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Metadow is the non-binary ship between Metal Sonic and Shadow from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.



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In Sonic Heroes, Neo Metal Sonic was able to attain all of the ultimate life form's data after Team Dark destroyed the Egg Albatross. During Last Story, Team Dark defeated Neo Metal Sonic as Metal Madness, allowing Team Sonic to defeat the metal monstrosity in its final form. After the robot's final de-transformation, E-123 Omega picked up the disabled Metal Sonic with Shadow standing beside.

In Shadow's Story of Sonic Rivals, Metal Sonic (under the control of Eggman Nega) and Shadow raced against each other a few times.

Doctor Eggman reprogrammed Metal Sonic before the events of Sonic Rivals 2. In the Shadow and Metal Sonic story of the game, they team up against Eggman Nega as he used Chaos Emeralds to open a portal bringing Ifrit into the world. The pair were able to defeat Ifrit and return to their dimension by a Chaos Emerald hidden in Metal Sonic's body.


Archie comics

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IDW Publishing comics

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Sonic Boom

Metal Sonic and Shadow do not have a direct interaction with each other in Rise of Lyric.

In the part two of "Eggman: the Video Game", Sonic and Shadow went into Lord Eggman's dimension after the latter realized he has been fooled by Doctor Eggman. Upon entering the alternate dimension they were met by Metal Sonic and the doctor. The hedgehogs fought against the robot, but despite Metal taking the upper hand at one moment none of them get tired. Eggman fired a rocket upon the three and the blast pushed the three back. He moved his Eggmobile, not knowing that he dropped and activated his Inter-dimensional Portal Creator. Shadow and Sonic jumped through the portal back into the Sonic Boom World while both hedgehogs carried Metal. After a short chase to the village, Shadow charged at Metal. The robot reacted by using his laser beam to push the black hedgehog and the Eggmobile (rider included) to a wooden building. After Team Sonic disabled Metal Sonic, Shadow appeared nearby warning the team that he brought both Eggmen to an unknown location, causing a likely "end of the world" as the episode title suggests. The reprogrammed robot was still in the cave when Shadow appeared to Sonic, vowing to meet him again in his own terms.


“Even the ultimate life form can't stop me!”
Neo Metal Sonic as Metal Madness, Sonic Heroes (Last Story)


This ship has some following, but not as popular as Metonic or Sonadow.



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