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Mollyash is the friendship between Mollymauk Tealeaf and Yasha Nydoorin from the Critical Role fandom.


Curious Beginnings

Molly and Yasha enter the Nestlenook Inn, promoing their Carnival. As Molly sits down at a table with others, and offers a fortune reading to Jester. Yasha tells them that she should line up for their own fortune's, but she's not the best hype-man. They have to leave afterwards and head back to the carnival.

Yasha and Molly greet the group at the entrance, Molly encouraging them to sit in the front. Yasha tells them that they can't go in with weapons, much to their displeasure. Molly insists that Yasha will hold the weapons, she's very trustworthy. They hand over all their weapons and walk in. Yasha tells Molly that she thinks Jester is adorable, which Molly agrees with, and both decide that they like her.

When one of the members of the audience turns into a monster, Yasha and Molly stay behind to help the people and fight the beast. Once it's taken care of, both Molly and Yasha are questioned by the rest of the group and the King's Guard. Both Yasha and Molly have never seen this happen during the show, and Molly ends up arrested, while Yasha is able to escape.


Curious Beginnings

  • Molly tells the others that Yasha can help keep problems contained.
  • Molly tells Beau that Yasha is very good at keeping track of the weapons.
  • Yasha and Molly tell Gustav what they saw during the show.

A Show of Scrutiny

  • Molly leaves a note with the barkeep in case Yasha comes back.
  • Molly tells the carnival kids that Yasha "Yasha'd".
  • Molly says that Yasha was the newest member of the carnival, but she's also flighty.

A Turtle By Any Other Name

  • Yasha sees Molly among the dead bodies in her dream.

Maritime Mysteries

  • Caleb asks if Yasha remembers Molly, but all she remembers is his coat.


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Most fans of Critical Role enjoyed Yasha and Molly's friendship. Many find it sweet and enjoy their mini reunions whenever Yasha returns, since Molly is the only one who doesn't make a big deal out of it.

On AO3, Mollyash is the second most written ship for both Molly and Yasha. On AO3, it is the ninth most written ship for the Mighty Nein and the eleventh most written in the Critical Role tag overall.



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  • Tieflings are fiendtouched, while Aasimar's are celestialtouched.
  • Taliesin (Molly) and Ashley (Yasha) sit next to each other while playing.
  • Ashley is wearing the Mollymauk Tarot Card shirt in episode 86.


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