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MidoTaka is the slash ship between Shintarou Midorima and Kazunari Takao from the Kuroko's Basketball fandom.


Anime Season 1

EPISODE 4 - Take Care of the Counter Attack!

Episode 4 marks the first official appearance of both Midorima and Takao in the anime. They appear to be on unfriendly terms, because Takao is pulling Midorima on the rear cart and Midorima refuses to pedal. Takao tries to ask Midorima questions about the practice game they are watching, but Midorima just tells him to pedal faster before the game ends. Takao snaps back by saying it is his fault for reading horoscopes.

EPISODE 5 - Your Basketball

After Midorima confronts Kise, they are interrupted by Takao, who is tiredly pedaling the rear cart. It is revealed that Midorima left Takao to pedal alone in traffic. At this point in time, Takao refers to Midorima as "Midorima".

EPISODE 7 - You'll See Something Amazing

After Seirin's match against Shinkyo, they decide to watch one of Shuutoku's matches. Before the match, Taiga Kagami greets Midorima, who responds with "Do I know you?". Takao is seen in the background thinking "You know who he is. Why are you being so proud?". Later, Takao pulls Kuroko aside and tells him that Midorima is "just a tsundere", to which Midorima denies. The two are then called back by their coach. During the match, Midorima scores one of his signature three-pointers and turns away before it goes in the basket. Takao catches up to him and asks "Won't the senpais be mad if it misses?". Midorima proudly replies with "I never miss my shots". At this point in time, Takao refers to Midorima as "Shin-chan".

EPISODE 8 - Now That I Think About It


Takao asks Midorima to watch a DVD of Seiho's past matches together to prepare for the Winter Cup since they're the only freshmen regulars and don't know anything. Midorima refuses at first, but when Takao adds the reason that they're off today so he has nothing better to do, he complies. While watching the DVD, Takao comes to the conclusion that they will be playing Seiho in the finals, which Midorima reluctantly agrees to.

EPISODE 9 - To Win

Midorima and Takao make a brief appearance (sit next to each other on a bench) while observing the Seirin Vs. Seiho match.

EPISODE 10 - I Can't Have That

After Shuutoku wins a match, Takao and Midorima talk together for a bit (mostly Takao speaks and Midorima listens) Before Shuutoku's match against Seirin, Midorima stays behind in the locker room to remind himself that he has done all that he can to assure the team's victory. When he exits the room, Takao is leaned on the wall next to the door, waiting for him. In the next episode preview, Takao imitates Midorima and teases him.

EPISODE 11 - That's Not It

When Takao guards Kuroko, he says "Shin-chan would say it's our fate to fight against each other". Takao and Midorima assist each other during the match, Midorima taking care of Kagami while Takao guards Kuroko. During Seirin's time out, they sit on a bench next to each other and have a talk. During two-minute interval after the first quarter, Midorima asks the coach to give him the ball during the entire second quarter. Everyone can't stand how self-center Midorima is, but Takao laughs, pat his back and says " Just how self-centered are you? I really like that". After Midorima makes a three-pointer, he says "Don't push yourself too hard, Takao" and Takao replies with "Don't be so shy".

EPISODE 12 - What Is 'Victory'?

During halftime, Midorima tells Takao that his hands are the key to his success, to which he lets out a soft laugh. When Seirin's defense improves, Takao comments, "Well done, but our Midorima is even more unstoppable".

EPISODE 13 - I Believed in You

After Seirin wins the match, Takao approachs Midorima to go to line up together and smugly tells Midorima that "Even Oha Asa has a chance to be wrong sometimes". He replies with his usual "Shut up".

Takao realizing he's made a terrible mistake

EPISODE 14 - You Look Just Like Him

Midorima smiling at Takao

While looking for a place to have dinner, Takao and Midorima accidentally run into Seirin and Kaijou. Due to the storm outside, they are forced to eat there (against Midorima's protest). Takao says he wants to talk to Kasamatsu so that Midorima is forced to sit with Kuroko Tetsuya, Kagami Taiga, and Kise Ryouta. Takao is flipping some food and accidentally flips it far enough to land on Midorima's head, interrupting Midorima's rant about why he plays basketball. Midorima doesn't have to turn around to know who did it. After dinner, Takao tells Midorima that he will pedal the rear cart without doing rock-paper-scissors as they usually do. Midorima smiles in return.

EPISODE 15 - Don't Make Me Laugh

Takao is seen attending the Serin Vs. Touou game with the rest of Shuutoku, but Midorima is nowhere to be seen. Kiyoshi Miyaji asks Takao where Midorima is, so Takao shows Miyaji that Midorima has responded to his email with "I don't want to".

EPISODE 20 - I Don't Want to Be

Takao and Midorima seem to be in the gym for extra practice along with their captain, Taisuke Ootsubo. They start talking about Teppei Kiyoshi and Takao asks Midorima about him, only to correct himself since he is under the assumption that Midorima did not attend the Seirin Vs. Touou match. However, when Midorima gives an in-depth analysis of Kiyoshi's play style, Takao calls him out. Midorima makes up the excuse that he just happens to live nearby, but Takao shoots back that he lives far away and in the opposite direction of the arena.

EPISODE 21 - Let's Get Started

At training camp, Midorima and Takao bump into Kuroko and Kagami while they are in the bathroom. Shuutoku and Seirin later play a practice game against each other. While Midorima and Takao are taking a bath alone together, Midorima explains how Kuroko's basketball works. Takao responds with, "That's great, but you've been talking to a lion this whole time", because there is a lion fountain between them. Midorima looks flustered and goes quiet.

EPISODE 22 - I'll Win Even if it Kills Me

Midorima is lecturing and helping Kagami while Takao and Kuroko watch in the bushes. Takao tries and fails to contain his laughter. After Midorima is done talking with Kagami, he goes over to the bush Takao and Kuroko were hiding behind and says, "Let's go, Takao". Takao responds with a playful "What? You knew?". While walking back to camp, Takao and Midorima talk about their upcoming match against Seirin.

EPISODE 25 - Our Basketball

Midorima smiling at Takao, with his disguise on

Takao catches Midorima as he leaves the Touou Vs. Kaijou match, to Midorima's surprise. Takao teases him about his choice of disguise (a pair of sunglasses) and then talks about the match that just occured. Takao talks about Kise and Aomine really are monsters, Midorima tells him not to say what he already know and adds that there's another monster right before Takao's eyes (refering to himself). Takao smiles and says, "This winter should be fun", which Midorima responds to with a smile.

Anime Season 2

EPISODE 28 - Start!!!

Midorima is sitting in the locker room. Takao enters the room noticing his lucky item "carved wooden bear". Midorima reveals that he bought it from his regular antique store. Takao asks if he hadn't already had one. Midorima replies that this one is bigger. Takao says that their upperclassmen are all there waiting for them so hurry up and bring that thing, it looks heavy, though.

