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Laurel“You look handsome”
Tommy“I try not to, it just keeps happening”
— Tommying[1]

Merlance is the het ship between Tommy and Laurel from the Arrow fandom.


Following Oliver and Sara's presumed deaths aboard the Queen's Gambit, Tommy and Laurel soon found each other connecting and had a fling for a few years. While Laurel never let herself see it as anything serious, as Tommy was a notorious womanizer, Tommy told Laurel later on that he couldn't stop thinking about those nights and that it wasn't "just fun" for him.

It was something more and he wanted to prove that he was serious about the two of them. Oliver's return from the dead understandably stirred a lot of unresolved issues with Laurel, which were the biggest hindrance for Tommy and Laurel truly moving forward with their lives together. After convincing Laurel of his feelings for her and them dating for a while, Tommy becomes increasingly convinced that she can never let go of Oliver.

Tommy ends things and Laurel now has to prove that she really wants to be with him. He considers giving her a second chance, but sees her with Oliver. When Tommy's father starts The Undertaking, Tommy rushes to the Glades to save Laurel's life and dies. Laurel falls apart following Tommy's death. She also tells Oliver that their night together, to her, felt like cheating on Tommy.


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  • On Earth-2, Laurel and Tommy were also briefly together[2]




Merlancequeen refers to the ship between Tommy, Laurel, and Oliver Queen

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