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Nao“Can I worship you...?”
Mishima“E-Err... Do as you will? I hope this gives me good luck...”
— Your Time To Shine, Nao's fondness event 1

Mishinao is the friendship between Nao Egokoro and Kazumi Mishima from the Your Turn To Die fandom.


Your Turn To Die

Chapter 1

On the day of the kidnapping, Nao participated in an oil-painting lesson Mishima was giving. Afterwards, he drove everyone home, and when Nao was the only one left, they were stopped at a security checkpoint, where they lost consciousness. The two woke to their First Trial, where they were strapped to beds and had to figure out how to escape in 5 minutes or else they'd die. Nao used the key provided to escape her restraints, and Mishima instructed her on what to do in order to rescue himself as well. Afterwards, they made their way to the Central Hall.

Once introductions start, Keiji comments that Mishima looks completely suspicious. Nao quickly defends the professor, asking Keiji to apologize, and says to not judge a book by its cover because Mishima's a really good teacher. She says then she's going to introduce herself and there's nothing guilty about them, and Mishima tells her to calm down. Mishima talks about what he knows, and he says that in the First Trial, he was saved by his own student and their combined wits.

Nao then introduces herself, saying it's thanks to Mishima that she attends an art college now. She once again insists that the professor is a good person and begs Sara to believe her. Keiji takes back what he initially said about Mishima, and she finally calms down and says her work there is done. Nao corroborates Mishima's story and says it's thanks to him that she was able to stay calm in that situation.

Later on, the Second Trial begins, which is supposed to be a practice vote for the Main Game when they have to decide who will die. Before voting, Mishima quietly confers with Nao, telling her they should vote for each other. Nao goes along with this, however, Mishima actually votes for himself, in order to protect Nao lest anything bad should happen. Mishima ends up receiving the most votes out of everyone. As punishment, his collar begins to heat up and burn his neck. Nao cries out his name and approaches him, but Mishima pushes her away. She pleads for help, but he ceases moving at all.

After Mishima's death, a flashback is shown of the the two talking in high school. Nao is worried about her exams, but then Mishima tells her that he failed his college exams. He asks her what she supposes gives people the impetus to improve, and he tells her his story that teaches her a lesson that there's no fear in failure. The scene glitches out to his death, and the present returns again.

Nao sits next to his body, in a state of disbelief. She sits him up and weakly shakes his body, saying it's a lie, and begging him to wake up, because everyone's worried. The shaking causes his head to come loose, and she watches blankly as it falls to the ground. She remains by Mishima's side.

After a while, an announcement plays, stating that everyone needs to leave the room so Mishima's body can be cleaned up. Nao, with determination not to let anyone take the professor, stuffs his head into the box that Miley's head was in, and runs out of the room with it, in denial that Mishima is dead. She runs into the kitchen and stays there in the dark.

Eventually, Sara finds the key to the kitchen and discovers Nao hiding there. Nao is defensive, scared that she's going to try and take away the professor. Sara manages to gradually calm Nao down before finally making her admit that Mishima really is dead. Nao breaks down, and confesses that she kept questioning him in the dark, but she got no replies. And she knew that no matter how busy Mishima was, he would always answer her with a smile. Nao also mentions that she had started a portrait of Mishima that she meant to give him as a gift, but she couldn't finish it now. Sara gives her the motivation to make it out alive and finish it. Nao finally lets go of the box and goes out to join the others.

During the Main Game, Sou questions Nao's actions during the time after she ran away with his head. Nao explains that after his death, she didn't feel angry, rather, sad, hurt, depressed, and pained. She didn't want to believe it was reality. Contrary to Joe, Nao says she didn't care about finding who voted for Mishima because she knew no one had any ill will. Sou takes this opportunity to doubt Nao and Mishima's bond, that maybe she took the head in accordance with the kidnappers to retrieve his collar. Nao denies this accusation, saying she truly did have a deep bond with the professor. Shortly after, the truth of what happened during the Second Trial comes to light.

Chapter 2

On the third floor, the group is introduced to Rio Ranger and Tia Safalin, the Floormasters. Sara notices Ranger wearing Mishima's necktie, to which Ranger responds by calling him a "hypocrite mistaken as the ideal of a teacher". Nao defends him saying he's not a hypocrite.

Nao also discovers an AI of Mishima in the Monitor Room. Even though it's not the real person, Nao thinks it looks and sounds just like the professor and is glued to his screen all morning. The two happily talk together. By the time noon rolls around, however, Nao realizes she can't stay there forever. Mishima tells Nao that despite the circumstances of the Death Game, she's made wonderful friends, and she should cherish them. Nao finally works up courage and tells Mishima that she's going to leave now so she can be useful to everyone. Mishima happily invites her to come back anytime, but Nao clarifies that she's not going to come back at all. Mishima tells Nao that she truly has grown strong, and he is honoured to have had her as his student. The monitor shuts off, and Nao cries, saying she isn't strong at all, and she's wanted the professor to watch over her always.

