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Metacina is the het ship between Meta Knight from Kirby fandom and Lucina from the Fire Emblem fandom.


Meta Knight and Lucina have met in Super Smash Bros. as they are both playable characters. Alongside all previous fighters they teamed up to fight the threat of Galeem in Super Smash Bros Ultimate's story mode, World of Light. Both were later imprisoned in the Dark Realm when Dharkon briefly took over as the main threat. Unfortunately, neither has canonically met each other in their respective series due to being set in different universes with different developers each, making an specific crossover unlikely.

They do have some similarities as characters: Meta Knight and Lucina are both swordfighters who wear or have worn masks that conceal their faces and wear capes that have their symbols (Meta Knight having his shoulder armor's logo and the Mark of Naga for Lucina) marked on them. Both also wield legendary blades that can only be wielded under special conditions (the Falchion requiring a ritual or to be a descendant of Marth; and Galaxia, Meta Knight's sword, not being able to be wielded by the unworthy).

They both are also similar in design to major characters in their franchises, with Lucina having a heavy resemblance to her ancestor, the Hero King Marth which is a plot point used for her disguise and Meta Knight looking similar to Kirby albeit with wings. In terms of personality, both are depicted as outwardly no-nonsense, serious and often comically serious due to their tendency to not joke around as much as their peers or engage in less serious talks. This has become a basis for the shippers to use when writing them.


Metacina had its start around the release of Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U, the game where Lucina was added to the roster, with Meta Knight having been added since Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The main basis for the ship's dynamic is the idea of Lucina finding Meta Knight adorable and taking every chance she can to admire him, much to the Knight's protests and initial discomfort. While some works have Meta Knight react with apathy or disdain at Lucina's admiration, others have him slowly warming up to her to the point that he won't make an effort to avoid her.

More recently they have been shipped on a more traditional romantic knight/princess dynamic, with Meta Knight acting as Lucina's close protector and both respecting each other's cred and skill as warriors. Another dynamic that might come into play is Meta Knight being insecure about his feelings for Lucina, often based off his implied insecurities in canon over his face and skills, with Lucina being more confident about starting a relationship with the Knight if she isn't written to be as insecure as him.

While the ship can be popular in certain circles, it is quite small in amount of fanfiction and fanart compared to other more common Smash Bros ships; it has no specific fanfictions in AO3 with 2 fanfics having it as a minor ship in the story, and about 3 fanfictions in; there are more fanworks to be found in sites such as Pixiv with a record of 22 novels under the Rukimeta (ルキメタ) tag.



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  • Meta Knight and Lucina are shown side-by-side in the official Super Smash Bros Ultimate panoramic art.
  • The name "Metacina" comes from joining Meta Knight's and Lucina's name. The same rule applies to Metalucy and the ship's japanese name where Lucina's name is spelled as "Rukina" with the order of the name combination changed.


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