EPISODE 29 - There is Only One Answer

After winning the match agaist Kirisaki Daiichi, Midorima tells Takao to hurry up and go back. Takao is a little bit confused. Midorima says that they (refers to Kirisaki Daiichi) didn't do everything they could and it was a disgusting game. Before the Seirin Vs. Shuutoku match, Takao gets Midorima from the locker room to tell him it's time for the game. On the bench, Takao begins to ask Midorima if he's scared, but he stops himself when he realizes he's in deep thought. He calls Midorima a "starving beast" and realizes that he'll be focused on Kagami for the match. In a flashback, Takao watches Midorima practice his shots and they talk about Kagami's improvement. Takao says, "It's creepy when you act weak, Shin-chan" and Midorima replies with, "Don't jump to conclusions, fool".


EPISODE 30 - I've Been Waiting for This

Takao thinking about Midorima's change since joining Shuutoku

Instead of attempting to make a three-pointer as he usually does, Midorima puts away his pride and passes to Takao. When he does so, Takao says, "I've been waiting for this". Later on, Midorima passes to Takao again, only for Takao to pass it back to him once he gets closer to the net. Takao tells him "Don't miss", to which Midorima replies, "Quiet, fool". On the bench, Shinji Koganei comments, "Just now, was he [Midorima] smiling for a second?". Later, Takao overhears Seirin's benchwarmers discussing Midorima's "change". He thinks, "He hasn't changed, though. Not much, anyway". Takao reflects on his relationship with Midorima, saying it's not like they got along well but he acknowledges his abilities and no one can hate him seeing him practicing endlessly, without tiring. He then notes that one thing actually has changed, once in a while Midorima smiles when they're playing.

Midorima smiling while replying to Takao

EPISODE 31 - I Surpassed It Long Ago

After Midorima makes another three-pointer, Takao compliments him by saying "Amazing, Shin-chan". He then immediately asks if he's okay since he's approaching his limit. Midorima says, "Fool. I surpassed my limit long ago" while smiling. Takao looks surprised but then laughs and says, "What a man".

EPISODE 32 - Give Up

Takao finds Midorima with Momoi Satsuki, Kise, and Kuroko and Midorima immediately leaves with him and the rear cart.

Midorima smiling at Takao, again

EPISODE 36 - Don't Be Ridiculous

At the very end of the Shuutoku vs Senshinkan match, Takao passes the ball to Midorima and smirks. Midorima shoots the ball and also smirks. After they win the match with that shot, Takao smiles at Midorima and compliments him "Nice shot, Shin-chan", Midorima smiles back and replies with "Of course". After that, Midorima and Takao are shown in the locker room. Midorima runs out of hand tape while wrapping his fingers, so Takao tosses Midorima's hand tape to him and Midorima smiles.

EPISODE 38 - Definitely This Time

During practice, Takao passes to Midorima with a smile, Midorima makes a shot. After Winter Cup opening ceremony, Midorima and Takao attends the Seirin Vs. Touou match together with the rest of Shuutoku.


Midorima and Takao give commentary on the Seirin Vs. Touou match, including Takao teasing Midorima.

EPISODE 44 - Please Teach Me

After Shuutoku beats Onita, Takao and other starting members of Shuutoku are seen celebrating around Midorima.

EPISODE 45 - Of Course It's Not Easy

Midorima and Takao make a brief appearance, celebrating with the rest of Shuutoku after winning a match.

EPISODE 50 - Win!

Takao is seen waving and calling Midorima in an ending scene.

Anime Season 3

EPISODE 51 - I'm Just Going at Full Strength

Midorima and Takao are walking together and happen to hear Seirin giving an interview about a match agaist Shuutoku. The two start to talk about the match, they both also agree that they will win eventually but they need to climb a huge mountain (Rakuzan) first.

EPISODE 54 - I'll Take This For Now

Starting the Rakuzan Vs. Shuutoku match, Takao immediately passes the ball to Midorima. He proclaims Akashi shouldn’t make him laugh—how can he know everything when he has never suffered loss. After saying these words, Midorima scores his first three of the game. Midorima then adds that as promised, he will teach Akashi about defeat.

EPISODE 55 - I Know None of That

There is a flashback to Midorima and Takao after practice. They watch Miyaji stay late to practice until Ootsubo tells them to leave him be. Takao and Midorima listen to Ootsubo as he talks about the other upperclassmen. Ootsubo gives Midorima an idol fan from Miyaji, because it is Cancer's lucky item for the following day. Takao laughs at the fact that Midorima is into Oha Asa and Miyaji is into an idol. In the second half of the Rakuzan Vs. Shuutoku match, Midorima is defeated by Seijirou Akashi and falls down. Takao runs over to help him up after Akashi scores a point. After being motivated by their upperclassmen, Takao talks about how much he appreciates them, to which Midorima agrees. They then stand up and agree to show Rakuzan what they have up their sleeves.

EPISODE 56 - I Will Offer Them

Midorima and Takao's first encounter

There is a flashback to when Midorima and Takao meet on the first day of school and their practices after that. It is revealed that Takao often stayed late with Midorima after practice and competed with him because he lost to Teikou in junior high. Midorima asks why Takao didn't tell him about it before, and Takao laughs at how ridiculous that statement is. Back during the Shuutoku Vs. Rakuzan match, Midorima and Takao reveal their move, the Sky High 3-Pointer. From the audience, Kise notes that Midorima is only able to take shots that he is absolutely confident in. Midorima and Takao repeat the Sky High 3P several times. Junpei Hyuuga notes that and says they are "the light and shadow of Shuutoku". Rakuzan starts double-teaming Takao so he doesn't pass to Midorima, but he still finds an opening. However, Akashi predicts this and stops the pass.

EPISODE 57 - It Will Make Me Laugh

Midorima responding to Takao's honesty

After losing the match, Midorima and Takao walk back to the locker room with the rest of Shuutoku. Takao teases Midorima as usual, saying "Huh? Shin-chan, are you heartbroken?". Then his facade breaks, his voice turns somber, and he apologizes, saying he can't cheer him up right now because he is also devastated. Midorima replies with "I know. But, me too. It's really frustrating...losing.". Both of Midorima and Takao cry.

EPISODES 62 - He Is The Best Player

Takao approachs Kuroko and then sees Midorima with Kagami. Takao talks about something like this also happened in the summer (refers to what happened during the summer training camp, EPISODE 22) but he doesn't feel like laughing this time. After that, he calls Midorima to get home. Midorima talks to Kagami a bit more and then immediately leaves with Takao.


Midorima and Takao give commentary on the Seirin Vs. Rakuzan match.

