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Mingko is the het ship between Mako and Ming-Hua from The Legend of Korra fandom.


Mako and Ming-Hua know each other through the latter's attempts to kidnap Avatar Korra. Ming-Hua was a part of a group know as the Red Lotus that wanted to destroy Korra and Mako happened to be a good friend of Korra's. Mako first met Ming-Hua in Zaofu when he woke up to the Red Lotus running off with Korra. Mako immediately ran out and attacked them. He helped Lin and Su get Korra back and Ming-Hua and the others escaped.

Mako and the others later watched over Korra while she was in the Spirit World. Ming-Hua arrived along with Ghazan in an attempt to capture her. Asami left with Korra while Mako stayed behind to fight Ming-Hua. Ming-Hua pinned Mako against a wall and got in his face. She and Ghazan managed to capture Mako along with Bolin. They were dragged to Zaheer and taken to Ba Sing Se.

Korra was later captured by the Red Lotus and poisoned by them in an attempt to kill her while she was in the Avatar State. Mako eventually arrived in an attempt to save her. He stayed behind to face Ming-Hua so that she could not harm Korra. Mako fought with her for a while and gained the upper hand when she lost her water arms and ran out of water to bend. Mako insisted that their fight was over but Ming-Hua ran down a hole. She found a large pool and was ready to attack Mako but he jumped out of the water and bending lightning at her. Ming-Hua was electrocuted and killed by this.


The ship between Mako and Ming-Hua became popular when a trailer was released for the second half of Book Three. It showed Mako and Ming-Hua fighting and Ming-Hua pinned Mako against a wall while smiling. A lot of fans thought that the look on her face was very seductive. Mingko still has some supporters despite the fact that there is a significant age gap, they were always enemies and Mako ended up killing Ming-Hua. Some fans insist that she may have survived the electrocution and was instead killed by the cave in. Mingko is often portrayed as a love-hate relationship.



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