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Moarida is the femslash ship between Moana and Merida DunBroch from the Disney fandom.


As Merida and Moana are from different series, they have never met in canon. In Ralph Breaks the Internet there was a brief moment where Merida and Moana were standing beside one another, before making eye connect with each other with a smile as they agree that Vanellope is indeed a princess like them.

Both are the heir to their people. Their parents, mainly Merida's mother and Moana's father, want them to focus on their duties and to be "particle", while Merida's father and Moana's mother are the parents that they can confide in. Before magic objects gets Moana and Merida to start their journeys to save their loved ones, they had a fight with Tui and Elinor, but were able to patch things up in the end. Both of Merida and Moana's necklaces were given to them be a female relative. The two also have had their own encounters with spirits. Merida's being the Will O' the Wisps, while Moana was graced by the spirits of her grandmother and voyaging ancestors.

After the two heard the stories of their main antagonists, Merida and Moana were able to help Mor'du and Te Kā find peace, as Mor'du's human spirit thanks Merida and her mother before becoming a Wisp while Te Kā was able to become Te Fiti again. Merida and Moana are also shown to be rebellious and athletic princesses, as well as them having a few combat related skills. Which they both used to save someone their close with.


The ship is believed to have began sometime before or after Moana was released. The ship is a part of the Rise of the Brave Tangled Frozen Moana Dragons crossover fandom and its sub-fandoms. Modern AU's sometimes involves the two in their outfits from Ralph Breaks the Internet. A few fans have drawn Merida in Moana style clothing where she is sometimes placed beside Moana in them, along with having Merida as a fellow Wayfinder.

On AO3, the ship only has 9 fanfics, while has two that are in a different language. Along with Moarida having a small fanbase on Tumblr and DeviantArt. Most fanfics and fanart on the two features them as friends who balance each other out, along with them being rebellious together and feeling comfortable of being their true selves with one another.



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Meroanunzel refers to the ship between Merida, Moana and Rapunzel


  • Merida has little triplet brothers, while Moana had nine brothers in one of the earlier versions of Moana.
  • Both of their comfy, modern style clothing in Ralph Breaks the Internet have a print of an animal from their films, as well as having words that relate to them.
  • They're both of the two of the three Disney Princess' without love interests.
  • Both have cameo's in Ralph Breaks the Internet.
  • Just as Moana became her tribe's new chief at the end of her film, Merida's Once Upon A Time counterpart gets crowned as the new Queen of DunBroch.



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