EPISODE 75 - Many Times Over

Midorima and Takao are shown practicing. Takao states how Shuutoku will suffer now that all the upperclassmen are gone. Yuuya Miyaji reminds them that he is becoming their new captain, which reassures them.


EPISODE 75.5 - The Best Present

Oha Asa announces that Cancers have terrible luck for the day, so Midorima calls Takao to buy him his lucky item. Takao uses this as an opportunity to get Midorima to where Momoi asked him to. He pedals the rear car with Midorima in it to the basketball court where the other Miracles are and refuses to give him his lucky item until he gets out. They meet up again later on for Kuroko's birthday party. During the credits, Midorima seems concerned about something. When Takao asks what's wrong, Midorima tells him his lucky item is missing. Tatsuya Himuro tells him that he (uninformedly) put the lucky item (dried mushrooms) in the food to enhance flavor. Midorima gets mad and Takao laughs at this.

Movie - Last Game

Midorima and Takao watch Miyaji as Strky plays against Jabberwock. During the Vorpal Swords Vs. Jabberwock match, Midorima and Akashi replicate Midorima and Takao's signature move, the Sky High 3P. Takao says that he is happy they were able to pull it off but also regretful because the move they worked hard to perfect was pulled off so easily.

Fan Disc #2 - Let's chat (To the Place Where the Light Shines)

Takao pedals the rear car and Midorima to Maji Burger to the meeting that Kuroko called. They arrived about fifteen minutes earlier than everyone else and were already at the table, sitting next to each other. Takao tells everyone that Midorima's super excited about getting to see them and he's all worn out because Midorima kept making him pedal faster. Midorima denies and retorts that it's Takao that dragged him there against his will. While talking about the second Seirin Vs. Shuutoku match, the Miracles talk about how surprised they were to see Midorima passing to someone. Takao says that he was also surprised as it's special for the teammates too. Midorima gives the reason that he believed it's necessary in order to win. Takao imitates Midorima and teases him. After finishing talking about the Seirin vs Kirisaki Daiichi match, Midorima stands up, saying he's going to the restroom. Takao says he'll go too, and he can order some more food while he's up. When they come back, Takao asks Midorima if he's fine with just a drink. Midorima replies that he's fine. Takao offers Midorima his fries since he ordered an extra-large one. Time skip, Takao shouts and reports Midorima that Nigou peed in the rear car. Midorima gets angry and tells Aomine to hand him over.

Fan Disc #3 - Let's chat (From Now On, Many Times Over)

The rear car is seen outside Maji Burger. Midorima, Takao and others are summoned by Akashi to meet up at there. Midorima and Takao, along with Kuroko and Kagami are ordering some food and then walk together to the table where Akashi and Reo Mibuchi are waiting. Everyone takes their seat, Midorima and Takao sit side by side (with Takao on Midorima's left side.). While talking about the Rakuzan Vs. Shuutoku match, Akashi admits that he's surprised by Midorima and Takao's cooperative shot, the Sky High 3P. Mibuchi agrees. Kagami supposes that they must've practived really hard for the move. Takao admits, but he opines that it's really just a matter of his skills being able to keep up or not, since Midorima’s shots are always perfect. Midorima replies with "It's not your problem alone, fool.". Kuroko agrees with Midorima and adds that he's impressed by Takao's skills, but he's more surprised by how Midorima actually agreed to do that during the match. Kise and Kuroku talk about Midorima knowing Takao's passes by heart, believing in him, and making a shot he didn't know will hit or miss. Takao lets out a small laugh and says "Thanks for believing in me, Shin-chan". Midorima stutteringly replies with "It—it’s only natural to believe in one’s teammate". Mibuchi comments that Midorima and Takao really are a simply good pair. Kise agrees and start talking about how Midorima was able to gain a perfect partner but Midorima tells him to shut up. Time skip, they're discussing about the Kaijou vs Seirin match, Atsushi Murasakibara says he'll crush Kise, due to copying his moves without permission and tells Kise to pay him with one year supply of Maiubo. Takao goes along saying then it's oshiruko for Midorima. Midorima responses with "Yeah." without thinking, follows by "Hey, wait-".

OVA - Idiots Can't Win!

Midorima after discovering his lucky pencil is missing

In the evening, Takao tirely pedals the rear cart with Midorima in it up hill. They talks about prepping for the upcoming exams. Takao asks Midorima a favor, to guess what parts will show up in Japanese history exam (since he's pretty bad at the subject) but Midorima refuses. Time skip, Midorima and Takao are eating lunch together on the roof before Kise calls Midorima on his phone. Takao overheards Kise asking for Midorima's lucky pencil (but Midorima hangs up on him), so he asks Midorima if he can have it (since Midorima is good at studying, he doesn't need it). Midorima tells him he must have his pencil with him to "prepare for any and all occasions". During an exam, Midorima looks for his lucky pencil and finds that it has been replaced with a note from Takao saying "Borrowing it for a sec~" with a peace sign drawn by him. On the seat in front of him, Takao is using Midorima's lucky pencil.

Drama CDs

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Season 1, Volume 4

Takao is picking up Midorima from his house to go to a practice match, but Midorima refuses to get close to him because Cancers and Scorpios are meant to have bad compatibility that day. He could not find anything that closely matched the description for Cancer's lucky item (something cute with round eyes). Takao says that he has something that fits the description at his house, so Midorima demands that they go there immediately. Midorima sits in the very back of the cart, causing Takao to worry about him falling off. Midorima insists that he's fine, but when Takao starts pedaling he falls off immediately.

When they get to Takao's house, Takao gives Midorima his grandmother's hugging doll. Midorima asks if it's okay for him to borrow it, since it is a family keepsake. Takao assures him that he'll make an exception for him and that it's fine as long as he takes good care of it. Midorima and Takao test out if the doll is the right lucky item, but they get drenched by a sudden downpour. Takao apologizes for the doll not being the right item, but Midorima tells him that he knew it would not be easy to find his lucky item. Midorima says that the best course of action is to go to his usual shop.

When they arrive at the shop, Takao points out various things with cute, round eyes. However, Midorima already has most of the wide-eyed mascots on him (a Ketty-chan phone strap and Noraemon socks). Midorima finds a vintage version of a mascot he already owns and he spends 35,000 yen ($350) on it. Takao realizes that Midorima is going to extreme lengths for his lucky item. They test out the 35,000 yen mascot but are splashed with water by a truck. Midorima then says that they are going to an arcade that he has frequently had good luck in. Takao comments that they'll be late for the practice game, but Midorima says that it doesn't matter.

Midorima asks Takao to help him win a specific toy (an old man named Peter). from the claw machine using his eagle eye. Takao says that's not how it works, but he agrees anyway. Once their time is up, they have collected more than fifty goat toys, but not the toy of the old man that Midorima wanted. Midorima refuses to leave without the toy, so he brings the goats to one of the workers and trades it for the Peter toy. Midorima reveals that he lied about wanting to give the toy to his sister moving to America to the workers. Takao says that Midorima is "playing dirty", but Midorima dismisses it as doing what he has to. They test out the toy, only for Midorima to be buried under a pile of boxes.

