Midge x Fangs is the het ship between Fangs and Midge from the Riverdale fandom.


Fangs and Midge likely meet when the Southsiders are transferred to Riverdale High, after Southside High is shut down. When hanging out with her boyfriend, Moose, and Kevin at Pop's, Midge suggests Kevin should date one of the guys from the Southside, saying "I hear one of them is gay" to which Kevin says that if it's Fangs, he's not interested. Moose then says Fangs is good-looking and Midge awkwardly teases him saying how would Moose know anything about that.[1] Both Midge and Fangs work on the school musical, Midge as the understudy for Carrie and Fangs as Assistant Director to Kevin. Jughead documents the backstage moments on camera and walks into Midge's dressing room to find her and Fangs talking. Fangs says they were rehearsing, but Jughead appears to be suspicious that it's not true.[2]

After Midge is found murdered on stage, Fangs attends her funeral with Jughead and Sweet Pea.[3] When rumours start going around that Midge was seeing a Southside guy despite being with Moose, Fangs confesses to Jughead that he was the one, after the Bulldogs and Serpents almost start a massive fight at school when Reggie accuses Sweet Pea of being the one Midge was seeing. The reveal explains why Midge was so awkward when Moose said Fangs was good-looking, mostly construed as her being in denial that her boyfriend is gay/bisexual.[4] A year after her death, Fangs is still incredibly impacted by the trauma he experienced. When Riverdale High is set to put on another musical, Fangs starts having nightmares about Midge's death. When the subject comes up in rehearsals, Fangs, visibly anguished, asks if they can't just not talk about her.[5]


A rarepair, as they were having a secret affair which was mostly a plot point focusing on Fangs after Midge's death. They were only seen together briefly, filmed by Jughead and otherwise shared no scenes.



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