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McTopaz is the femslash ship between Josie and Toni from the Riverdale fandom.


When Toni, along with the other Southside students, transfers to Riverdale High, she and Josie are introduced in the student lounge, where Josie mentions she used to be 'of Josie & the Pussycats'. The girls don't directly interact and the meeting is abruptly interrupted by a furious Principal Weatherbee, who accuses the Serpents of vandalism, upon which everyone rushes into the hall.[1] Josie attends Pickens Day and is horrified to see Veronica fronting the Pussycats, following Josie's falling out with Val and Melody. Toni, along with the Serpents, interrupts the performance to protest Pickens Day, telling the story of the indigenous Uktena as Josie watches.[2] Though not together, Toni and Josie both attend the same screening of 'Love, Simon' at The Bijou.[3]

Toni auditions for and becomes part of the River Vixens, where the girls spend more time together. Josie and Toni are both invited to a sleepover at Thistlehouse. Veronica suggests the girls make prank calls, asking if someone has a burner phone. Toni pulls one out to everyone's surprise, reminding them she's in a gang, to which Josie smiles and acknowledges Toni's coolness. Josie and Toni sit next to each other, laughing, as Betty and Cheryl prank call each other's enemies.[4] Toni seeks out Josie and Veronica when Cheryl goes missing, and Josie says she's in, even if they have to storm Thistlehouse, to which Toni cocks an eyebrow and smiles in recognition. Penelope Blossom reveals that Cheryl was the one who gaslighted Josie and sent her threats. Josie storms out with Toni and Veronica following her, and she stops and tells them what happened. Toni looks at her empathetically as Josie understandably says she's done trying to find Cheryl.[5] Josie and Toni are both part of the cast for the school musical 'Carrie'.[6]


McTopaz is a rarepair in the fandom, but there are some who recognise the potential of this pairing as both girls are cool, smart, driven and don't take crap from anyone. However, with Josie's departure from Riverdale, she and Toni have only had few interactions.



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