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Mick Rory is a principal character from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom, introduced on The Flash.



Canaryfire - the ship between Mick and Laurel Lance
Canarywave - the ship between Mick and Sara Lance
Goldenwave — the ship between Lisa Snart and Mick
Hawkwave — the ship between Kendra Saunders and Mick
Heatwatch — the ship between Felicity Smoak and Mick
Killerwave - the ship between Caitlin Snow and Mick
Romaz - the ship between Mick and Zari Tomaz
Superwave — the ship between Kara Zor-El and Mick
Vixenwave — the ship between Mick and Amaya Jiwe


Atomwave — the slash ship between Mick and Ray Palmer
Coldwave — the slash ship between Mick and Leonard Snart
Flashwave — the ship between Barry Allen and Mick
Heatstorm — the ship between Mick and Jefferson Jackson
Heatvibe — the ship between Cisco Ramon and Mick
Hellwave — the ship between Mick and John Constantine
Steelwave — the ship between Nate Heywood and Mick
Timewave — the slash ship between Mick and Rip Hunter


Marlie - the ship between Mick and Charlie


ColdAtomWave - the ship between Leonard Snart, Ray Palmer, and Mick
Coldflashwave - the ship between Leonard Snart, Barry Allen and Mick
Rogue Canary — the ship between Mick, Leonard Snart and Sara Lance
Steelatomwave - the ship between Ray Palmer, Nate Heywood and Mick
Zamixen - the ship between Zari Tomaz, Mick and Amaya Jiwe


Leonard Snart

Main article: Coldwave

Ray Palmer

Main article: Atomwave

Amaya Jiwe

Main article: Vixenwave



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# portmanteau characters type
1954 Coldwave Leonard Snart slash
440 Atomwave Ray Palmer slash
391 Coldflashwave Barry Allen & Leonard Snart poly
375 Flashwave Barry Allen slash
299 Mick & Leonard Leonard Snart gen
242 Killerwave Caitlin Snow het
147 Vixenwave Amaya Jiwe het
99 Rogue Canary Sara Lance & Leonard Snart poly
90 Sara & Mick Sara Lance gen
72 Sara, Leonard & Mick Sara Lance & Leonard Snart gen


SHIPS slash AtomwaveColdAtomColdRayColdwaveConstandes
het Atomic HawkCanarrowCaptain CanaryDarhkblazerHawkmates
HellcanaryHexariNamayaSnowatomSuperatomTime CanaryTimeshipVixenwaveZaray
poly DarhkSteelAtomDarhkWuSharpeSnowtotems
femslash Agent CanaryAvalanceNyssaraZamayaZavaZelen
non-binary MarlieZarlie
CHARACTERS female Sara LanceZari Tomaz
male Ray PalmerMick RoryJohn ConstantineNate Heywood
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