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Merunzel is the femslash ship between Merida and Rapunzel from the Disney fandom.


As Rapunzel and Merida are from different series, they have never met in canon. Even though there have been a few Disney crossover medias that does have Merida and Rapunzel cross paths with one another.

Both Merida and Rapunzel were told to be perfect and to do what they are told by one of their parents, who reminds them the of their future queen roles. As well as them commonly carrying their iconic weapons with them, Rapunzel's frying pan and Merida's bow. Just as Merida has faced Mor'du, the Tangled TV series has Rapunzel facing a few beastly animals. When the people they are close with were turned into a try of animal by magic, Merida and Rapunzel take it upon themselves to turn them back to normal.

Despite them being royals a small part of Rapunzel and Merida have trouble living as one, but after the two kept their kingdoms from falling apart and brought people together they gained confidants from it. After the two shared a bonding moment with their mothers, Merida and Rapunzel make a type of portrait of them beside their mothers. In the Brave video game Merida uses magic from four stone charms to save her mother, while the Tangled TV series has Rapunzel using the joined power of the Moonstone opal to save her loved ones. Whenever their loved ones are in danger, Rapunzel and Merida will face it to protect them.


The crossover pairing is the original femslash ship of the Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons fandom and its sub-fandoms. On AO3, it is the fourth most written ship for Merida. The pairing also has fanart and mashup art dedicated to it. Some of the fan work have Merida and Rapunzel going on horse back rides together, along with Merida giving Rapunzel archery lessons.

Even if not shipped romantically, the two usually have at least a close friendship in fanon. Their contrasting personalities are a draw for shippers, and is often explored in fanon, along with Rapunzel bringing out a softer side in Merida. Due to Rapunzel spending her childhood in isolation, most fanworks have the two first meeting after the events of their movies, but some have Merida come across Rapunzel's tower on one of her adventures.

As they both appear in Ralph Breaks the Internet, they are sometimes featured wearing their modern clothes in Modern AU's.



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  • The two appear in multiple Disney Crossover medias.
    • Both appear in Once Upon A Time.
    • Both appear in Sofia the First.
    • Both of them have cameos in Ralph Breaks the Internet.



Meroanunzel refers to the ship between Merida, Moana and Rapunzel


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