While walking with the rear cart, Midorima and Takao run into Kuroko. Seeing that Kuroko has cute, round eyes, Midorima tells him to get in the cart. Takao tiredly pedals them to the practice match. After the match is over, Midorima thanks Kuroko, but then is hit directly on the head by a basketball. He tells Takao not to come near him until the day is officially over and then walks away.

Season 2, Volume 3

Midorima and Takao are oil painting outside for art class when Midorima tells Takao that Scorpio is ranked 8th that day. A bird's droppings fall onto Takao's oil painting and he attempts to blend it in with the sky in his painting as Midorima watches in horror. The next day, Scorpio is ranked tenth and Midorima becomes increasingly worried. Takao tells Midorima about how the art teacher liked his painting when he is interrupted by a fly baseball. As Midorima continues to warn Takao, a flowerpot drops from above and just nearly misses Takao. Midorima is grateful that he brought Takao's lucky item for the day (a tiny magnifying glass).

The next day, Midorima calls Kuroko to ask to borrow a book from him. He says that it is his lucky item, but Kuroko catches him, knowing that Cancer's lucky item is a pineapple. Takao laughs about the situation when Midorima tells him about it, but Midorima tells him that he would have been hurt had it not been for the magnifying glass he brought the day before.

A day later, Takao realizes that he has a cold after basketball practice and he is laid up in the school infirmary. Midorima enters the room and gives him his lucky item (the three wise monkeys), which he says cost around 50,000 yen (or around $500). Midorima offers to pedal the cart home because Takao cannot in his condition. Takao rejects his offer and says they should just walk instead.

The following day, Midorima calls Kuroko again to see if he has the sequel to the book from before. Kuroko says he doesn't have it and figures out that Midorima needs it for Takao again. He tells Midorima that he can get a copy from Seirin's coach, Aida Riko. Midorima brings Takao to Riko's place to pick up the book, but they end up staying there and talking about the book series with Riko. Riko gives Takao a foot massage that makes him fall asleep.

The next morning, Takao wakes up feeling much better. Scorpio is ranked 4th, but Cancer is ranked 12th. Takao reveals that he set up a game of tag with Seirin's basketball team because Cancer's lucky item for the day is a rival. Midorima refuses to go along with it at first, but then Takao reminds him that Scorpio's lucky item is a dear friend while making puppy eyes. Midorima concludes that his fortunes have hit rock bottom.

Season 2, Volume 5

Izuki and Hyuuga go shopping together on their day off to buy Izuki's little sister her birthday present. The two go to "Fancy Shop Twinkle Star" which sells character merchandise, cosmetics and miscellaneous goods for students. Since the place is likely to be filled with only girls, Izuki and Hyuuga feel embarrassed to enter the shop. While hesitating in front of the shop, they bump into Midorima and Takao. Midorima comes to the shop to obtain his lucky item. Takao comes along because he thought it would be fun and needed to take pictures of “Midorima in Fancy Shop”. Midorima and Takao go into the shop without hesitation, followed by Izuki and Hyuuga hiding behind them. While choosing the present, Takao says that Hyuuga and Izuki are so close and look like a couple shopping together. Hyuuga says "why!? you idiot!" and Izuki starts asking Takao about Midorima. After they finished shopping, Takao invites Izuki and Hyuuga to have lunch together with him and Midorima.

At Maji Burger, Izuki and Hyuuga are surprised when Midorima drinks oshiruko with fries. Takao apologizes and says Midorima's such a weirdo. Hyuuga then points out that even though Takao says that, the two are always together. Takao replies that Hyuuga and Izuki are always together as well. Then the four talk about Eagle Eye and Hawk Eye. Midorima compares hawks with eagles, says that hawks are smaller and tells Takao that it's his loss when it comes to size. They discuss some more topics until Takao finishes his drink. Takao offers to get them seconds and Midorima says he'll go too.

After Takao returns with a shake, Izuki makes a pun. When Takao realizes it, he compliments Izuki. Then Midorima returns with more fries. Takao tries to take some but Midorima tells him off, saying those are bad manners. Izuki makes another pun which Midorima doesn't understand and takes seriously. Takao enjoys this. Noticing that Izuki's present is for his little sister, Takao brings up this topic. He reveals that he has a little sister too and so does Midorima but the latter never let him meet her even though he usually meets up in front of Midorima’s house. Then the four talk about their position (both being point guard and shooting guard pair). They start analyzing Seirin and Shuutoku styles of play, following by commenting on some players individually. Izuki praises Hyuuga as his team’s captain, and as they’ve been playing together since middle school, they have a great understanding of each other. Takao responds that if it’s about reliability, they have an absolute scorer too, and as a point guard, he’ll bring out the best of him, says to “Ace-sama”. Midorima just drinks oshiruko without replying. Since Takao tells him to say something, he replies that he does everything humanly possible. Takao says that he’s shy and asks Izuki to give him some advice to communicate with people (though he is warned by Hyuuga). Izuki suggests Midorima to communicate with lots of puns, which Midorima doesn’t really understand.

While pedaling the rear cart, Takao tells Midorima that he laughed so much that his abs hurts, which Midorima doesn’t understand why. Takao tells Midorima that the latter has no social life at all and he should be more flexible. Then he brushes it off with “Well, that wouldn’t be interesting, huh. It’s fine. Shin-chan should stay as Shin-chan”

Season 3, Volume 1

Takao incidentally bikes around where Kuroko, Kagami, Aomine and Kise are playing street basketball. So he stops his bicycle and greets them. Everyone is surprised that Midorima and the cart aren't with him. They are concerned about Midorima, assuming that the cart broke off on a hill and rolled downhill non-stop. Takao clears things up by telling them that Midorima wasn't there in the first place and he doesn't normally bring the cart. After that, he decides to join them in playing basketball. Time skip, Tetsuya Nigou finds an abandoned puppy. The dog looks like Kagami and is then named Kagami Nigou. Takao finds this amusing, so he takes a picture and sends it over to Midorima, in which he replies with "What is that dog? The eyebrows are thick". Since they decide to find someone to take the dog home, everyone tries asking various people to take him in. Takao asks Midorima about that too. Finally, Miyaji agrees to take him in, so Takao immediately takes Kagami Nigou and heads over to Miyaji's place. Before leaving, Kagami tells him to call Midorima (to play street basketball together) next time.

