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Mithan is the het ship between Ethan Winters and Mia Winters from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

How exactly Ethan and Mia met is unknown, however it is known that they married on May 29th, 2011 and reside in Texas. In 2014, Mia has taken a “babysitting” job that requires her to be away from home for a long while. She records a video message for Ethan, saying, “I love you,” “I miss you,” and “sending tons of kisses” and how she’ll be home soon. Sometime after sending that message, Mia sends another: this one telling Ethan how she had lied to him and for him to stay away.

In 2017, three years after Mia goes missing, Ethan calls a friend of his, saying how Mia’s not dead, that she’s alive and that she’s been found. He’s skeptical that this might be prank, but he tells his friend that “she wants me to come and get her.” His friend is unsure, but Ethan’s made up his mind as he’s already diving to Dulvey, Louisiana in search of Mia, as he “has to find out what happened.” Upon hanging up on his friend and parking his car, Ethan begins his search for Mia at the “Dulvey Haunted House”.

Ethan makes for the back of the Baker’s guest house following finding out the front gate is locked. In the back he finds a charred pile of belongings, with assumed to be Mia’s orange purse, he finds her driver’s licenses inside. Ethan makes for backdoor where he can find photos (unknown to him) of Mia and where she’s located in the home. As Ethan descends further into the home, he finds bolt cutters and a cell containing Mia. Once clipping the chains, he moves for Mia’s side, carefully turning her on her back. Upon seeing her alive and her eyes open, Ethan tells her, “Mia! Thank God I found you. It’s me. It’s Ethan!” Mia is stunned to see him, telling him “he shouldn’t be here.” As Ethan tries to tell her that she’s the one who contacted him in the first place, she tells him that no, she wouldn’t, but quickly becomes uncertain that maybe she did. Mia starts to panic and asks Ethan if “anyone saw him.” She grabs his hand and pulls him out of the cell room, leading him out to another room where she’s sure there is door leading out. She can’t find the door and sits to lie down on the couch. Ethan goes into a side room to find the other door when he hears Mia scream. Ethan rushes out and sees a door leading to stairs up back to the main level of the house, Mia nowhere in sight.

Out in the hallway, Ethan hears loud banging on the door he emerged from not long ago. As he reaches the door, the banging comes to halt. Ethan opens it back up to find a pitch black stairwell. He walks down to find Mia crawling up the stairs, as the two meet Mia lunges for him, throwing him back up the stairs. Mia attacks him with a large kitchen knife, stabbing him through his left hand and left shoulder. Mia stops, only to comment that she can “hear her,” and “feel her clawing her way back inside of me.” Mia hits her entire body against a wall, in order to knock herself out—she succeeds and falls to the floor.

As Ethan attempts to move around her, Mia lifts back up, gripping Ethan by his wrist, before shoving him back through a wall. As she does, she’s screaming for him leave her and for him to go, still fighting for control over her body. Mia takes the knife and begins another attack. Ethan finds an ax on the floor and uses it in self-defense; he manages a heavy swing and embeds the ax into Mia’s left shoulder. Mia falls back, a hand reaching out to hold onto Ethan; Ethan reaches for her too, though she falls back before they can grab onto each other.

Ethan hears a phone ringing down the hall and goes to answer it, once his short conversation with Zoe Baker is over, he walks back to Mia, only to be met with her no longer being there. He follows the trail of blood Mia left on the wall. Mia surprises Ethan by rounding a corner. She tells him with a gentle voice, “I know you didn’t mean to hurt me.” Only for her voice to deepen, then shirk, “You shouldn’t have done that! It fucking hurt!” Mia takes a screw driver, stabbing Ethan through his left hand again, locking him against a staircase. As Ethan struggles to dislodge the screwdriver from his hand, Mia emerges back with a chainsaw, cutting off his left hand. Mia leaves and Ethan wonders upstairs and locates handgun, commenting to himself, “Okay. Fine.” As Ethan is ascending to the attic, where Zoe told him to go, Mia emerges again with the chainsaw. A fight ensues, with Ethan shooting Mia, seemly killing her again. Ethan is grabbed by Jack Baker, and thrown to the ground, landing next to Mia. Jack apprehends them both and takes the couple into the main Baker estate.

