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Mirio“I'm on a break from school right now, so l can stay with you the whole time on our date!”
Mirio“An outing taken by a man and a woman...”
— Mirio inviting Eri to the School Festival.

MiriEri is the friendship between Mirio Togata and Eri from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Mirio met Eri when he was patrolling with Deku and they come across Kai Chisaki behind her. Mirio lets her go back to Chisaki upon noticing a murderous aura on Chisaki and tells Deku to respect Sir Nighteye's orders. A few days later, Mirio attends the meeting about Shie Hassaikai at Sir Nighteye's offices. When Sir Nighteye mentions Kai's Quirk along with the bullets that can destroy Quirks, he and Izuku understand what Kai was really doing to Eri and are terrified. Mirio and Izuku are devastated knowing that they could have saved Eri when they met her and immediately blame themselves for letting her return to the villains. Izuku and Mirio get up from their chairs and vow to protect her. Mirio felt terrible for not saving Eri when he should have and was determined to rectify his mistake by rescuing her from Overhaul's grasps, and as the rescue mission day had came, Mirio along with the other heroes were already starting doing their movement.

When Mirio managed to reach Eri first, Mirio was able to get her in his arms and then Togata smiles to Eri saying that he would be her hero. Mirio was doing his best to prevent Chisaki from hurt her with walls that he was controlling, as he dodged them while grabbing Eri, he later lends her part of his ripped cape as he said "A hero's cape...! Is for bundling up a young girl who's in terrible pain!". Then, one of Chisaki's assistants had shot a bullet that was going directly to Eri, and before it could reach her, Mirio intervenes and when the bullet had hit him, he inmediately lose his quirk as Eri contemplated the scene. Mirio though wasn't going to back off, and he could get some strength and energies for dealing with Chisaki, as he said for himself that all he did hasn't gone to waste while he was being stabbed by the walls that were under Chisaki's control.

Right before Chisaki could kill Mirio, Deku managed on arriving on time as he dealt with Chisaki in Mirio's place. Mirio and Eri are seen then with Nighteye while he told them that it was fine, since he along with Deku and Aizawa had arrived for saving them. As Nighteye took Deku's place for a bit of time, Izuku guided Mirio and Eri to a safe place so they would escape, but then Nighteye gets stabbed, and then Midoriya went back to his place while Togata was trying to take Eri to a safe place while he was gravely injured, but then he gives up and tells Eri that she had to escape, and then Mirio faints on the floor. After Chizaki was defeated, they were dragged to the hospital where time later would be fine, but Mirio would stay quirkless. Despite this, Mirio has faith that Eri would one day be able to restore his quirk and tells Izuku that he will keep smiling because he doesn't want Eri to feel guilty about her condition.

As Mirio visits Eri in the hospital to see if she is already, he brings her a basket of fruits and he learns that Eri feels bad because Mirio getting hurt for her sake, but Mirio touches her head and assures her that she is well. Mirio tries to get Eri to smile, but she has forgotten how to. When Izuku asks Aizawa if Eri can go to the culture festival, Mirio happily approaches Eri when she asks what a festival is and Mirio explains, telling her about the caramel apples and making Eri excited. After Aizawa decides to talk it over with the director, Mirio talks to Eri and tells him that because his classes are on hiatus it will be a date, while Eri asks what a date is and Mirio begins to explain until Izuku interrupted him.

After Eri was well enough to leave the hospital, Mirio took responsibility for her for her, as she is comfortable with him. Before the festival, Mirio gave Eri a tour of his school, accompanied by Izuku, and when they were on their way to the festival they were seen sharing a taxi. When Class 1-A were finally ready to do their performance, Mirio is seen carrying Eri on his shoulder as she gave a big and bright smile when she saw Izuku dancing, and Mirio cried at this, since Eri hadn't smiled for a long time since Chisaki's incident. Because Eri has no where else to go, the school takes her in and since Mirio now has a lot of free time, he helps the teachers to look after her. Mirio's friend, Nejire Hadou and Tamaki Amajiki, also believe that Eri will one day be able to help Mirio to restore his quirk once she masters hers, and help Mirio to look after Eri when they can.

In the Paranormal Liberation War Arc, Mirio sees that Eri has gotten better at controlling her quirk and believes that she is finally ready to restore his; so he can join in the war with the Paranormal Liberation Front. Mirio feels bad for using Eri for that reason and apologized for it when he voiced his belief to her, but Eri smiles as she reassures him that she has wanted to so all this time. As Mirio is the reason she has been training so hard, before she successfully restores Mirio's quirk. In the fight against Tomura Shigaraki, Mirio internally thanked Eri for allowing for allowing him to be a Hero again.


  • Before Mirió uses her Quirk to protect Eri from Chronostasis's shots, Mirio smiles at her and apologizes to her and then she wraps them both with her cape.
  • As Mirio battled Chronostasis and Chronostasis, Eri blushes when and remembers the words he said to her about being her hero.
  • Before jumping into Izuku's arms, Eri finds the courage to face Overhaul when she sees the cloak Mirio wrapped her with earlier and even when she jumps towards Izuku she doesn't let go of the cloak.
  • Before taking Eri back to the hospital, Mirio blushes when she sees Izuku handing Eri a caramel apple.
  • When he sees Neito for the second time, Eri is seen hiding behind Mirio's leg.


“Don't worry! I'll be your Hero!”
— Mirio to Eri in Episode 74
“A hero's cape...! Is for bundling up a young girl who's in terrible pain!”
— Mirio to Eri in Episode 74
“I'll never let anyone hurt you again.”
— Mirio to Eri in Episode 74
“lt's peaches, right? 'Cause you're like a peach!”
— Mirio to Eri in Episode 81


Because of Eri's young age, fans prefer to ship them as friends or as a family, but there have been those who have shipped them romantically, by making Eri older and more around Mirio's age, or age down Mirio to have him close to Eri's young age. There have also been a few known franchises that have young kids having crushes on people who are older them them. Fans tend to focus on the family-like bond they share as Mirio is shown to be a big brother figure to Eri, the same with Izuku as he helps Mirio with her, while Shota Aizawa is viewed as Eri's father figure. From time to time fans like to inculde Eri in their fanwork of The Big Three, as Tamaki Amajiki and Nejire Hadou help their friends to look after Eri. Just as people like to draw Eri with both Mirio and Izuku spending time with her. Some like to compare MiriEri with KotaIzu, when they aren't rivalling it with IzuEri.

Sometimes in the VillainDeku AU, Mirio loses Eri to the League of Villains when Villain Deku saves her from Overhaul before he could, but there have been a few are occasions that have Villain Deku assisting Mirio in saving little Eri from Overhaul.

On AO3, the ship 140 friendship/family fanfics and only one het fic, while FanFiction.Net has 23 fanfics with only one placed in pairing in its My Hero Academia category. Along with both Tumblr and Deviantart having a lot of fanart images of Mirio spending time with Eri.



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IzuMiriEri refers to the ship between Izuku Midoriya, Mirio Togata and Eri


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  • Both on the cover of Chapter 153 of the manga and in Key Visual 5 of Season 4, Mirio is seen holding Eri in his arms, while she looks at him surprise.
  • In one of the Volume 23 extras, Mirio is seen sitting next to Eri and helping her write a letter to Izuku, while Mirio smiles calmly after seeing her excited.
    • A snippet of the scene would be placed in the Opening 1 of Season 5 and the scene was shown in episode 100 of the anime, with the only difference being that Mirio would be behind Eri.


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