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  • Heyo! I saw that you didn't seem to like I removed the word "homoerotic" from KyoSaya, so I wanted to explain.

    Homoerotic usually means that someone is feeling sexually aroused by the same sex, which nothing hints that Kyoko felt that way towards Sayaka. It was removed because I felt like it didn't fit the page, along with the "sexual desires" part in fanon. I've been apart of the fandom for awhile and not many shippers, including myself, see their relationship as sexual, merely romantic. 

    Hopefully this justifies. Happy shipping!

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    • Well, if you see their relationship as romantic, then one way or another, this suggests that they feel sexually attracted to each other. After all, this is not Class S with its platonic crush. But this is lyrics.

      I understand your point. I would like to point out that in cultural studies the words homoerotic and homoerotic subtext are understood not as a sexual attraction, but as a certain homosexual content.  In cases where the authors want to say "they are lovers" between the lines or when the romantic subtext is used for non-romantic relations between characters of the same sex, this somehow gives homosexual symbolism, which is why it is called homoeroticism.

      Therefore, regardless of the original intentions of the authors of this song, I wanted to emphasize that this song has a romantic subtext between characters of the same gender.

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  • Welcome

    Let the shipping begin - GIF

    Hello, ShibaBrother! Welcome to the Shipping Wiki. Thank you for your edit to MomoJirou page.

    Shipping Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia designed to cover everything there is to know about the mad idea of Shipping. Here we document all types of ships, from the blatantly impossible ships to those who are already in relationships.

    Before editing, make sure to check our policies and our style guide for help. Also check out the discussions to talk about ships and fandoms with other users.

    If you need any help, feel free to leave a message on any administrator's message wall.

    Thank you. Happy editing and happy shipping!

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