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MiriTama is the slash ship between Mirio Togata and Tamaki Amajiki from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Mirio and Tamaki are childhood friends and have spent most of their lives together, drawing inspiration and mutual support. They both have a strong bond and refer to each other by their first name rather than their last name, indicating their level of closeness and respect (something they have not shown themselves to do with other people close to them).

Despite their contrasting personalities, they can constantly be seen talking and coexist together, also has been confirmed that they have not argued or fought in the more than 10 years that they have known each other. Mirio and Tamaki don't interact competitively and instead of acting like rivals, they treat each other kindly and support each other.

Mirio and Tamaki know each other.

Self they take care and worry when one of them goes through dangerous or emotionally stressful situations, even going so far as to determine what the other would do in a situation and how they would act. Tamaki always noted that Mirio had been strong since was child and it is strongly implied that Mirio may have given Tamaki his hero name, "Suneater". Tamaki is often seen referring to Mirio as the sun, as in his eyes, Mirio shines like the sun due to his bright and positive personality. Mirio on the other hand, says that Tamaki shines even brighter than the sun itself.

They met when Tamaki transferred to Mirio's school in the spring, their first day as third graders. Tamaki could not give a proper self-introduction and after the opening ceremony where they moved into the classrooms and formed groups, Tamaki was not able to insert himself into any group because he lacked the courage. Due to considering himself a boring person, Tamaki was not able to make any friends. Mirio warmly opened up to Tamaki during their first interaction and reached out to speak to him, when Mirio asked him if Tamaki had been trying to talk about heroes in his stuttering introduction and if so who his favorite hero was. It was this recognition that began the friendship between Tamaki and Mirio.

Tamaki remembering his past with Mirio.

In middle school during a Quirk Education class, Tamaki tried manifesting something but only managed to manifest a tiny plant on his hand due to his nervousness. Meanwhile, Mirio tried phasing through a wall but only managed to phase his hands through it. Some of Mirio's classmates laughed at their struggles, Tamaki was the only one who didn't laugh at Mirio and instead looked at him attentively as Mirio was not discouraged at all and self resolved to properly pull off his phasing next time.

As they walked home, Tamaki told Mirio that he was amazing (which he made Mirio look at as he spoke to the) and began praising Mirio's optimism while lamenting his own lack of self-esteem and telling her that he would be an incredible hero like him Sun. Mirio interrupted Tamaki and told him that he could give it his all because he was by his side. Mirio encouraged Tamaki and told him that the reason why he never gave up is because see saw him and even though he was super nervous, he never ran or gave up and that inspired him to do the same.

Mirio continued to praise Tamaki and told him that he has amazing power and that although he had a low opinion of himself, he always thought of him as a cheerful and funny boy who is someone even more amazing than the sun and that he could even outshine the sun (indirectly giving him the name of his hero, "Suneater").

Some time later, Mirio and Tamaki entered U.A. and they met Nejire Hado and became the Big Three. When the Big Three were in front of Class 1-A, Tamaki kept his head to the wall and only turned it over when he hears Mirio challenge the Class students to a fight in the gym. Tamaki is in a corner during the fight, but thinks to himself how inexperienced the students are for not recognizing all the hard work Mirio needed to refine and master his Quirk.

Mirio quickly gets up from his seat and asks Tamaki if he's okay.

Tamaki keeps watching him fight and when Nejire comments that Mirio has become very strong, Tamaki replies that Mirio has always been strong since he was child but that he needs to learn to contain himself. The fight ends and Nejire wants to explain what Mirio's Quirk is like to the students, but Tamaki tells him that it is time for Mirio to speak.

During his internship with Fat Gum, Tamaki mentioned Mirio's name several times and compared himself to him and Eijiro, and also told Eijiro that he was equal to Mirio. During Sir Nighteye's meeting, Fat Gum announced that Tamaki was shot by a bullet that damages Quirks and Mirio showed visible concern and very quickly got up from her seat and asked Tamaki if he was alright, to which Tamaki explains that he has recovered and can still use his Quirk (while showing him a cow's hoof).