Season 3, Volume 3

Takao bikes to Midorima's house with the rear cart, explaining that he had already watched Oha Asa and seen that Cancer's lucky item for the day was a piano. He says he assumed that Midorima would be set on bringing a grand piano to school then jokes about how ridiculous that would be. Midorima stays quiet, even though he had attempted exactly that earlier. Midorima shows Takao what he chose to bring instead: a tiny, pink toy piano borrowed from his little sister. It makes Takao burst into laughter. Midorima sits in the rear cart, which Takao calls out by saying they have not done rock-paper-scissors yet. Midorima wins anyway.

During practice, Miyaji gets irritated by the noise the piano makes while Midorima runs. Takao jokes about it and tells Miyaji not to worry about it. Later, Shuutoku has a practice game. Takao passes to Midorima, who effortlessly scores. The upperclassman criticizes Midorima for not passing to Shinsuke Kimura when he was open. Midorima apologizes, saying that he was certain he could make the shot. Takao sees that Midorima is looking down so he lightens the mood by saying that Midorima is "no longer self-centered" when it comes to basketball, so he doesn't have anything to worry about. He then reminds him (in female voice, imitating Oha Asa announcer) "Cancers lucky item for the day is a piano, do take note of the ‘harmony’ it brings~". Midorima tells him not to speak closely to his ear him with that voice.

In class, Takao is doodling Masaaki Nakatani (the teacher of that class and their coach) and starts laughing to himself, calling it a masterpiece. He whispers to get Midorima's attention and shows him the drawing. Midorima reminds him they're still in class and calls his drawing dumb. Nakatani notices that Takao isn't paying attention and calls him to the front. He asks Takao to write a sentence in English about a friend. Takao writes "He is good at playing basketball.". The teacher asks him to write two more sentences and he writes "He can see nothing without glasses." and "He always comes to school with a lucky item.". Midorima knows that Takao is talking about him and snaps at Takao when he returns to his seat. Takao teases him and says "Ah! Shin-chan can write about me if you want~" since every one is asked to write three Enlish sentences.

This time, Takao draws Midorima with his tanuki figure. He shows it to Midorima, who subconsciously throws his toy piano at him in anger. Takao grabs it and falls instead. Midorima asks, "Are you okay?". Takao replies that he's fine, but Midorima finishes his sentence with "toy piano", indicating that he was worried about the piano, not Takao. With this, Takao stands up "You're terrible!", speaks louder "You’re ignoring me!" and doesn't notice that Nakatani's approaching him slowly and appears in front of him now. He takes a look at Takao's drawings, of Midorima and then of himself. Takao acts dumb but that doesn't help. Nakatani asks Takao to come to his office after class. Midorima calls Takao a fool.

Takao meets back up with Midorima at lunch and complains about the extra assignments he got as a punishment. Midorima comments that he excels at English anyway. They see that the line for lunch is already long. Then, Takao spots Ootsubo and Kimura and asks them if they can get bread for him and Midorima. They begrudgingly agree and Takao asks for the special yakisoba bread. Midorima hesitantly declines the offer, but Takao encourages him to ask for something. Midorima then asks for red bean bread. Ootsubo questions if that is really enough, but Takao assures him that red bean is Midorima's favorite (and Midorima doesn't deny). The four (mostly Kimura) talk about pro-wrestling until they are able to get their bread. Takao and Midorima pay back the upperclassman and Ootsubo, working as a librarian, mentions that Midorima needs to renew his books. Takao states that Midorima loves to read then asks what book he is reading. Midorima answers that it's a book about physics and he and Ootsubo discuss it for a short while before they leave to eat lunch. Takao tells Midorima that the latter was talking to their seniors with "harmony" like Oha Asa predicted. Midorima is flustered but affirms the statement.

Takao is in the music preparation room when Midorima comes in to tell him they don't have to clean it. Takao is about to head back to class but notices that Midorima is lingering. He asks if Midorima wants to play the piano for a bit and Midorima says he isn't completely at ease with just a toy piano. Takao says that he also wants to hear Midorima play. Midorima sits down and starts playing. Takao is impressed and jokes that he can only play the Flea Waltz. Midorima then proceeds to play the Flea Waltz. Then, Takao asks if Midorima has been playing anything but classical recently. Midorima starts playing Catal Rhythm, a song Takao recommended to him. Midorima insists that he just happened to come across the music but Takao is amused by how he remembered the song title despite how disinterested he seemed. Midorima continues to deny (speaking really fast) that he was interested in the song, it's just because Takao kept recommending it to the point it was annoying, so he had no choice but to remember it. Midorima resumes playing the song and Takao starts humming along. Miyaji comes into the room after their performance and asks who was playing the piano. He is shocked to see Midorima and praises him for how good it sounded. Midorima bashfully thanks him and Takao states that Midorima is good at using his fingers. He asks if Midorima can play a specific song, but Midorima doesn't know it. When Miyaji looks disappointed, Midorima promises to learn the song and Miyaji says he'll lend him a CD of the song. Takao brings up "harmony" again, which Midorima just responds to with "shut up".

After practice, Takao and Midorima see their seniors again. Takao explains that he brought the rear cart because he was thinking of Midorima, which Midorima dismisses by saying he never would have brought an actual piano. The upperclassmen are heading to Maji Burger, Takao wants to join, but Miyaji tells Takao to put the rear cart away if he want to go with them because it's embrassing. Midorima says that he is used to sitting in the cart, so he doesn't feel weird about it. Takao suggests that they all ride the rear cart to Maji Burger. They play 5-way rock-paper-scissors to decide who pedals the cart and Miyaji loses in the first round. They all bicker as Miyaji struggles to bike. Takao asks Midorima to give Miyaji some words of encouragement and Midorima just plays the Can-Can on the toy piano. Everyone but Miyaji starts singing along at the song's climax and cheering for Miyaji. Miyaji is barely able to move the bike and shouts in agony.

DUET SERIES, Volume 3 Mini-Drama

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Light Novels

Shintarou Midorima's Extremely Unlucky Day

Takao smiling fondly at Midorima while trying to hide it from him (text on left translates to "sheesh")

When Midorima arrives at school, Takao immediately asks him what happened because he looks like a hot mess. Midorima explains how he was snagged by a truck, was sprayed by a garden hose, and fell down an open manhole. When Takao shows concern, Midorima says it has nothing to do with him. Takao argues back that it has everything to do with him since he might also be affected by his bad luck while he's around him. Midorima then get drenched by the water from a student's flower vase. Takao laughs at him. Midorima accuses him of enjoying his suffering, which Takao denies, saying that he's really worried about him. He follows Midorima into the locker room so he can change into a new set of clothes. Midorima reveals that he missed Oha Asa's broadcast and only figured out that his lucky item is supposed to be something red. Takao convinces Midorima to wear a red handband (owned by Takao's sister) he has. This is the first time Takao is able to successfully persuade Midorima to do anything for him.

