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Mikasa Ackerman is a character from the Attack on Titan fandom.


Mikasa is a current member of the Survey Corps where she serves as an officer. She is also part of the Ackerman Clan along with her relative Levi Ackerman. Mikasa ranked first in the Training Corps when she graduated. Mikasa is also known to be the last Asian living inside the walls as she's part of the Azumabito Family on her mother's side.



AruMika — the ship between Mikasa and Armin Arlert
ConKasa — the ship between Mikasa and Connie Springer
EreMika — the ship between Mikasa and Eren Jaeger
EruMika — the ship between Mikasa and Erwin Smith
JeanKasa — the ship between Mikasa and Jean Kirstein
MikaBert — the ship between Mikasa and Bertolt Hoover
MikaFloch — the ship between Mikasa and Floch Forster
MikaThomas — the ship between Mikasa and Thomas Wagner
ReiKasa — the ship between Mikasa and Reiner Braun


MikAnnie — the ship between Mikasa and Annie Leonhart
MikaSasha — the ship between Mikasa and Sasha Braus
MikaYumi — the ship between Mikasa and Ymir
MikaHisu — the ship between Mikasa and Historia Reiss


EreAniKasa — the ship between Mikasa, Eren Jaeger, and Annie Leonhart
EreJeanKasa — the ship between Mikasa, Jean Kirstein, and Eren Jaeger
EreMikaAru — the ship between Mikasa, Eren Jaeger, and Armin Arlert
EreMikaHisu — the ship between Mikasa, Eren Jaeger, and Historia Reiss
MikAniSasha — the ship between Mikasa, Annie Leonhart, and Sasha Braus
YumiHisuMika — the ship between Mikasa, Historia Reiss and Ymir


MikaHan — the ship between Mikasa and Hange Zoë


Lokasa — the ship between Mikasa and Louise


RivaMika — the ship between Mikasa and Levi Ackerman


ScarfKasa — the ship between Mikasa and Eren's Scarf


Eren Jaeger

Main article: EreMika

Mikasa met Eren when three kidnappers killed her parents and tried selling Mikasa, eventually Eren saves Mikasa by killing the two kidnappers and encouraging her to fight and kill the third one, which is when she begun her Ackerman instinct. Eren wrapped a red scarf around Mikasa afterward as she was cold. The two then grew up with each other as Mikasa was an orphan to the point Eren's parents were later killed too. They joined the 104th Training Corps and afterward joined the Survey Corps after they graduated.

Years later in Marley, Eren betrays the Survey Corps and plans on wiping the rest of the world with the exception of Paradis Island. She thinks back of the day where Eren asks Mikasa what was she to him, she lies and tells him he was family instead of telling him her true romantic feelings. In order to stop Eren, Mikasa kills him. Before Eren is officially dead, the two share a kiss. In a vision Eren sent to her, it shows an alternate universe if Mikasa were to confess her feelings to Eren, in the universe the two are a couple living together in a secluded area in Marley.



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