At some point between their capture and Ethan’s escape, Mia recorded a videotape for him to watch. In it, she tries to explain that the monster is not her true self while she runs away from Marguerite, Jack’s wife. She enters the old house while coming across several key items and a puzzles that Ethan would later need to solve. However, she is soon cornered in a small crawlspace by Marguerite and recaptured.

Mia manages to escape from Marguerite as while investigating the old house for a serum, Ethan and Mia briefly reunite with Mia on the other side of a chainlink fence. Ethan starts to question her about what she knows despite her amnesia; unfortunately Lucas Baker appears from behind Mia and kidnaps her, taking her to the boathouse.

Following Ethan’s conflict with Lucas, and obtaining the D-series arm and head for a serum, Ethan arrives to the boathouse. Ethan cuts the ropes binding Mia before giving Zoe the necessary ingredients required to craft two serums that could cure both herself and Mia. However, a heavily mutated Jack separated Ethan from the girls, and eventually leaves Ethan no choice but to use one of the serums on Jack in order to defeat him, forcing Ethan to use the other serum on Mia, leaving Zoe.

The couple solemnly rides into the swamp on a boat, until Mia thanks Ethan for choosing her. Ethan quips back, “Who the hell else was I gonna choose?” This hurts Mia as she gasps and turns away from Ethan. Ethan tries to get Mia to admit the truth about what happened, what caused all of this to happen, though Mia’s amnesia stops her. As they come across the old wreckage of the tanker, the Mold, hyper-evolved fungus, grows over and flips the boat, causing both to be submerged underwater.

Mia regains consciousness on the river bank, outside of the wreckage with Ethan nowhere sight. She screams his name, but to no avail. As Mia heads for the tanker, she finds Ethan laying dace-down on the ground. She attempts to shake him awake, while yelling his name. Ethan is moments later consumed by the Mold and is taken further into the ship.

As Mia makes her way through the ship she regains her memories of Eveline and her origin through a videotape which relived the fall of the tanker, giving her more determination to free and save Ethan. Mia discovers where Ethan is being held through a security camera system on the bridge and makes her way down to him. She’s confronted by Eveline who tries to tell her that Ethan “doesn’t love you.” Mia doesn’t push, as she’s too determined to save him. As Ethan is slowly regaining consciousness Mia begs Eveline not to hurt him. After a minute, the two stop talking and Mia begins tearing down the Mold encasing Ethan. As he’s freed, he falls into Mia and the two hold each other for a moment. She then pushes Ethan out of the room. Ethan questions what she’s doing, and Mia tells him, “Saving your life. You need to go. I won’t be able to resist for much longer.” Mia closes the door between her and Ethan, telling him to go kill “that little bitch.” Ethan screams “No!” as Mold covers the door.

After Ethan leaves to take down Eveline once and for all, Mia is rescued off screen by Chris Redfield and Blue Umbrella agents. She and Ethan are happily reunited after Ethan successfully kills Eveline and the couple is escorted from the Baker residence via helicopter. Ethan tells Mia, “Mia— you made it. I’m glad,” while holding her hand. During the epilogue, Ethan speaks about Mia and how she wishes to “start over,” and to “put this all behind them.”

Resident Evil 8: Village

Following the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, five years later, Ethan and Mia are still married and have a 6 month old baby daughter named Rosemary. Their marriage is tense, though not boiling over as Ethan wants to keep the peace. They have since moved from Texas to some place in Europe at the order of Chris Redfield.

After Ethan puts Rosemary to bed, he and Mia have an argument in their kitchen about their circumstances and what had happened to them five years earlier in Dulvey, Louisiana. Suddenly Mia is shot in the shoulder, before being gunned down in rapid fire by unseen assailants. Ethan ducks behind their table and sees Mia fall to the floor. Stunned, Ethan makes a move for her when Chris Redfield enters their home and fires more bullets into Mia, apologizing to Ethan. Before Ethan wakes up next to the crashed vehicle, he has a dream of Mia who is revealed to be keeping something from his as they talk about their daughter and what they want to put behind them from Louisiana.

