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“That moment, I saw Minato as an amazingly splendid ninja. He made me believe he could fulfill my dreams, and above all, he changed me… This ordinary red hair I hated so much had brought me the person of my destiny. It became my own personal "red thread of fate". From that day, I liked my hair, but more importantly, I loved Minato.”
— Kushina to Naruto about Minato, Chapter 498

MinaKushi is the het ship between Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki from the Naruto fandom.


Minato and Kushina attended the Ninja Academy together. Initially, Kushina thought that Minato was unreliable and weird, as he dreamed of becoming Hokage but was shy when she was introduced.

When Kushina got kidnapped by Kumogakure nin after her chakra, Minato was the only one who picked up on her hints and saved her. As he carried her to safety, Minato admits to Kushina that the first thing he noticed about her was her beautiful red hair. Kushina, who had grown up hating her red hair because kids kept making fun of it, was touched and for the first time, didn't see him as an incapable ninja.

Kushina fell in love with Minato. They married a couple of years later, they found out Kushina was pregnant when they were about to have a meal at Ichiran Ramen, and Kushina had to walk out because she felt sick, while Minato followed her worriedly. To protect Kushina from possible enemies targeting the Hokage's wife and child, Minato ordered ANBU captain Hatake Kakashi to be Kushina's guard during her pregnancy.

The night Kushina was due to deliver, Minato moved her to a remote location surrounded by ANBU guards and helped to keep the Nine-Tails' Seal closed while she gave birth, as the seal weakened during childbirth. Tobi attacks Kushina, taking advantage of her weakened state and unleashes the Nine Tails on Konohagakure. Minato takes Kushina and newborn Naruto to safety before going to face the Nine Tails. In the end, Minato is forced to seal the Nine Tails into Naruto to prevent the complete destruction of Konoha, but before he and Kushina could complete the seal; the Nine Tails tries to kill Naruto. Minato and Kushina use their bodies as a shield and are both impaled by the Nine Tails' claw. As they lie together in a pool of each other's blood, the Nine Tails sealed inside their newborn son, Minato moves closer to Kushina and they die together.

Naruto meets his mother for the first time in Chapter 497, where Kushina tells him that she loved him and Minato.

Years after the Fourth Shinobi World War both Minato and Kushina would have grandchildren to Naruto and Hinata's children and both grandchildren are known to have inherited his genius. Also both Boruto and Himawari would also have inherited some of Kushina's traits. Boruto would have a verbal tic saying "dattebasa" and Himawari who get violent and short-tempered when provoked.


Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki.png

Naruto is the only son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. He has blond hair and blue eyes like his father. He has the shape of his mother's eyes and face. Naruto also inherited her personality also as well as her ninjutsu style and her verbal tic. Before he was born Minato and Kushina named him Naruto after the main character from Jiraiya's "The Tale of the Utterly Gutsy Shinobi" making Jiraiya Naruto's godfather. During the time of his birth Obito going by Tobi or the Masked Man took him hostage to prevent Minato from reinforcing the seal on the Nine-Tails as it was weakened during when Kushina was giving birth to Naruto. After Kurama was extracted from Kushina's body and used to attack The Hidden Leaf Village. Minato used the Dead Demon Cosuming Seal to seal the Yin half of the Nine-Tails into himself. Because Kurama was now smaller he tried to kill Naruto but both Minato and Kushina would uses themselves as a shield for to protect Naruto. And both said to Naurto with their dying breath that they loved him. Just before dying both Minato and Kushina seal their remaining chakra in Naruto allowing them to see him in the future. Minato would sealed the Yang half of Kurama into Naruto. After dying Hiruzen wanting to protect him from his father's enemies gave him his mother's surname in order to hide his relations to Minato. Minato also wished that the villagers to think of Naruto as a hero who saved the village and not the container of the Nine Tails that killed so many. But Danzo leaked the knowledge that he was the Nine Tail's Jinchūriki making the villagers not follow Minato's wish. This made Hiruzen to outlaw anyone from mentions the Nine-Tails. For years Naruto would not know the identity of his parents. Naruto would learn the identity of his father during the events of Pain's attack on the village. Naruto would also meet his mother during the Fourth Shinobi World War when Naruto went to the Tailed Beast Temple to learn on how to control his tailed beast. After meeting both of his parents Naruto made it himself to make his parents sacrifices not to be invain.

Menma Uzumaki

Menma Uzumaki.png

Menma is the alteranate version of Naruto from another world, where Minato and Kushina where didn't die. Because of this Menma grew different from his counterpart. Where he had many friends during his childhood, like counterpart Menma became the Nine Tails Jinchūriki where they found out how to safely transfer Kurama to another person that let Menma have his mother. Menma also became friends with Kurama in that world. And Master the power. In that world Hinata and Sakura are competing for Menma's love. In that world Menma unlike Naruto was promoted from a Genin to a Chūnin. In the Road to Ninja Movie in the Limited Tsukuyomi, Menma is a missing-nin and is an S-ranked criminal and the Black Nine-Tails Jinchūriki. After being defeated by Naruto, Menma is freed from his hatred and reverts back into his original state. In Tenten's Infinite Tsukuyomi dream, He is a member and Chūnin of Team Kakashi. He inherits his father's traits where Naruto is know to inherited his mother's traits. In that world he calm, collected. and talk when he feels it only serves a purpose. His also mature and very serious and sharp as a wit, carefully thinking before acting and able to see the underlying nature of the situation at hand. Menma in his world is the smartest in his graduating class. Menma in his often scolds Neji Hyūga for his perverted actions. He is like the real's Sasuke as he is somewhat distant as he show little respect to the people he talks to even his own parents. But in all seriousness Menma is very loyal to his friends.


After the reveal of Naruto's parents and how they died, Minato and Kushina were immediately shipped and gained supporters left and right as more of their love story was revealed. Most fanworks are of the couple with their grown son, Naruto, who they never got to raise but still love dearly. Their "love story" is often used by the fandom has an example for a well-written ship, and as Naruto's parents and their own individual titles, they're considered a power couple and respected.

It is the most popular ship for both characters.



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