Meteezie is the non-binary ship between Metal Sonic and Breezie from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Breezie and Metal Sonic have appeared in multiple canons, but the only canon they share is the Post-Super Genesis Wave Archie Comics.

During a course of events similar to those in the game Sonic Heroes, Metal contacted Breezie and built Casino Park for her while disguised as Eggman. Breezie recognized him as an imposter, as the real Eggman would not be so generous. Metal threatened Breezie to harm her if she warned Sonic, and Breezie brushed it off, saying she had no interest in helping Sonic. Breezie showed attraction towards Metal during this time as both had the goal to strike out on their own.

During the final match of Breezie's fighting tournament, Metal Sonic broke in and attempted to steal the prize of the tournament, a Chaos Emerald. The heroes participating in the tournament managed to stop him, but Breezie did not care about the outcome of their battle as she had made money regardless.


The ship has some support, mainly on Tumblr and DeviantArt. It is among the most popular ships for both characters, although Breezie is not very popular while Metal Sonic isn't commonly shipped. The ship often involves the Neo Metal Sonic form, as Metal's past interactions with Breezie were when he was in this form.



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  • While it is a non-binary ship due to robots being genderless, it can also be seen as a het ship since Metal Sonic is referred to as male while Breezie is either a robot designed to be female or actually female depending on the adaptation.


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