Midorima collects many other red objects from other members of the basketball team. Ootsubo gives him a knitted red wool sweater, handbag, hat, haramaki (bellyband), lap blanket, coaster, stuffed animal, pair of mittens, and scrub brush; Kimura gives him a bell pepper, tomato, apple, and strawberry; and Miyaji gives him one of his (washed) t-shirts.

At lunch time, Midorima and Takao eat in the classroom. Midorima opens his bento to realize that his mother accidentally wrapped a dictionary instead of his lunch. Takao goes into a laughing fit once again. After school, Midorima decides to skip practice and head home. Takao agrees and volunteers to go with him, which irks off Midorima. Midorima says, "...It feels strange to have you worrying about me". Takao sees that Midorima is uncomfortable, so he makes up the excuse that he "might actually just want to see a few more of Shin-chan’s amusing episodes...". Midorima becomes less tense and, as Midorima packs up his things, Takao realizes that Midorima is embarassed to be being helped by him and their teammates. Takao smiles but tries to hide it from Midorima.

On their walk home, Midorima and Takao encounter a little girl who has lost her balloons in a tree. Takao tells Midorima to help her, since the balloons are red and might also be his lucky item. Midorima jumps to grab the balloons at the same exact moment that a wall crumbles onto the spot he was just in. It turns out that the girl was also a Cancer who followed Oha Asa and the lucky item Midorima needed was a red balloon. Takao stares in shock at the destroyed sidewalk, and the little girl gives Midorima one of her balloons as a thank-you. Takao remarks how good it is that Midorima didn't die and how serious Oha Asa's horoscopes are.


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Kiseki no Shiai/Game of Miracles - PSP Game

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Valentine's Day Messages

Midorima: It's rather noisy. Is something happening today, Takao?

White Day Messages

Midorima: I prepared this by your words, but Takao, what am I supposed to do with it?

Christmas Messages

Takao: Shin-chan, do you know what day it is today? It's Christmas. Christmas!

Midorima: Merry Christmas. Did you think I wasn't going to say it, Takao!?

Day 5 of Training Camp

Shuutoku joins Seirin in the hot springs. Takao goes to talk to Seirin guys, leaving Midorima with Mitobe. Without his glasses, Midorima can't tell Mitobe apart from Takao. At first, like normal, Midorima complains about guys being too noisy that he can't relax after practice, asking Mitobe (thinking he is Takao) if he thinks so. He starts noticing that Takao (which actually is Mitobe) is too quiet, assumes that Takao might not be feeling well. Time skip to when Shuutokus are leaving the hot spring. Takao goes back to Midorima. Midorima suggests that he and Takao should leave too. Takao agrees and adds that he feels really tired. Midorima starts asking about Takao’s physical condition and tells him not to overwork himself. Takao gets confused because he hasn’t said anything about not feeling well. Kagami tells Takao the whole story in which Takao finds interesting. He also tells Kagami to let him know when this happens next time and is looking forward to bathing with Seirin again.

Day 8 of Training Camp

After practice, the rest of Shuutoku go to have dinner. Takao tells Midorima to hurry up and eat. Midorima agrees with a smile and adds that it’s the best to eat when the food is hot. Takao notices Midorima's lucky item, which is a bubble wrap. He wants to crush the bubbles but Midorima tells him not to because the bubble wrap will turn into a vinyl sheet and he will lose his lucky item. But Takao pops the bubbles anyway. At that time, the food is getting cold, so Takao suggests that they should go have dinner too. Midorima can’t let this be and goes to obtain a new bubble wrap sheet. Miyaji comments that Takao is a devil.

After practice, the rest of Shuutoku go to the hot springs, Takao states that this is the best, Midorima smiles and says being warmed to the core of the body melts away the fatigue. Takao asks if Midorima is more tired than usual, saying he works really hard in the training camp. Midorima replies that it’s usual, he is doing everything he can. Takao asks about the thing Midorima has been holding in his hand. It’s Midorima's lucky item, a goldfish scoop. Takao asks him if he can tear the paper but Midorima tells him not to because it won’t be a goldfish scoop anymore and he will lose his lucky item. Takao almost breaks it anyway. Midorima is shocked at what Takao does, what’s more, is that the latter pretends as if it’s nothing and then successfully breaks it. Unexpectedly, Midorima smiles with the feeling of victory, he knows something like this will happen and he has prepared another goldfish scoop. Takao is irritated and breaks the second one, saying he just has to do it because he shows it to him. However, Midorima lets out a small evil laugh, stating that he also predicts that Takao will break it and has prepared yet another one. Takao gives up, saying he is tired of it. Midorima is totally shocked. He purposely prepared that so he wants Takao to break it. So He starts asking Miyaji and Kimura to break the goldfish scoop instead but neither of them wants to break it (Miyaji reveals that it’s more fun that way) Ootsubo, beforehand, also says he doesn’t want to. Midorima feels somewhat defeated. Ootsubo tells Midorima not to waste things and that it could be used for other things in which Midorima listens to and he feels better now. Takao praises Ootsubo for being great at handling Midorima.

Shouri he no Kiseki/Miracles to Victory - 3DS Game

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Mirai e no Kizuna/Bonds Toward the Future - 3DS Game

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After winning a match against Kise’s team, Takao and Midorima talk to each other. Takao tells Midorima that being with him is fun and wants to do this again because he feels like something fun might happen more. Midorima answers that he doesn't know if it's fun, but it's not bad to be with Takao. He smiles softly and says that the reason is because Takao pulls the rear car so it's easy to move around.

Who Submitted This Letter?!

Takao writes a letter in Basketball Monthly’s “FORUM” (the column where they publish letters from readers) about Midorima.

I am a fan of Midorima, a basketball player at Shuutoku High School. A few weeks ago, I saw Midorima riding in a bicycle trailer on his way to the venue for a game. Before that, I saw him riding through the city in that same bicycle trailer. Do you suppose Midorima never takes a turn pulling the bicycle trailer? I would like to see him pull it sometime.”

Signed, The Fan with a Hawk’s Bird’s-Eye View

Midorima immediately knows who the writer was, saying there’s only one person who comes to his mind. He tells Ootsubo that he’s going to go tell the writer of the letter in person that he will not be pulling the bicycle trailer.

Takao, Director of Sightseeing

Outside a store in the old arcade, Akashi is in Tokyo at the time being. He would like to go sightseeing to familiarize himself with the area. Midorima and Takao approach him. Takao suggests Akashi take their bicycle trailer for a spin. The rule is to play rock-paper-scissors, and whoever loses has to pull the bicycle trailer. Takao loses to Midorima and Akashi, so he ends up pulling the bicycle trailer. After returning to the arcade, Akashi says it was quite enjoyable and thanks Takao. Midorima agrees, saying it was all thanks to Takao’s excellent suggestion. Takao sighs and says that he is just not good at rock-paper-scissors. Midorima tells him not to worry because he himself, too, has never beaten Akashi at rock-paper-scissors.

