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MidoTsu is the het ship between Izuku Midoriya and Tsuyu Asui from the My Hero Academia fandom.


On the bus ride to the USJ, Tsuyu and Ochako sit together. Out of the blue, Tsuyu states that she speaks whatever is on her mind, before turning to Izuku and asking for his attention. At this, Izuku jumps, yelling “Aah!! Asui-San!!” and blushing at their proximity. Tsuyu asks him to call her ‘Tsu’, before commenting that his quirk reminds her of All Might’s. Izuku startles greatly at this, and stutters, “Y-you think so?!”, likely afraid of the OFA secret getting out. He continues to ramble until Eijiro speaks up, and says that the quirk just looks the same, and that All Might doesn’t get injured by his quirk like Izuku does. Izuku let’s out a breath of relief at this.Tsuyu makes a comment on Izuku’s strength, to Izuku’s embarrassment. He goes on to say that his quirk, in comparison, lacks flashiness, but Katsuki is a textbook definition of such a thing. Tsuyu acknowledges this, but says that Katsuki is too volatile to be a popular hero. Izuku looks shocked at Tsuyu speaking this, and when Katsuki begins to yell as expected, Tsuyu, smiling, turns to Izuku again, saying “See?”

Soon after the class’s arrival to the USJ, they fall under their first attack by the LoV. One of the villains, named Kurogiri uses his quirk to warp and separate the students through the building. Izuku is teleported to the Flood Zone, where an underwater villain immediately finds and goes to attack him. However, before he can reach Izuku, Tsuyu arrives and attacks the villain, throwing him as she grabs Izuku to pull him to safety onto a ship, as well as Minoru. Izuku thanks Tsuyu for the rescue, before declaring to her and Minoru that the only option they had, given the current situation, was to fight back against their attackers. He concludes that the villains lacked knowledge of their quirks, giving them an advantage. Tsuyu, as well as Minoru give him a brief rundown on their quirks, allowing Izuku to come up with a strategy.

After one villain strikes the ship they were hiding on, the ship begins to break. Izuku uses this to put his plan into action,and uses Delaware Smash on the surface of the water, causing it to spread out. Tsuyu then uses her tongue to grab Izuku while Minoru laces the area with his sticky ‘grapes’. The water begins to convulse as planned, and pulls their attackers in to get stuck by Minoru’s ‘grapes’. This gives the students the opportunity to make their escape, and Tsuyu says that Izuku’s plan was impressive. Tsuyu wonders what their next course of action should be, to which Izuku suggests they should try to call for help, before noting the struggle Eraserhead was dealing with, and deciding to help him instead.

In Chapter 320, after Izuku had left UA , he faces off against his 1-A class, who are trying to get him back. Tsuyu starts to shed tears as she tells Midoriya that she won't let him go and that he's important. She continues by saying she doesn't cry easily, but when it's tough, one is allowed to shed tears and that is how one becomes a hero like in the comics. "We won't let you go alone!" she says again.


Tsuyu is known to be a family girl, and likes to feel close to her classmates, and addresses them by their given (first) names, with the endearing suffix ‘-chan’ or both. In turn, she has them address her by the nickname ‘Tsu’, short for Tsuyu, and everyone does, minus two exceptions: Katsuki, who’d prefer to address her as ‘Frog’, and Izuku, who, despite Tsuyu’s constant reminders, consistently makes the mistake of calling her “Asui”, only to be met with yet another vehement request of “Call me ‘Tsu’.” Izuku is always taken aback by the blunt request, not having been particularly used to speaking to girls, especially those who consider him close, but notes it every time. This background situation is one most endearing, and is found to be very good “shipping material” by a number of fans.

The shared trait of green hair is one adored by fans, as given by the amount of fanart produced for the pairing, which is considerably more than the fanfiction. This is partially due to the effortless (often plant/nature themed) aesthetic the green color schemes provide, but also due to the low number of significant interactions between Izuku and Tsuyu. Its also rivaled by ships like, IzuOcha and TodoDeku for Izuku and TsuChako and TokoTsuyu for Tsuyu.



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  • A “90’s style” art trend made its way around MHA/BNHA’s artist community at one point; a commonly redrawn scene was one of Izuku and Tsuyu during their time at the USJ.




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Dekusquad refers to the ship between the two, Tenya Iida, Ochako Uraraka and Shoto Todoroki
DekuTsuChako refers to the ship between the two and Ochako Uraraka
OchaHimiDekuTsuyu refers to the ship between the three and Izuku Midoriya


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