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Miraith is the het ship between Mirage and Wraith from the Apex Legends fandom.


Subject 61137, Codenamed "Wraith", is a whirlwind fighter, able to execute swift and deadly attacks and manipulate spacetime by opening rifts in the fabric of reality. 

Mirage is the kind of guy who likes to stand out. The youngest of four brothers, he perfected the art of fooling around to get attention. The one thing he took seriously was Holo-Pilot technology: introduced to the illusion-creating tech by his famed engineer mother Evelyn Witt, he pored over the mechanisms and learned all he could about them. Even when his brothers went missing during the Frontier War, Mirage and his mother continued to develop holo devices, and the work brought them closer.

Their first appearance together was in the Apex Legends Launch Trailer, where Mirage, Wraith, and Pathfinder team up. While the three of them debate who should get the loot, they have several flashbacks:

  • Wraith argues in her favour by remembering when he saved Mirage from Caustic.
  • Mirage argues in him favour by remembering when she saved Wraith from Bangalore, when Mirage kills Bangalore, Wraith smiles, she also smiles when Mirage responds to Pathfinder's kill count saying "It was a made up number".
  • Pathfinder argues in him favor by remembering when she saved both of a squad, while Wraith dragged a badly wounded Mirage.

In the Season 3 Trailer, Mirage is reading a magazine called "The enigmatic Mirage on the Love & Life in the arena". On one of the pages, there is a frame from the Launch Trailer, where Mirage and Wraith appear together.

In the Season 5 Quest, more of the relationship between Mirage and Wraith is revealed:

  • During chapter one, the two talk about how they doubt Loba's intentions. Wraith knows Mirage's mother's secret, and they have the confidence to joke lightly with each other.
  • During Chapter Two, Wraith receives constant calls from Mirage while she is on a surveillance mission.

In the Season 6 quests, there are more interactions between both:

  • During page 1, Wraith proclaims himself Mirage's broker, after seeing the financial difficulties that he was suffering, in addition to knowing the decisions that Mirage made to be ruined.
  • During the chapter "Third Wheel", Rampart and Mirage are arguing over who won their bet, when they go to Wraith to be the deciding vote, Mirage says "Don't forget the one you have history with" to try and win her over.

Tom Casiello, Apex Legends writer, confirmed on Twitter that Wraith has three best friends, and Mirage is one of them[1]. He also announced that in the future, they would have voice lines between them, and that these would be "with a good-natured sense of humor, an affectionate acceptance of the others' quirks (he needs to be more serious, she needs to lighten up), and always unconditional honesty and respect. No matter what.[2]"


Mirage“Who said you could--?!”
Wraith“I did.”
Mirage“Wraith! Could I see you in my office?”
Wraith“This is your office.”
Mirage“Since when are you my re-al-- my relis-- my broker?”
Wraith“Since you begged for help and I saw your numbers. The Paradise Lounge needs the money.”
— The First Ship: "Rolling Sevens In Love"[src]


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Miraith was the first ship to appear in the fandom, due to the chemistry that both showed in the Launch Trailer.

On AO3, Miraith is the second most written ship for Wraith and the third most written for Mirage. It is also the fourth most written ship in the Apex Legends (Video Games) tag.



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