Midorima and Takao Eating Ramen

Midorima and Takao eating ramen

Takao and Midorima are together. Takao is hungry and suggests Midorima go together to find something to eat to which Midorima agrees. They smell Tonkotsu from a ramen shop. Takao’s stomach rumbles with hunger and asks Midorima if they should go eat ramen. Midorima replies that ramen is fine, but there should be only counter seats there. Takao has a look and finds two seats available, so Midorima decides to eat at the shop. The two go into the ramen shop. Both the noodles and soup are delicious. Midorima and Takao are satisfied with the ramen. Takao says that if he knew this, he would have come to this shop sooner. Midorima comments that he wants to do that too, but the shop normally has a long queue and that the timing is just good today. So Takao replies that if they arrive in time for the queue any day, it's a deal then. After they finish eating and exit the shop, Takao says that they definitely will come to this ramen shop again, which Midorima agrees to as long as the seats that are available are nicely side-by-side like this time. Takao states that for the popular shop, counter seats might be difficult to be vacant side by side, but for one person, it won’t be a problem. Midorima tells Takao that it’s still hard to enter the shop alone because he is left-handed, when it’s the counter, his elbow collides with the person on his left. Takao says that being left-handed must be hard. Then he suddenly realizes that Midorima was sitting on his right side a while ago and asks Midorima if he wasn’t careful of the person on his left (which was Takao himself) He also adds that if he looks back, his elbow was hit (by Midorima’s) many times. Midorima asks Takao why he has to be careful of Takao and says that if he sits on the left side, his elbow will collide with a stranger anyway. Midorima smirks and tells Takao that when the two sit at the counter seat, he’ll always have Takao sit on his left side. Takao declares that he’ll use his elbow to disturb him next time.

Let’s Eat Crepes With a Friend Discount

Takao convinces Midorima to eat crepes together. The latter denies it at first, but Takao suggests he ordering oshiruko crepe. He also speaks about how good the crepe will taste with red bean paste, lots of creams and rice flour dumplings which are luxuriously included to emphasize the texture. With that, Midorima finally goes along to eat crepe with him. The two enjoy the crepes. Midorima asks Takao why Takao said “We’re friends” to the shop assistant a moment ago. Takao informs Midorima about the campaign that the crepe shop is running. If you tell the assistant “We’re friends”, you get a discount. Midorima says he’ll go to the cashier and correct that Takao is not a friend but “A servant”. “Hey! What do you mean! And that will bother the shop assistant! So stop!” says Takao.

Midorima and Takao Taking a Photo Sticker

Midorima and Takao are in a game center. Midorima is standing in front of a photo booth. Takao asks him if he is interested in it and also says that this surprised him because he thought Midorima would definitely not use the machine. Midorima tells him that it’s because today’s lucky item is a photo sticker. Takao is not surprised anymore. Still, he tells Midorima to go take a photo and he will wait for him. However, Midorima doesn’t, making Takao wonder why. Midorima tells him that he doesn’t think this kind of photo is taken alone. Takao laughs out loud and claims that it’s true that this kind of thing is usually taken with friends, “I think Shin-chan also has that kind of pride”. Because of that, Takao decides to take a photo with Midorima. Takao does all the work together with telling Midorima what to do as well as asking him “Is this photo frame OK?” and “Since it’s rare, why don’t you pose a peace sign or something?” (but Midorima doesn’t care about anything since he uses it as a lucky item). After they finish taking the photo, Midorima is exposed by Takao that the reason he didn’t take the photo alone was that he didn’t know how to use the machine. Midorima denies. Takao laughs and says that Midorima is definitely lying, “If you don’t know, just say you don’t know!” Midorima still insists that it’s not like he didn’t know and declares that from the next time he will be the one who operates it. (Takao says that Midorima has high self-esteem)


MidoTaka is a very popular ship in the Kuroko no Basket fandom. Since they are shown to have a close relationship early on in the series, many fans started to ship them in earlier seasons.

In fanworks, Midorima is usually portrayed as a "tsundere". There are also many works creating different scenarios involving Oha Asa's daily horoscope, since Midorima is such an avid believer in it.

On AO3, MidoTaka is the most written ship for both Midorima and Takao. They are also the 3rd most written ship in the fandom.