As Ethan makes his way to the home of Donna Beneviento to collect the next fragment that contains a part of Rose, he begins to have hallucinations of Mia holding their baby in her arms. The hallucinations of Mia and her death continue within the house as Ethen begins to hear Mia's voice, finds items of theirs and comes across a wooden manikin of Mia that has a photo of the dead Mia next to it. The second Ethan runs into Chris in the village, however, Ethan is informed that the Mia Chris shot was in fact Mother Miranda. Who disguised herself as Mia so she can take her place without Ethan's knowledge, as she mains to take Rose from the Winters. Even though Chris caught onto Miranda and only took Ethan and Rose in to make sure they weren't infected by the fake Mia, Miranda faked being a corps so she can still take Rose. This shocks Ethan and was determined to go after Mother Miranda for what she did to his family. Miranda takes Mia's form a few times as she mocks Ethan for not realising that she took his wife's place.

Sometime after Ethan was believed to be killed by Miranda's hand, Chris finds the real Mia who is worried about her husband and child. After Chris tells Mia that Ethan is dead she tells him that Ethan isn't gone as she proceeds to tell him the secret that she has kept of Ethan being special. Ethan becomes aware of this specialness in a dream he has of Eveline telling Ethan that when he died by Jack Baker's boot, the Mold that infected both Mia and the Bakers had also mutated him when it somehow manged to revive Ethan at the Baker House. This meant that Ethan can't be with his family again, but he was still determined to save Rose from Miranda. After Mother Miranda was defeated, Chris tells Ethan than Mia is alive and waiting for him as he tries to take Ethan and Rose to her.. Ethan, however, knew that he can't live a normal life again and asks Chris to take Rose to Mia as well as to tell his wife that he is sorry. Mia refused to believe that Ethan would leave her and Rose before she sees the flames of his heroic sacrifice. She cries for Ethan's death as they fly away from the village.


“Mia! Thank God I found you. It’s me. It’s Ethan!”
— Ethan, finding Mia after three years apart, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
“Eveline, stay away from him.”
— Mia trying to protect Ethan from Eveline, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
“Don’t— don’t hurt him!”
— Mia begging Eveline about Ethan, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
Ethan“Wait, wait, what are you doing? What are you doing!”
Mia“Saving your life. You need to go. I won’t be able to resist for much longer.”
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
“Mia— you made it. I’m glad.”
— Ethan, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard
“I had just come to terms with losing Mia. But now she’s back and wants to start over— to put this all behind us. Maybe this is where the next door opens.”
— Ethan, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard


Rosemary Winters

Infant Rosemary in her mother’s arms.

Rosemary Winters, commonly referred to as Rose is the daughter of Ethan and Mia. She was born following the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, on August 2nd, 2020. Due to the Mold, a fungal superorganism that her parents encountered in RE7, she is a human mutant.

Rosemary in her adolescence.

Rosemary makes her first appearance in Resident Evil 8: Village. Chris Redfield along with a group of soldiers invade her residence, resulting in her kidnapping. This forces Ethan to dive headfirst back into the horrors of bioterrorism in his search and rescue of her, solely doing this because of his love and devotion for his infant daughter. Ethan ultimately dies due to fatal injuries he sustained from protecting Rosemary, sacrificing himself to ensure her and other people’s chance of escape from the village. Before he says his last goodbye to Rose, he asks Chris to watch over her and that he will teach her to be strong on his behalf.

Rosemary learns of her father’s sacrifice as she grows up, often visiting his gravesite, while wearing his yellow jacket.


Despite it’s canon status, Mithan is not a popular ship within the fandom. This could be in part to how Ethan and Mia are only relative newcomers to the series, whereas other Resident Evil ships have multiple games and other official medias of canon content. This said, the ship's popularity has been increasing since the release of RE8.

On AO3, Mithan has 269 works in its tag.



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Mithanberg refers to the ship between Karl Heisenberg, Ethan and Mia
Mithanfield refers to the ship between Chris Redfield, Ethan and Mia
Zoiathan refers to the ship bewteen Zoe Baker, Ethan and Mia


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