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Milk and Cereal is the femslash ship between Ruby Rose and Pyrrha Nikos from the RWBY fandom.


The two met in the beginning of volume 1. They were often seen sitting close to each other in the cafeteria at lunch with their respective teams, despite them not having much interactions with each other. Both of them shared the same concern for Jaune, and together they attempted to try to make him accept that he's being bullied so that he can ask for help.

Later in a deleted scene in Forever Fall, Pt.2 Ruby runs up to a distracted Pyrrha and asks if she's okay to which she responds she's fine. She then yells at Nora when she realizes she stole her jar of sap which causes Ruby to jump back a bit in surprise. When they see Jaune in trouble, her and Weiss at first decide to help him before Pyrrha tells them to wait. Ruby is then shocked to see Pyrrha use her magnetic semblance on Jaune. The three then decide to not say anything and keep Jaune and Cardin's scuffle a secret.

In volume 3 chapter 10 Ruby protects Pyrrha from a Nevermore, telling it to stay away from her. She then tells Pyrrha that she does not blame her for Penny's death. In volume 3 chapter 12, Ruby swears to both Nora and Ren that she will help them find their teammates. Ruby then finds Pyrrha atop Beacon Tower and gets Weiss to project her up to the top of the tower. When she makes it to the top she is horrified to see Cinder kill Pyrrha and disintegrate her body in front of Ruby. Completly devastated, Ruby screams out Pyrrha's name in agony and unwittingly activates her silver eyes on Cinder. She then falls unconscious.

After waking up from her long slumber, Ruby eventually asks her uncle about Pyrrha. Qrow then confirms to her that she did indeed die. This upsets Ruby greatly and she begins to cry. She then decides to travel to Haven with the rest of Pyrrha's former team. In volume 4, it is revealed that Ruby has been having nightmares about Pyrrha's death. In volume 6, Ruby remembers Pyrrha's death again, this causes her to lose her concentration on trying to use her silver eyes. She later regains her focus and tries to think about the happier memories she has of Pyrrha.


Milk and Cereal is a rarepair that ended up gaining more popularity after Pyrrha's death. As many Pyrrha fans were unhappy about her fate in the show. A common au was developed where Jaune died at Beacon instead of her. This au is often used in milk and cereal fanworks. Shippers also enjoy their significant height difference and their complementing colour schemes.



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  • Milk and Cereal comes from a line Ruby said in volume 1, I don't need people to help me grow up, i drink milk. And the fact that Pyrrha was the face of pumpkin pete's cereal.



Gilded Rose — the ship between Pyrrha Nikos, Ruby Rose and Jaune Arc


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