When the meeting concluded, Tamaki was surprised to see Mirio so depressed and told himself that he had never seen him so down. Shota Aizawa arrives and encourages his students to keep fighting and Tamaki asks Mirio to raise his head and smiles when he sees him smiling. During the days leading up to the rescue operation, Mirio had been depressed by what was said at the meeting and both Nejire and Tamaki were worried about Mirio (with Tamaki looking at him concerned and attentively ​from a distance).

Tamaki looking brilliantly at Mirio during the mission.

Later in the night, Class 1-A and The Big Three woke up preparing to rescue Eri and Tamaki looked at Mirio and said her name with a worried expression. After seeing Mirio regain his cheerful personality before starting the rescue mission, Tamaki looked at him calmly from afar and smiled happy to see Mirio animated again (being the first time Tamaki is seen smiling). Then Tamaki approached and stood in front of Mirio, while he smiled at her.

When the rescue mission begins, Tamaki remembers the moment he met Mirio and in the anime Tamaki is seen running and looking intently at Mirio's back with a peaceful smile and internally wondering if he could one day shine like him (while there is a bright and luminous background behind and in front of them). During the mission, Eijiro is concerned that Mirio will lose his clothes when walking through a wall, but Tamaki explained to him that Mirio's suit is made from fiber from his own hair.

Mirio reassuring and encouraging Tamaki.

Mimic uses his Quirk on the place and Tamaki starts talking about how Overhaul was holding them back for time to hide everything and escape and begins to stress as their lives could be at stake and they won't be able to save Eri or themselves, but Mirio quickly interrupted Tamaki's thoughts by grabbing his shoulder and reassuring him by saying words of encouragement and that he is Suneater, with Tamaki looking at him silently.

Tamaki looks at Mirio again when he decides to go ahead and go for Overhaul, thinking that Mirio is giving his best effort and begins to blame himself for coming under pressure. When Tamaki decides to stay behind to fight three members of the Eight Bullets, he asked Izuku to take over for Mirio because he could act recklessly and he knows he is going to try too hard. During Tamaki's fight against the three members of the Eight Bullets, he remembers his past with Mirio and the words he said to her back then, giving him enough motivation and strength to keep fighting and to win.

Tamaki wakes up and feels Mirio's loss.

During the memories of Mirio in his battle against Overhaul, different memories of him appear with Tamaki⁚ One of when they were children and were playing until Mirio accidentally crossed the floor with his Quirk (surprising Tamaki), another of Mirio watching Tamaki talk to Nejire, another of Tamaki and Mirio in their Hero costumes (while Tamaki looks impressed as Mirio pass through some walls) and the last one that after Nejire explained that Mirio is being known by U.A. and that all three are being known as The Big Three, Tamaki tells Mirio that he knew this would happen all along (while Mirio scratches his head flattered).

When Shin Nemoto shot Mirio during his fight against Overhaul with the Quirk-Destroying Drug, Tamaki woke up from unconsciousness and felt something bad happened to Mirio. It is implied that right after that Tamaki went looking for him and kept carrying him all the way out of the Shie Hassaikai's lair despite being detaining Chronostasis and was surrounded by other people who could help. Tamaki then took Mirio out of the building and picked him up in bridal style until he was taken to the ambulance.

Tamaki assures Mirio that his powers will return.

When the subject of Eri's Quirk was brought up, Tamaki put his hand on Mirio's shoulder and mentioned that Mirio's powers would possibly return and said that his future as a great hero may be real. Mirio thanked him for his belief and smiled at his friend.

In Kirishima’s chapter from the vol. 4 light novel (what happens sometime before the events of Shie Hassaikai Arc), Fat Gum cheerfully joked with Tamaki while mentioning that Tamaki had never had a fight or argument with Mirio since they met, stating that the two were never on bad terms.

