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MikaLu is the het ship between Mikau and Lulu in The Legend of Zelda fandom.


Mikau and Lulu know each other through being members of the Zora band known as the Indigo-Gos. Mikau is the guitarist while Lulu is the singer. The two were in a close relationship. Lulu eventually laid eggs and lost her voice. On top of that, the Gerudo pirates stole her eggs. She tried to keep that as secret from Mikau because she did not want him to be reckless. However, Lulu eventually told Mikau about what happened and he rushed to the fortress where the pirates lived.

Mikau infiltrated the Pirate's Fortress and attempted to retrieve the stolen eggs. However, he was not able to do so and was fatally wounded instead. Link later found him and dragged him to the shore. Mikau told him about the situation and asked him to help. Link played the Song of Healing which healed his soul as he died and allowed him to have one last vision of walking with Lulu.

Mikau left behind the Zora's Mask which allowed Link to transform into a Zora that looks a lot like Mikau. He later saved the eggs and allowed them to hatch. They taught Link the New Wave Bossa Nova which he later played for Lulu. This brought back her voice and she recognized him as Mikau. After Link saved the Great Bay, he came back in his Zora form and they practiced their performance. Link immediately leaves Termina after stopping the moon from falling and does not attend the Carnival of Time yet his Zora form is seen performing with the Indigo-Gos, including Lulu.


MikaLu is often one of the more overlooked pairings in the Zelda fandom yet is still rather popular due to the fact that it is highly suggested if not actually canon. While the father of Lulu's baby Zoras in unknown, many speculate Mikau as the father. This is due to the fact that he was so determined to save them from the pirates. Some fans also theorize that Mikau came back in the form of Zora Link in the end because he is seen performing at the carnival even though Link already left Termina.



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  • It is often speculated that Mikau is the father of Lulu's baby Zoras but it is unknown exactly where they came from.
  • While Link did not attend the Carnival of Time, his Zora form is seen performing with the Indigo-Gos. Some speculate that the Zora's Mask took on the form of Mikau and allowed him to live again.


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