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Moanna is the femslash ship between Moana and Anna from the Disney fandom.


As Elsa and Moana are from different series, they have never met. In Ralph Breaks the Internet Anna and Moana were briefly seen standing close to each as they talk with Elsa, before Vanellope glitches her way into the princesses' dressing room.

Both Anna and Moana set themselves on a journey in order to save and help their people. Before they left their homes, the two had displayed their leadership skills, but a small part of them felt that they weren't ready to take up their family's role. Until their journeys came to an end and used what they learned to become the Queen and Chief they were meant to be. Just as Moana was able to help Maui regain control of his shapeshifting ability, Anna's love for Elsa is what helped her older sister to fully control her ice magic. The two have their homes close to water. Before the two had met Maui or Elsa's new spiritual friends, Moana and Anna were told stories about them from Tala and Agnarr.

Anna longs to live a life where the gates are open, just as Moana dreams of being allowed to be on the open ocean. The two also wish that they could have a happier and closer bond with Elsa and Tui, which they get at the end. Another thing that Moana and Anna have in common is that they aren't afraid to take part in a fight, even when their opponent is a giant they'll find away to slow them down while making their escapes.


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A rarepair, the ship became part of the newly renamed Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Moana Dragons fandom and its sub-fandoms. The pairing also has some CGI mashup art and fanart made out of them. Modern AU's sometimes include the two in their outfits from Ralph Breaks the Internet. While there are those who see the two becoming best friends through their friendly personalities and determinant to do the right thing, despite the dangers. It has 4 fanworks on AO3.



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  • The unknown girl that is seen in the teaser trailer of Frozen II, before she was revealed to be a young Iduna, looks a bit like Moana.
  • They are two of the limit time characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms.
  • A few Frozen Easter eggs were seen in Disney's Moana, like Marshmallow as one of the monsters that reside in Moana's world.



Moelsanna refers to the ship between Moana, Elsa and Anna


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