When the Big Three were taking care of Eri, she starts crying because of her horn and while Mirio and Tamaki went together to find Aizawa, Nejire stayed with Eri. When Mirio remembered how she got her Quirk back thanks to Eri, Tamaki was seen sitting quietly next to her. When Mirio asked Eri to use her Quirk in the , Aizawa, Eri, Nejire and the other Class 1-A students present were shocked by Mirio's request, while Tamaki smiled calmly (possibly indicating that Tamaki already knew that Mirio would ask that Eri to use his Quirk on the).


  • In the anime it has been shown that Tamaki has seen Mirio as a sun since the first time he saw him, as at that time Tamaki's eyes were shining with a bright background as he looked at him.
  • In one of the photos in the Season four end credits, Mirio is seen as a child hugging Tamaki (Who is a little flushed).
  • In one of the series' official calendars, the Big Three are seen walking with umbrellas and Mirio and Tamaki are shown looking at each other.
  • For one of the bonus Blu-Ray footage, Eijiro, Tamaki, Mirio, Izuku, Katsuki, and Shoto were shown posing and, unlike the others, instead of staring straight ahead Tamaki looking directly at Mirio.
  • During his internship with Eijiro and Fat Gum, Tamaki constantly said Mirio's name and told Eijiro that he shines like the sun similar to Mirio.
  • In his battle against Overhaul, Mirio has different memories of him with Tamaki and when he tries to face the Viilano again, Mirio internally mentioned the names of Tamaki and Nighteye.


“And then, you came. You came, and called out to me.”
Tamaki remembering the first time he saw Mirio, CHAP 140
“Please take care of Mirio!. He's definitely going to try too hard, so please help him.”
Tamaki to Izuku, EP 71
“Mirio, too-- He asked me to do what I could to help you guys become proper heroes.”
Tamaki to Class 1-A, EP 89
“I can do my best because you're here, Tamaki.”
Mirio to Tamaki, EP 71
“You really are amazing, Mirio. You're like the sun! Unlike me, you'll become a great Hero.”
Tamaki to Mirio, One's Justice 2
“What are you talking about?! It's nice how much you talk me up, but it's not like that at all! The way you do your best, even fighting through your anxiety, it pushes me to go further! So let's both keep doing our best!”
Mirio to Tamaki, One's Justice 2
Tamaki“An existence like the sun.”
Mirio“You’re the Sun Eater!”
— Ultra Analysis


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Despite being secondary characters, the ship has been highly appreciated by fans having many fanarts and fanfictions. Miritama is the most written ship for both Mirio and Tamaki and in AO3's My Hero Academia tag.

Fans consider them to be soulmates, due to Tamaki suddenly waking up when he sensed Mirio lost his quirk and being there when Mirio got his quirk back. They are often portrayed as Eri's big brothers, as well sometimes being shown together with NejiYuyu as a double dating friend group. Many fanfictions also show Izuku and Eijirou coming to them for help with romance, usually relating to TodoDeku, IzuOcha or KiriBaku.



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  • Mirio and Tamaki speak to each other by their first name which shows that they have a very close and trusting relationship, something that they do not do with Nejire and Nejire does not do with them.
  • Due to Tamaki's resemblance to Sasuke from the Naruto Manga and Mirio's blond hair, the Ship is often parodied with the SasuNaru.
  • Mirio and Tamaki frequently appear together in color extensions of Manga serialization anniversaries⁚
    • In the color extension of Chapter 146, Tamaki is seen clutching Mirio's hip with one hand and his shoulder with the other with a nervous face.
    • In the color extension of Chapter 235, they are seen together on a terrace with Nejire flying alongside.
    • In the color extension of Chapter 279, a panel of Tamaki is seen behind Mirio.
  • In Volume 17 (Volume in which Mirio is the cover character) there was an illustration of Tamaki trying to get up after feeling that something bad had happened to Mirio.
  • In the third promo video for the fourth season of My Hero Academia, Mirio and Tamaki are seen together before the opening theme song "Polaris" began.[1]


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BakuKiriMiriTama refers to the ship between Mirio, Tamaki, Eijiro Kirishima and Katsuki Bakugou
The Big Three refers to the ship between Tamaki, Mirio and Nejire Hadou


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