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Mekamechanic is the femslash ship between D.Va and Brigitte from the Overwatch fandom.


When South Korea was attacked by colossal omnic, the government created MEKA-drone control networks. The networks were eventually destroyed and the MEKA’s now needed pilots. They started to recruit gamers due to their high reflexes and instincts that were needed to operate the MEKA systems. Hana Song, also known as D.Va, was the reigning world champion and was drafted to the MEKA program. D.Va charges into battle with the rest of her team, and streams all her fights on online, making her a global icon.

Brigitte Lindholm, is the youngest daughter of Overwatch’s chief weapons designer, Torbjörn Lindholm, and showed interest in mechanics at an early age. She specialized in defensive systems and when Overwatch fell, became the squire of her godfather, Reinhardt. As they traveled and fought for justice, Brigitte’s main role changed from taking care of the armour, to taking care of Reinhardt. She decided that the best way to help was join him in combat and created her own suit of armour in secret. She joins him on the battlefield and makes the world a better place, one battle at a time.

The two don't seem to have met in the established Overwatch lore. D.Va lives in Korea, while Brigitte travels with her godfather Reinhardt through Europe.


Both were used in the GOATs/3&3 meta, although this meta was not typically liked by many fans.


Fans were quick to ship the two after Brigitte's introduction into the game. This was mostly due to their similar ages, as most of the characters in the game seemed to be too old for D.Va. Many thought that the close age range would make the two have more similar personality traits.

Fan art is more popular for the pairing than fan fiction. Art will show the two in more domestic setting or more cutesy settings. Typically in modern day clothing or wearing flower crowns. Another favorite of fans is to depict their height difference, and show Brigitte picking up D.Va.

One favorite depiction for their interactions would involve Brigitte wanting to work on D.Va's mech. D.Va's reaction normally range, depending on how she is portrayed. Sometime she will allow Brigitte to look at her mech enthusiastically, or she'll be more reluctant. Typically they bond over working together on the mech.

On AO3 it is the most written ship for Brigitte and the second most written for D.Va.



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  • D.Va is 19, while Brigitte is 23
  • D.Va is a Tank hero, and Brigitte is a Support hero


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