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“I knew I was your favorite analyst. Was that so hard to admit?”
— Mobius to Ravonna

MobiusRavonna is the het ship between Mobius M. Mobius and Ravonna Renslayer from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom. ​



Glorious Purpose

Ravonna is a judge and Mobius is an analyst both working for the The Variance Authority (TVA). When a variant of Loki is found guilty on his TVA court trial, Mobius asks Ravonna to dismiss the variant's sentence as he sees a great use of him to help them catch another Loki variant (later known as Sylvie) who has been tampering with the TVA. Ravonna regards it as a bad idea, but eventually grants it. She warns that if anything goes sideways, then it is on Mobius.

The Variant

Ravonna and Mobius are having a conversation in her office. Mobius questions how Ravonna got some thropes in her office and mentions that he doesn’t remember ever bringing one of the cases back. Ravonna tells Mobius that he is not the only analyst working for her, which Mobius teasingly asks if she would consider him her favorite analyst.

Ravonna warns Mobius when he places a glass on her table, referring at water rings on the table. Mobius claims that the rings were there already, and just after Ravonna told him that all those rings were from him, he objects by saying that the rings may be from her other favorite analyst.

Both of them are back on the subject of Loki. As Mobius has botched his latest mission by bringing Loki with him, Ravonna is reluctant to continue letting Mobius keep the variant. She asserts that Loki is dangerous and that it is controversial to tow him into the field. After a lot of convincing, she finally agrees to give Mobius one last chance with Loki. While signing the case documents, Mobius notices the pen Ravonna handed him, surmising that the pen must be from the analyst she keeps on her side. ​

After Loki finds the possible hideout of Sylvie, Mobius tries to get Ravonna to approve a deployment of a fully-armed task force so they could catch the variant there. Ravonna is uncertain about it as the idea came from a Loki variant. Ravonna then advises Mobius as a friend that trusting Loki is not a good idea. She makes herself clear that she trusts Mobius but not Loki, yet after seeing Mobius getting truly excited with their potential finding, Ravonna eventually smiles and approves the deployment. ​

The Nexus Event

Loki has ditched the TVA and gone with Sylvie, causing chaos in the TVA. Ravonna has to report the mess directly to the Time Keepers. After she is done, Mobius asks about what’s been going inside the room and if Ravonna is okay. Ravonna claims that she is not okay, and that it is always jarring to stand before the Time keepers even under the best circumstances. Mobius then asks for access to Hunter C-20, which Ravonna denies. A moment later she states that the hunter is already dead.

After both Sylvie and Loki are caught by the TVA, Ravonna and Mobius are signing the documents of case closing in Ravonna's office. They cheer, clinking their glasses to putting all of it behind them. Ravonna asks where Mobius would go if he could go anywhere, to which Mobius answers that he in fact is already able to go anywhere - anytime. Ravonna asserts that Mobius knows what she actually means. Mobius then tells her that he likes being there, doing the work with her.

Rovonna wonders what is going on with Mobius as he keeps asking about the people involved in the case, even when they already closed it. When Mobius confesses that he feels like something is off, Ravonna tells him that she is honestly just trying to protect him and that she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him by letting him get close to someone as dangerous as Sylvie. Ravonna concludes that Mobius has been spending too much time with Loki as he starts doubting everything. She gives him a speech about how precious their friendship is. Mobius think it is a good speech, then asserts himself as Ravonna’s favorite analyst.

When Ravonna isn’t looking, Mobius switches her tempad with his own. Later, in the library, Mobius looks for Hunter C-20 interview records on Ravonna's tempad. He discovers that Ravonna has been hiding the truth of TVA - that they are all variants abducted by the TVA to run the organisation. Just after Mobius brought Loki out of his cell, he is surrounded by Ravonna and the minute men. He confess to Ravonna that if could go anywhere he would go to wherever he had a life before the TVA came along. Then, Mobius is pruned by one of the Minute men under Ravonna’s order.

For All Time. Always

Someone knocks on Ravonna’s office door, who soon turns out to be Mobius. Ravonna acknowledges that if anyone was ever gonna make it back from The Void, it was gonna be Mobius. She asks if he is going to prune her. Mobius thinks it is a good idea but claims that he has a higher standard since she was supposed to be his close friend. Ravonna apologizes to Mobius, insisting that she had to prune him because he was getting in the way of their mission.

Mobius informs her that it’s time they let people know about the truth of the TVA, but Ravonna argues, saying that there must be a reason behind the creation of the TVA, and there would be chaos and death if they didn’t prune the timeline. When Mobius inculpates her of betraying him, Ravonna proclaims that she didn’t betray him, instead he betrayed her. She highlights how Mobius threw their friendship away on a couple of Lokis after she has looked and hung her neck out for him.

Mobius tries to attack her, but she manages to knock him down and flee using a timedoor.


Ravonna“You're not the only analyst working for me.”
Mobius“ But, would you say, maybe, I'm your favorite one?”
— The Variant
Mobius“What? Those rings were already there.”
Ravonna“And they're all from you.”
Mobius“Maybe it's from your other favorite analyst.”
— The Variant
“I don't remember this [pen]. This must be from that analyst you keep on the side.”
— Mobius to Ravonna
Ravonna“Fine. You want the truth? I'm trying to protect you. Would you normally interview someone like that? Yeah. But the Variant scares the hell out of me, and I didn't want to see anything happen to you. C-20 lost her mind. She couldn't even form words by the end. I just couldn't deal with that happening to you or anyone else. Is that what you wanted to hear?”
Mobius“Yeah, if it's the truth.”
— The Nexus Event
Ravonna“When we're out there fighting for the fate of the Sacred Timeline we're also fighting for this. For us. Friends against time, allies to the end. You've seen all of existence, same as me. So, you know, friendship like ours is uncommon. And worth fighting for. Same as the Sacred Timeline.”
Mobius“It was a good speech.”
Ravonna“Thank you.”
Mobius“I knew I was your favorite analyst. Was that so hard to admit?”
— The Nexus Event
Mobius“You didn't change? You betrayed me.”
Ravonna“No, no. You betrayed me! I looked out for you, hung my neck out for you, and you suffer a crisis of faith and turn to those Variants? Eons of friendship. And you threw it all away on a couple of Lokis. No, Mobius. I didn't betray you.”
— For All Time. Always


Fans find relationship between Mobius and Ravonna interesting with Mobius always claiming himself as her favorite analyst. Some finds it wholesome that Ravonna always manages to grant Mobius his need of approval despite it being against her better judgment. For-instance, she approves a deployment of a of a fully-armed task only because Mobius tells her that it's been so long since the last time he was that excited. Some fans are assuming that Ravonna has a crush on Mobius who has in turn friendzoned her for actual eons and that she is jealous of the relationship he created with Loki in very a short amount of time.[1] On AO3, Mobius & Ravonna is the most written ship for Ravonna.



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