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Mergus is the family ship between Merida and Fergus from the Brave and Once Upon A Time fandoms.



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When Merida was a little girl she sees Fergus place his bow on the table and asks him if she can shoot an arrow from it, as she takes it off the table with her small body. Because the bow was way too big for her, but had a feeling that she would want to give archery a try, Fergus gives his daughter a bow that is just her size as his birthday present to her. Fergus then gives little Merida her first lesson and because Merida is a beginner she misses her first two tries, and after she comes back from retrieving her second shot arrow she tells her parents that she saw a Wisp. Fergus, however, doesn't believe in magic and just has they were about to leave the demon bear Mor'du appears before both Merida and Elinor, while Fergus and his men help the two escape from the bear's claws. Merida watches her father facing Mor'du as Elinor spirits her away back to safety. Even though little Merida was unharmed in her brief encounter with Mor'du, Fergus had ended up losing one of his legs and since then he made it his mission to avenge that leg. Whenever Fergus isn't search for Mor'du in those years after that day, he helps Merida to improve her archery, which allowed her to become the mater archer she is in her teens, along with teaching his daughter sword play and other fighting related skills. Since Merida prefers her father's lessons to her mother's.

After Merida got back from her none-princess day in the forest and joins her family for dinner, as Fergus retells the story how he lost his leg she beats him to his favourite part of the story before sitting down. She then tells her family that she had just climbed the Cone's Tooth and drank from the Fire Walls to which impresas Fergus since only the Ancient Kings were brave enough to drink from the walls. Their happy moment was later ruined by Elinor when receives word from the other Lords and asks Fergus to tell Merida what the Lords had agreed to, but he couldn't bring himself to do it since he knew that it would upset Merida, which is why Elinor ended up telling Merida instead. When Merida storms out of the room Fergus had tried to go after her, but the triplets' little prank with the table and his wooden kept him from doing so. Later that night Fergus pretends to be Merida so he could help Elinor by letting her talk to him as if he is their stubborn minded daughter, who doesn't want to be married and just wants to spend her days shooting arrows into the sunset.

Once Upon A Time

The past DunBroch events seen in the Once Upon A Time series takes place ten years after the events of the Disney Pixar film, when an army invades DunBroch from the south Fergus turned to the witch Merida had went to in hopes that she'll be able to help him as well. Which came in the form a magical helm that allows the wearer's army to have false courage in battle, all while promising to repay the witch once the invaders were divine out of DunBroch. As he and his army prepare for battle at the encampment, he takes Merida with him so she can take part in her first war related battle, and to help his daughter protect herself he gives Merida his first war bow that he had used to win his first battle, which is why Merida loves her gift and feels honoured to be entrusted with it, along with Fergus telling Merida that she should use it to win her first as well. Fergus has also enlisted Mulan into his troop as he knew that his daughter would want to be trained by a fellow female warrior, since the men like Lord Macintosh didn't believe in Merida's skills or spirit, and to encase that Merida would have a friend that will keep his daughter safe. As the day they'll face the invaders drew near, Fergus began to ponder about the uneasy thoughts and worries that drove him to see the very witch Merida had came across for a magic solution, and after having a talk with Merida about how he gets people to follow him Fergus decides to take the advice he passed onto his daughter by tossing the helm into the river. Their talk had also gotten Fergus to realize that he doesn't want to place Merida in any danger, so he asks Mulan to ensure that his daughter is kept out of the battle through a training lesson with her. Since he knows that Merida takes after him and would want to be by his side on the battle field. Once Merida heard the war trumpets, however, she races off to see the thick of the battle where she sees a helmeted soldier coming up behind Fergus in horror. In an attempt to save her father's life, Merida uses the bow he gave her, but the arrow ended up passing through the man's cloak and trips a piece of it off, as he successfully kills the King of DunBroch.

With Fergus dead, it was time for Merida to take her rightful place as Queen, but her guilt of failing to save her father had gotten the princess to place herself in exile, while the young Lords of Macintosh, MacGuffin and Dingwall take over DunBroch and kidnapped the triplet princes to force Merida to give up the throne. After Merida had time to reflect on what happened to Fergus and the lessons she had learned from the people she came across, before racing back to face the Lords, she saves her brothers and regains their kingdom from the Lords. Before Merida was about to be crowned queen, she pays a visit to Fergus's grave so she can tell him that she has gotten their kingdom back from the Lords, and was worried about ruling over them. When the Witch informs Merida and her people of the contract Fergus made with her and the helm she gave him through her magic, Merida sets on a journey to find the helm by finding the man who killed her father. Once Merida realized the helm's magic she was horrified at what her father tried to do and began to feel that she isn't suited to be queen after all, along with being upset that the last thing Fergus had gave Merida had been taken away from her by Arthur and Zelena, so they could find the helm before her, but with a little help from Mulan and Red, Merida learns that while is Arthur Fergus's killer, her father had never used the helm's magic that fateful day. Merida's actions had also inspires Lord Macintosh to finally except Merida as his queen, since she reminds him of Fergus. In the end, after Merida takes the helm and plans to destroy it, the Witch explains that Fergus's request wasn't power over his army but the future of DunBroch and Merida's actions in the test have proven that the kingdom's future is in good hands.

After Merida's faith in her father was restored, she returns to Fergus's grave so she'll be able to talk with his spirit with the magic ale the Witch gave her as a coronation gift. Fergus's ghost tells Merida that he is proud of her and loves her before he fates away. Once he disappeared Merida swears that she'll revenge her father by killing King Arthur.


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Merida and Fergus are one of the most popular father-daughter in the Disney Pixar fandom, along with Violet and Bob Parr from The Incredibles. Which is why Disney fans include them in their father's day fan-made work, they are also supported together in a few popular crossover fandoms, like Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons, whenever fans focus on the bonds that Merida and the other main characters share with their families and family-like figures.

Mergus is one of the main Brave ships supported in the Once Upon A Time fandom, even though both Fergus and the moments he shares with Merida in the ABC series were only seen in "The Bear King", along with Merida mentioning her father and how she blames herself for his death.



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  • Merida strongly takes after Fergus than she does with Elinor, until the end of Brave.



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