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“The time of the Jedi has passed. They cannot defeat Sidious. But, together, you and I can. Every choice you have made… has led you to this moment.”
— Maul to Ahsoka, The Clone Wars

Maulsoka is the het ship between Maul and Ahsoka Tano from the Star Wars fandom.


Seige of Mandalore

Maul and Ahsoka came face to face at the Seige of Mandalore where Ahsoka was tasked to take the planet out of Maul's hand and capture him to give to the Jedi Order. She, the clones and the Mandaloriona's under Bo-Katan's command attacked the planet and to get some control before a trooper alreated Rex that they had found something in the sewers. Ahsoka went him with him and took some clones to find Maul, however unknowingly it was a trap and the clones that went with her were shot down by the Mandalorian's under Maul's command.

Maulsoka 7x10.png

Despite knowing her name he isn't familiar with her as they talked, saying he wanted Kenobi and mentioned her former Master Anakin Skywalker. When Maul asks her why Obi-Wan send her she tells him to surrender to find out. Maul says his surrender would be pointless as the Jedi and the Republic would soon fall and Darth Sidious will soon come into power, letting the audience know he that Maul knows everything that is about to happen. Unknown to him Ahsoka secretly comm Rex to give her signal and he he takes some clones to find and save her. She and Maul have a very small duel before he manages to escape.

After speaking with Obi-Wan and telling him what Maul told her, Rex says there's been an attack where she goes and see's some of the clones had been beaten by Maul, one clone called Starling tells Ahsoka that Maul was asking them about her but because they were young they didn't know much. He noticed that Jesse was older and took him alive. Maul had taken Jesse somewhere else in the sewers and used the Force to look through his mind, asking who Ahsoka Tano is.

Maulsoka 7x10 (4).png

The next time they meet is when Ahsoka, Rex, and Bo-Katan enter the throne room to see Maul already there, sitting on the throne with Jesse by his side handcuffed. Maul gives Jesse back to them to show his good faith, and Ahsoka tells Rex to get him out of here. She assures Bo-Kataan she should go help her people when they see bombing from the windows, and she goes leaving Ahsoka and Maul alone.

Maul comments on how the people outside are so blissful and ignorance for what is about to come, Ahsoka asks him if he would like to tell her or the Jedi Council, but he says it's her he wanted to speak to. He asks if she was casted out by the Order, Ahsoka says she left on her own will but Maul says she only did that because of what they did to her. He tells her that they were tools used for greater power, Ahsoka deflects and says she is here to bring him to justice. Maul says that justice is a concept of the current power base - the Jedi Council which is about to change. Ahsoka asks if Darth Sidious is behind it and he tells her that Sidious is everywhere, lurking in the shadows and will soon reveal himself. She tells him that with his help the Jedi can stop him before it's too late, but Maul tells her it's already to late and that the Jedi and Republic will fall. He tells her that the Jedi and the Republic can't defeat Sidious, but together, he and Ahsoka can.

He tells her that every choice she has made has led to this moment and hold out his hand, Ahsoka thinks about his offer and accepts. Maul is surprised but she says she must answer her one question, he agrees and holds his hand out further, seemly desperate for her help. She asks him what does he want with Anakin Skywalker and Maul reveals that Anakin will fall to the Dark Side and become Sidious's new apprentice. Ahsoka calls him a lair but Maul reveals that he created this war on Mandalore to bring Obi-Wan and Anakin there to kill him, and Sidious would not get his new apprentice.

Maulsoka 7x10 (7).png

Ahsoka, not believing that her former Master will form activates her ligthsabers and tells him that his vision is flawed. Maul says she needs one more lesson and they have their first battle with ends with Ahsoka throwing Maul through the glass-stained window. Ahsoka chases after him and confronts him on the beams above everything on the planet, they duel once more. Maul says that they could of destroyed Sidious but Ahsoka snaps back that he would of taken his former Master's place. At the end of their battle Ahsoka loses her lightsabers and Maul cuts one end of a beam and jumps behind her, telling her she can join him or die. She refuses and he goes for her, however Ahsoka uses his own lightsaber against him and cuts the beam where he stand, making him fall. Ahsoka catches him with the force and he demands to let him go and die. As Rex and other clones arrive in gun ships and wire him up he yells at them that they're all going to die and they don't know what they're doing before being zapped unconscious, Ahsoka finally having captured Maul.

Maulsoka 7x10 (10).png

On the way back to Coruscant on a Jedi Crusier, both Maul and Ahsoka felt the scene of when Windu faces Palpatine, who was revealed as the Sith Lord, and when Anakin stops the Jedi Master from killing them, they also feel Palpatine kill Windu and Anakin's cry of anguish. Order 66 quickly came into play and Ahsoka manages to run free from the clones on the desk. Two clones are tasked with eliminating Maul who is put in a Mandalorian cell that cuts them off from using the Force in their favour, Maul is easily seen worried at this has his arms and legs are strapped to the sides, making him powerless. However Ahsoka comes to save him just in time and releases him from the cell, Maul is surprised that she survived and she asks him if any of the events happening were caused by him. He declines this and says that he doesn't know what has happened, but surely she has felt the voices of death crying out. When Ahsoka tells him of the clones turning against her he laughs at his masters brilliant plan despite not knowing of it, saying that he used the Jedi's own army against them, making Ahsoka shocked.

