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Melric is the family ship between Eric and Melody from The Little Mermaid fandom.


After Melody was born Eric wanted to show Melody the magical underwater world he had heard stories about he before met Ariel and realized that their true, as both he and Ariel decide to raise Melody between their two worlds of land and sea. After Eric sails their ship to where Ariel's mer-family and friends are waiting to meet his baby daughter at, the celebration gets crashed by Ursula's sister, Morgana as she threatens Melody's life to force Eric's father-in-law to hand over his trident. With help from Ariel Eric is able to save Melody from the sea witch and her minions, but when they escaped Morgana states that she'll one day try to harm Melody again. Fearing Morgana's threat and are worried of how how she is like her late sister, Eric could understand why Ariel wants to keep their daughter away from the sea until Morgana is caught. To ensure that Melody is kept safe and no dangers from the sea would try to harm her again, Eric requests a large wall to be build as it separates his kingdom from the sea. Even though Eric believes that keeping Melody in the dark would do more harm than good when she begins to ask questions that are connected to what their protecting her from, he still helps Ariel raise Melody as an ordinary girl. Through the years Eric tells her stories about mermaids and the underwater they come from, so she can know about their world for when it is time to finally tell Melody the truth.

Just as Eric loved the feeling of sailing on the open ocean, Melody felt a strong connect to the sea as it gets her to make many secret drives under its waves whenever she sneaks under the wall he build for her safety. Even though Eric knew nothing about his daughter's secret trips into the sea or that she dreams about it, he knew that Melody has been asking questions as to why she is different from others and when she became a young teenager Eric felt that she is old enough to deserve the explanation she has been waiting for, but Ariel wanted to keep Melody in the dark a little bit longer. Before they attended Melody's birthday ball, Eric checks on Melody to see how she is ready to join them, but Ariel asks him to give her and Melody a minute to she fixes their daughter's hair. When they two minutes were up Eric walks in to ask them how it is coming and once he sees Melody, he tells her that she is beauty before they make their way to the party. After the party went wrong when many young people saw his daughter talking to a crab he goes to talk to her about it, but Ariel had beaten Eric to it and had made it worse just before Eric enters the room to have Melody run passed him. Before they go after her, Eric helps Ariel to understand that it is time for them to tell Melody the truth as they have withholding it for too long, and it has started to hurt her. As Eric goes to look for Melody with Ariel, Sebastian informs then that Melody has ran away to the sea.

In order to find Melody Eric organizes a search party on the surface, while King Trident helps him and Ariel to find her from the sea. Knowing that Ariel knows Melody a lot better than he does, as she takes after her mother than her father, Eric convinces his wife to join Trident in his side of the search while he contuses to look for her on the surface. Once Eric learns that Ariel as found both Melody and Morgana from Scuttle, he makes his way to the sea witch's lair. Melody becomes aware of her father's presence after she was freed from Morgana's cell to find his unconscious body lying next to her mother, while Morgana forces all of the attending mer-people and sea creatures to bow before her. To save everyone, including her father, Melody faces Morgana so she could get the Trident back to her grandfather. Who uses it to ensure that the sea witch never harms his family again.

The next morning Melody wakes up to find herself in her father's arms, who is glad to see that she is alright. Along wit Eric telling Melody that he has been worried that they had almost lost her. Now that Melody knows both sides of her heritage and was given a chance to either leave with King Trident to live with him under the sea or to stay with Eric and Ariel in the surface world, Melody looks at her father before she comes up with a much batter idea that will bring them all together. After Melody brings the wall down to unite the two worlds back together again, Eric drives into the water so he can join Melody in the celebration.


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Even though the ship between Eric and Melody isn't as popular as the one between her and Ariel, there are still fans who support their father-daughter bond.



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