Takao“Kise and Aomine really are monsters.”
Midorima“Don't tell me what I already know. Besides, there is a monster standing right before your very eyes.”
— "Our Basketball"
“Once we go back, he'll probably start quietly shooting again by himself. Endlessly, without tiring. When we see him doing that, even though he's weird and annoying, no one can hate him.”
— Takao about Midorima, "I've Been Waiting for This"
“Once in a while when we're playing together, he'll smile.”
— Takao about Midorima, "I've Been Waiting for This"
Takao, about the upperclassmen“The more I think about it, the more I wish we could keep playing basketball with them.”
— "I Know None of That"
Takao“Are you serious?”
Midorima“What's so funny?”
Takao“You don't think it's hilarious that their lucky item is tape? And I forgot to say something, but what's with the way you talk?”
—"I Will Offer Them"
“My first impression of Takao wasn't good.”
— Midorima, "I Will Offer Them"
“I played against you once in middle school and lost. (...) When I finally got into high school, the guy I swore to defeat became my teammate.”
— Takao to Midorima, "I Will Offer Them"
“If anything, I just wanted you to acknowledge me.”
— Takao, "I Will Offer Them"
Takao“Eventually I'll send you a pass that will impress even you! Don't you forget, Shin-chan!”
Midorima“Don't call me that. It's too familiar, Takao.”
— "I Will Offer Them"
“They're like the light and shadow of Shuutoku”
— Hyuuga about Midorima and Takao, "I Will Offer Them"
Takao“Huh? Shin-chan, are you heartbroken? But... Sorry. I can't console you right now.”
Midorima“I know. But, me too. It's really frustrating...losing.”
— "It Will Make Me Laugh"
Kise“I still can't believe Midorimacchi actually passed to someone!”
Kagami“I thought I was dreaming when I saw that.”
Takao“Me too! Me too!”
—"Let's Chat"
Takao“...I'm not saying that lightly believe me. Any pass from Shin-chan means a lot to a teammate.”
Midorima“I felt it was necessary to win. That's all it is to it.”
Takao“'I... will pass indubitably.'”
Midorima“Takao, enough!”
— "Let's Chat"
Kagami“I bet you practiced that shot a ton, right?”
Takao“Well, yeah. But really, Shin-chan’s shots are always textbook-perfect, so it was really just a matter of my skills being able to keep up or not.”
Midorima“That wasn’t the only matter, idiot.”
—Let's Chat[1]
Kuroko“It must have been because Midorima-kun has studied Takao-kun’s passes so carefully that he could believe in him and make the shot, don’t you think?”
Takao“Thanks for believing in me, Shin-chan.”
Midorima“It—it’s only natural to believe in one’s teammate!”
— "Let's Chat"
Mibuchi“Midorima-kun and Takao-kun are a pretty good pair all the time, aren’t they?”
Kise“No kidding! Never would have thought Midorimacchi would find a partner so perfect!”
Midorima“Shut up, Kise!”
—"Let's Chat"
Takao“You know what my lucky item is today, don't ya?”
Midorima“Today's lucky item for Scorpios is... your dear friend.”
Midorima“What? Why are you giving me that teary-eyed look?”
Takao“Shin-chan, just pretend you’re doing it for me! It’ll be like killing two birds with one stone!”
— Season 2, Vol. 3 Drama CD
Takao“Sorry he's such a weirdo”
Hyuuga“Eh... But you two are always together.”
— Season 2, Vol. 5 Drama CD
Takao“You have no social life at all, Shin-chan. You should be more flexible.”
Midorima“Flexible? Me?”
Takao“Well, that wouldn’t be interesting, huh. It’s fine. Shin-chan should stay as Shin-chan”
— Season 2, Vol. 5 Drama CD
Midorima“First hitting the cans, and now darts--all the special prizes are gone! What is the meaning of this!?”
Takao“How should I know? But the Golvanian Family House Set is so big anyway, you'd look really weird if you bring that home”
Midorima“Why do you think I brought you here?”
Takao“Eh? Well, it's a festival, so it's like, let's go with a friend.”
Takao“Shin-chan, what is that face!? What do you think I am!?”
Midorima“A servant.”
“Midorima was absolutely silent. Takao quickly set the headband in place on Midorima’s head. Takao grinned…or rather, he smiled in satisfaction. That moment marked the first time since they had started attending Shuutoku High School that Takao had successfully managed to persuade Midorima.”
— Shintarou Midorima's Extremely Unlucky Day
“What, your brain short circuits when you get embarrassed? When are you gonna learn to be honest with yourself?”
— Takao about Midorima, Shintarou Midorima's Extremely Unlucky Day
“A smile quirked at the corners of Takao’s mouth, but he was careful to keep this expression hidden from Midorima while he sent a text to Ootsubo to let him know they would be absent from club activities.”
— Shintarou Midorima's Extremely Unlucky Day
“I have never doubted any pass from him ever since our first attempt, not even for a second.”
— Midorima about Takao, Last Game
Takao“Ahh, that’s it for today’s practice. Hey, hey, Shin-chan, wanna stop by somewhere before we head back?”
Midorima““Stop by”? Where? For what purpose?”
Takao“Well, for example, we could stop and chat in front of that vending machine on the way back to the boardinghouse, you know? Let’s deepen our friendship!”
Midorima“I’m not interested. Besides, what need is there for me to “deepen my friendship” with you?”
Takao“That’s harsh! But, well, I was just kidding about deepening our friendship…‘cause we’re already such great friends, am I right? I mean, you got chewed out by Ootsubo-san earlier, right? So I was thinking that maybe I’d try to cheer you up. I’m such an awesome friend, aren’t I?!”
— Kiseki no Shiai/Game of Miracles - PSP Game
Midorima“…hmph. …oh, that’s right. I just remembered… Today’s lucky item is soda water.”
Takao“Hm? What’s that about?”
Midorima“Of course, I brought a bottle of it myself, but…going to drink soda water at the vending machine doesn’t sound like such a bad idea.”
Takao“Oh, I get it. So you do want someone to cheer you up! You just can’t admit it!”
Midorima“You fool. Since you’re the one who invited me, it will be your treat, I presume?”
Takao“That’s how this works?! Guess there’s nothing else for it! I’m gonna cheer you up!”
— Kiseki no Shiai/Game of Miracles - PSP Game
Takao“Being with you is somehow fun! Let’s also play from now on, I feel like something fun might happen more!”
Midorima“I don't know if it's fun, but it's not bad to be with you. Because you pull the rear car, it's easy to move around.”
Narration“The intimacy of the two has deepened”
—Mirai e no Kizuna/Bonds Toward the Future - 3DS Game



Midorima/Takao tag on AO3
Midorima Shintarou/Takao Kazunari tag on FanFiction.Net


MidoTaka posts on Tumblr


  • Takao is a Scorpio (Nov. 21) and Midorima is a Cancer (Jul. 7), making both of them water signs.
  • Midorima and Takao won the Best Pair Award in the KUROFES Polls, with 4722 votes.
  • Midorima and Takao can be seen together in five endcards: Episode 11, Episode 22, Episode 31, Episode 56, and Episode 75.
  • Takao can be seen wearing one of Midorima's shirts in the endcard for Episode 31.
  • Takao has been beating Midorima at rock-paper-scissors more often.
  • Midorima and Takao sing together two songs from the DUET SERIES ("To Aru Shinja no Kakan na Mainichi"/"The Resolute Everyday Life of a Certain Believer" and "Ashita e Tsurete"/"Carry It with You to Tomorrow")[2] and two songs from the SOLO MINI ALBUM ("Way To Victory"[3] and "RESIGNATION?"[4]). RESIGNATION? also features Akashi. They also sing together in "Seishun TIP-OFF!!〜MVP Hikari& Kage ver. side Shuutoku"/"Seishun TIP-OFF!!~MVP Light & Shadow ver. side Shuutoku" from Blu-ray Season 3, Volume 3 SPECIAL CD feat. Midorima Shintarou.[5]
  • Takao has a character song dedicated to his and Midorima's relationship, titled "Ace-sama ni Banzai" or "Cheers to Our Ace".
  • They are partners. In a basketball sense, of course.
  • Both Takao and Midorima have younger sisters.
  • According to Takao, Midorima isn't used to asking others for help and one must be flexible to get used to his weird habits.
  • Kagetora Aida calls Takao and Midorima "Middle Part" and "7:3 Part" respectively (referring to their hairstyles).[6]
  • MidoTaka Day is June 10th and TakaMido Day is October 6th. The dates (6/10 and 10/6) correspond with the pair's jersey numbers. Midorima is #6 and Takao is #10.
  • In Jump Shop at Tokyo Dome, Kuroko no Basuke Locker Exhibition, there's a written note on a mini whiteboard inside Midorima’s locker, "To Shin-chan, I'll wait for you at the school gate" with a little star drawn.[7]
  • Takao and Midorima are the only pair featured on a cake together in a post by the official Twitter.[8]
  • The English voice actors for both Takao and Midorima have called Takao Midorima's boyfriend.[9]
  • Midorima's and Takao's stage actors were seen wearing matching clothes, hoodies with orange "S" letter (meant to stand for Shuutoku) and orange shorts. They revealed that they had gone to buy it together to match each other.[10]