despite fighting the two never truly wanted to be enemies, and in the final episode, the two decide to hold each other and kiss as the building falls down on them.

Season 3

When Matt woke up in the church, he kept calling out for Elektra, hoping that she would be alive.

Comics (Alternate Universe)

In the story "What If Elektra Had Lived?" made by Frank Miller, Elektra's murder at the hands of Bullseye does not occur as Bullseye is cut down and killed while trying to escape from prison. After fighting off several assassination attempts, Elektra flees to Matt's home. Matt initially wants to take Elektra into custody, but she warns him that with the Kingpin putting a bounty on her head, she will die at the hands of his agents if she is sent to prison. Matt decides to flee New York with Elektra, putting up his home for sale and cutting off contact with Foggy. The couple are last seen happily enjoying a quiet sunset on a beach.


Elektra“You hide from yourself. You don’t let anyone in.”
Matt“You. I let you in.”
“What if from now on, if we make it… Wherever you run, I run with you?”
— Matt to Elektra.
“We belong together.”
— Matt to Elektra.
“Would you believe me if I said I missed you?”
— Elektra to Matt.
Stick“Was it worth it?”
Matt“Yeah. It was worth it.”
— Matt to Stick about being with Elektra.
“There's just one thing in this world that makes me feel more alive. That's you.”
— Matt to Elektra.
“Elektra. Yeah. I do miss her.”
— Matt in his confession.
“I lost you once. I won’t do it again.”
— Matt to Elektra in the Defenders.
“I want to be with you. The only person in this world who believes I'm good.”
— Elektra to Matt.

Behind The Scenes

“I think it's a first love, so It's something very strong and special, that they both carried all of these years. And that's why when they meet at this point- you can feel straight away, the electricity. Is it a good thing, is it a bad thing, you know we're gonna find out. But it's strong, there's something really going on between them.”
— Elodie Yung.[1]
“Their relationship, there’s a lot of passion there. They seem to be very different, but maybe deep down, they are quite similar and that’s where their bond comes from. She comes across as being the bad girl and he comes across as being the good guy, but maybe they’re both somewhere in the middle. Maybe Matthew isn’t that good and maybe Elektra isn’t that bad. They complete each other.”
— Elodie Yung.[2]


MattLektra is the most popular ship among Daredevil fans. Had Elektra lived in the Defenders, fans believed her and Matt would have found a way to be together.

There are some controversies surrounding the ship due to Matt and Elektra's first meeting at college. Elektra was sent by Stick to manipulate Matthew into joining them to win the war against The Hand. Many fans dislike that their relationship started off with Elektra fake-dating Matt and manipulating him, but MattLektra fans argued that Elektra had truly fallen in love with Matt later on. MattLektra fans also argue that despite Elektra wanting to see the darkness inside Matt, she admired his light. In Daredevil Season 2, Matthew offers that the two should run away and live a better life together. And Elektra, despite being trained to for war her entire life, had agreed. The ship is rivaled by ClaireDevil and KareDevil.

On AO3, MattLektra are fourth place in the most written ships in the Daredevil (TV) tag, and third place in The Defenders (Marvel TV) tag.



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  • Elodie Yung said that the only reason Elektra came back in Season 2, was because she truly missed Matthew.
  • In Elektra's dream, she tells Matthew that she liked being with him again.