After Nao dies as a result of the second Main Game, she has a dream of Mishima posing for her as she paints his portrait. She apologizes for not being able to finish the present she was going to give him, but Mishima comforts her, saying now she has all the time in the world.

Your Time to Shine

In Nao's first fondness event, she blushes in the start of it saying that Mishima's making a favorable impression and shining brighter than usual. She goes on saying that her heart is beating sort of fast, and then theorizes that he's trying to pick up with girls in the island, visibly jealous. In the end, she asks to worship Mishima and he goes along with it.

In event 2, Nao shows Mishima two naturals swimsuits she made, one for herself and the other for him. He says that Nao's always surprising him, her not being only a art student, sensing in her the soul of an artist. But, when she tries to change, it breaks, ending with only Mishima wearing her work of art with Nao saying he looks cool.

In event 3, Mishima reminisces how his relationship with Nao started. Nao gets happy for Mishima remembering all of this, saying that she thought she was the only one who remembered things about him. The event ends with both of them happy for being there with each other at the island.

Additionally, If Nao dies by Day 30, it is possible for Mishima to experience harming hallucinations of Nao from Day 31 and onwards.

Nankidai Twitter sketches

February 14, 2018: Nao gifts Mishima some chocolates, saying it's for the teacher who gives her anecdotes.

February 28, 2018: Mishima sees Nao controlling her hair to allow her to stay upright on the ground without using her legs, and comments that she has mastered what he's taught her. Nao then wills her hair to attack Mishima and push him back, to his surprise. Mishima cuts off Nao's hair, saying "to be swallowed by the temptation of power... you cannot be called a beautiful student."

March 14, 2018: Nao uses a mini-Mishima as a paintbrush.

March 16, 2018: Nao tells Mishima that she'll still come and see him, even after graduating high school.

April 3, 2018: A series of three sketches shows Nao's relationship with Mishima throughout high school. In her first year, Mishima congratulates Nao for her admission into the school and remembers she was aspiring for the art department. Nao is weirded out. In her second year, she gets closer to Mishima. Mishima tells Nao that if she's entered a slump, it means "her eyes have evolved". In her third year, Nao is very close with Mishima. She tugs on his arm, saying he was oging to teach her oil painting after school, but Mishima apologises, saying he has to deal with his Japanese classes.

April 26, 2018: Nao sits at her easel with art block. Mishima notices she's not moving her brush and suggests she go outside for a change of view. Nao understands, and then declares cheerily that she knew the professor would say that. Mishima appears to be some sort of spirit, not really there. After Nao leaves, Mishima looks back at Nao's painting, and thinks to himself.

September 17, 2018: Mishima sees Nao drawing a caricature of him. The drawing has four heads, one of which is finished, and looks like Mishima. Nao says it's titled "The teacher I admire". Nao ends up drawing the other three heads as Mishima, and gifts the finished product to him.

October 30, 2018: Nao tries to get Reko and Sara to dress up in matching outfits for Halloween. Sara and Reko are embarrassed by the outfits though. Mishima says that she shouldn't force them to wear the outfits, but she can still enjoy dressing up by throwing away all shyness. Mishima is shown wearing the same outfit, matching with Nao, and she thinks to herself that the professor really is an amazing person.

July 12, 2019: Nao sees Mishima carrying a sleeping Gin back to his room. She pretends to be asleep on a chair in hopes that Mishima will do the same for her. She feels herself picked up, and is embarrassed that the professor would actually do that for her, but it was actually just Sara.

August 21, 2019: Nao calls to Mishima, saying an insect just flew into her hair. Mishima gets close, to try and find it and get it out. However, Mishima notes that Nao's hair is almost like a living creature, and it devours Mishima. Nao pats her stomach, saying Reko is next.

July 8, 2021: In Nankidai's Kimigashine Gakuen AU, Nao is Mishima's senior at high school. Nao is worried about Reko, who has been missing for a few days, and Mishima offers to look for her together.


Mishinao is mostly viewed as platonic because of their teacher/student dynamic and their long age gap (Mishima is canonically 30 years old, while Nao is 19 years old) that makes it unappealing to ship romantically to most people. Its main rival ship is Naoreko, which has a lot of popularity in the fandom, being is the most popular ship for Nao, and because of it the headcanon of Nao as a lesbian brings even down Mishinao's popularity. So, the fans prefer to see them platonically and with just admiration as a teacher/student or even say that Nao's like a daughter to Mishima and leave it as a brotp. Mishinao in a romantic sense does exist in the fandom, but it is much less popular for the aformentioned reasons.



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  • Nao and Mishima's height difference is 16cm. Mishima is 188cm, while Nao is 162cm.




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