Maul, seeing Ahsoka saving him as a call to help her, says that they should team up to survive. However Ahsoka tells him that she only needs him as a diversion, as Rex mentioned for her to find Fives before blasting at him, and she intends to find out what he means. Maul, without his lightsaber, asks Ahsoka if she will give him a fighting chance, mentioning to one of her lightsabers. She tells him that she's not rooting for him and to get going, Maul glares at her before waling off. Maul does his job and Ahsoka manages to find out about the chip and get it out of Rex, saving him. He tells her that all clones have been ordered to hunt down the Jedi.

Maulsoka 7x10 (14).png

The next time they see each other is in the hanger bay when Ahsoka and Rex are fighting off clones, Maul walks in and uses this as a distraction to get to the only shuttle there. Ahsoka notices this and tried to stop him but fails and he uses the Force to push her away from him, he success in getting into the shuttle and goes to fly off but Ahsoka uses the Force to stop him. Maul tries to push the engine on the shuttle to get away but Ahsoka holds on tight, when she see's Rex in trouble she decided to let Maul go and save her friend. Maul flies away and enters hyperspace, escaping the chaos. Ahsoka and Rex also manage to escape as the Jedi Crusier falls onto an unknown moon where they bury the dead bodies of the clones, and Ahsoka leaves her lightsabers; both faking their deaths to hide from the Empire.


The two meet again in Rebels when they are older, Ahsoka does not trust Maul but works with him to open the Sith Holocron to help defeat the Empire. However his true intentions were revealed to take Ezra as his apprentice and blinded Kanen, Ezra's Master. Before he could give the killing blow Ahsoka interfered, they battled again, but seeing Kanen ready to fight Maul, she backs off. He asks if she's running away again and calls her "Lady Tano." She tells him that of he wants to finish their fight, he has to fight Kanan first.


Maul“Well, you've done the right thing by coming to me. Only together can we survive this. Now, if you will follow my lead...”
Ahsoka“You don't understand. I'm not here to team up with you, I need a diversion, and you're it. Now go cause some chaos ー it's what you're good at.”
— The Clone Wars: Shattered
Ahsoka“With your help, the Jedi can stop Sidious before it's too late.”
Maul“Too late for what? The Republic to fall? It already has, and you just can't see it! There is no justice, no law, no order, except for the one that will replace it.”
— The Clone Wars
Ahsoka“You're lucky Anakin didn't show up. The way you're fighting you wouldn't have lasted long. ”
Maul“Oh, you have Kenobi's arrogance.”
— The Clone Wars: Phantom Apprentice
“Obi-Wan was right. You're difficult to kill.”
— Ahsoka to Maul, The Clone Wars: Phantom Apprentice
Maul“I give you one last chance. Join me... or die.”
— The Clone Wars


There was some interest in the ship when the two characters met in Rebels, fans knew of their previous encounter on Mandalore but because the series was cancelled, the episodes never aired. It is important to note that their interactions on Rebels was based off their interactions in the Ahsoka novel and not off Season 7.

When it was announced that the Clone Wars was coming back with the adaption of the Siege of Mandalore it captured the attention of more fans as they would finally see the first meeting between the two characters.

The ship gained a lot more fans after "The Phantom Apprentice" where the two finally meet, Maul knows her name but nothing about her, causing him to take clone trooper Jesse to get information out about her. When Maul offers his hand to Ahsoka to help him defeat Sidious and she accepts, only to turn back after learning he wants to kill Anakin; many fans have used this in their fanfictions for them to actually team up and defeat the Sith Lord, while leaving Anakin to Ahsoka so that she can save him from turning to the dark side.

Fans have also notices the many parallels between the two characters, as Maul was an apprentice to Darth Sidious, who becomes the master of Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, who was the master of Ahsoka. Both were also outcasted by their Order and left alone, an emotion fans think the two would bond over.

Most fans like to ship them after the Order 66 timeline as Ahsoka is a older and so she would be of appropriate age to have a romantic relationship with someone like Maul. Those who do not ship the two romantically, are stil interested in exploring their relationship, how the two enemies on the opposite sides of war, can become spiritually close due to the same shared experience.



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  • Darth Maul was the apprentice of Darth Sidious, who became the new master of Darth Vader aka Anakin Skywalker, who was the master of Ahsoka Tano.
  • Both are skilled in the use of Jar'Kai and can wield two weapons at the same time.
  • Sam Witwer, the voice of Maul had stated the the two were "two sides on the same coin"[citation needed].
  • In the Season 5 press conference, Ashley joked about Maul and Ahsoka teaming up. Sam Witwer, replying to this said that the two start dating. [1]


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