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Milk and Cereal is the femslash ship between Ruby Rose and Pyrrha Nikos from the RWBY fandom.


Ruby and Pyrrha are friends at Beacon. Pyrrha usually hangs out with Ruby along with the rest of their teams. When Jaune is being bullied they both worry about him and attempt to get him to accept what is happening so he can ask for help. When on a mission in the Forever Falls, Pyrrha explains her Semblance to Weiss and Ruby and trusts them to keep the fact that she helped Jaune a secret.

After Team RWBY wins their match in the Vytal Festival Tournament Pyrrha helps pay for their celebration meal, upon seeing Pyrrha Ruby greets her with great enthusiasm. Later during one of Pyrrha's matches she is manipulated into using her Semblance to destroy Penny, one of Ruby's best friends. However, when the Grimm invasion begins Ruby still protects Pyrrha from a Nevermore and does not blame her for Penny's death.

As the Battle of Beacon unfolds, Ruby swears to Nora and Ren that she will help find and bring Jaune and Pyrrha back. When Ruby finds Pyrrha atop Beacon Tower she is horrified to see Cinder kill Pyrrha and disintegrate her body. This causes Ruby to use the hidden power of her silver eyes for the first time before falling unconscious. Upon waking up, Ruby learns that Pyrrha is indeed dead and quickly becomes disheartened. She soon decides to travel to Haven with the rest of Pyrrha's former team to uncover the truth behind the Beacon attack.


Milk and Cereal is a rarepair that ended up gaining more popularity after Pyrrha's death. As many Pyrrha fans were unhappy about her fate in the show a common AU was developed where Jaune died at Beacon instead of her. This AU is often used in Milk and Cereal fanworks. Besides wanting to counter Pyrrha's death, shippers enjoy Ruby and Pyrrha significant height difference and their complementing colour schemes.

On AO3 it is Pyrrha's second most written for pairing and Ruby's seventh.



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  • Their ship name comes from a line Ruby said in volume 1 - "I don't need people to help me grow up, I drink milk.", and the fact that Pyrrha was the face of Pumpkin Pete's cereal.





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