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MomoJirou is the femslash ship between Momo Yaoyorozu and Kyōka Jirō from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Kyōka and Momo are very close friends with each other. During the Unforeseen Simulation Joint Arc, the two fought villains together with Kaminari, proving to work well as a team. During the End of Term Test Arc, Momo helped Kyōka to study for the class midterms.

When the class split up to go shopping for the training camp, Momo and Kyōka paired up and went off shopping together. Kyōka also has proven to be somewhat defensive of Momo, as she hit Hanta for upsetting the latter with his distasteful comment about her Quirk. The same can be said the other way around; when Kaminari and Kōda were pressuring Kyōka that she should use her musical talents in the Cultural Festival, Momo jumped in to say that it was her decision.

Momo, Kyōka, Mezō, and Tsuyu end up being separated from the rest of the class during the Provisional License Exam arc. They went into a building and Momo and Kyōka are seen next to each other quite a bit. Afterword, Kyōka is shown to be supporting Momo up along with Tsuyu and stay together in the lobby and second half of the exam. They both also placed their targets in the same spots as each other. When the results are handed out, Momo shares her score with Kyōka and blushes as she tells her how amazing it is.

During the Cultural Festival arc, Momo says that she can help the band by playing the keyboard and Kyōka says it will be a big help. Consequentially, they are both on the band team and are paired up together once again. When thinking up names for their band, Jirou rejects suggestions from all three of their other teammates in favor of immediately agreeing to Momo’s idea and saying it was cute.

While having a break from practicing for their concert, Momo compliments Kyōka by saying she seems “to be born to teach”, Kyōka blushes saying it was nothing and quickly changes the topic to the tea Momo is making which in turn makes her blush and start to gush about it with her eyes shining.

After their concert, Momo and Kyōka go off on their own and are shown to be having a good time and laughing at a drink in the shape of their teacher, Cementoss.

While Momo’s interest in girls is limited to arguable interactions with Kyōka and Kendō, Kyouka is shown to be attracted to other girls fairly blatantly. In the first movie Two Heroes, when Melissa appears in her formal wear, Kaminari, Mineta, and Kyōka are all shown to be floored by her beauty and are blushing.

Just before this, both Momo and Kyōka go to where their group is meeting up together and late. Later in the movie, Momo had used up all that her quirk would allow and falls, only to have Kyōka catch her and make sure she is okay.


  • Momo and Kyōka interact and are seen next to each other a number of times throughout the series, usually in the background of panels.
  • Kyōka has been caught on a few occasions staring at Momo’s breasts, and this can be taken as she is jealous of her or crushing on her, though it is most likely the latter as she is usually blushing in these scenes.
  • On multiple occasions, Kyōka has been shown to protect Momo, particularly when her quirk causes her to become slightly nude.
  • During the attack on the USJ, Momo created a thick sheet of insulation that destroyed nearly all of her top, leaving her breasts fully exposed. Kyōka became incredibly flustered and rushed to cover her naked friend, hugging her tightly while Momo laughed.
  • In the Season 3 outro, Momo and Kyōka can be seen standing next to each other in a frame of the whole class.
  • Momo and Kyōka share a moment of just them in the Season 3 outro, with both of them linking arms, back to back, and then Momo lifting Kyōka onto her back, both smiling. Their shoulders form a heart.
  • In the Season 3 outro still, a few class 1-A members can be seen walking along a beach. Kyōka can be seen ahead of Momo, outstretching her hand and looking at her, while Momo runs over to her.
  • When Mina is showing off her dorm room, there is a bulletin board filled with pictures of her friends. One of them contains just Momo and Kyōka standing next to each other.
  • While preparing for the concert, Momo is nervous and Kyōka comforted her.
  • In the first light novel, Kyōka complements Momo saying that she is a good teacher. Momo then blushes and is pleased. A few pages later, it is revealed that Kyōka wants their friendship to blossom further and is worried as to how Momo’s family may see her.
  • The first light novel also had a small portion where Kyōka brought headphones, that she does not need, to share with Momo and listen to music on a bus ride. Momo also mentioned Kyōka and blushes when the girls of their class and Class 1-B were having a slumber party and talking about crushes.
  • In the 4th volume of the light novels, Momo had prepared an entirely different thermos filled with a tea different from what the others were having for Kyōka to help with her voice.
  • The 4th volume of the light novels also featured a page for the two where Momo complained to Kyōka that she wished she could have watched her from the front row. However, she claimed that she was still content with watching her sing from behind. This causes Kyōka to blush and nudge Momo with her shoulder and Momo then leans in.
  • The second movie Heroes Rising has Kyōka being worried for Momo because of how much she was using her quirk. The two were also paired together as a team along with Ashido.
  • For the art exhibit, Horikoshi drew an image of Momo and Kyōka underneath the former’s cape.
  • In the 5th volume of the light novels, Momo mentions that she started to listen to metal music because of Kyōka.
  • Along with this, in the 5th volume, Momo talks about the sauna in her house with the girls in class 1-A and 1-B and offers to invite them all. As Kyōka mentioned earlier that she does not like saunas, Momo specifically asks if she would still come, which she replies blushing that she would come and visit without using the sauna. [1]
  • In My Hero Academia: Smash!!, When Hanta asks Momo to create a bike, and then Momo asks do they all think of her as nothing more than a factory, Kyōka said "You suck, Sero"
  • In My Hero Academia: Smash!!, Momo raise her hand saying "Anyone but Mineta for the health rep, please" and then Kyōka second that.
  • In My Hero Academia: Smash!!, Momo wildly overestimates the luxury of the school bus: such as wondering where the screen on the seat is, and looking for outlets. Kyōka blushes, calls her cute, and offers her some gum.
  • In My Hero Academia: Smash!!, Kyōka and Momo swap bodies. Kyōka, while being in Momo’s body, blushes and nosebleeds from being very... enthusiastic about Momo's breasts.
  • In My Hero Academia: Smash!!, When there's a fanboy robots looking like Izuku, the fanboy robots asks Momo for her autograph, which Momo mass produce it using her quirk and they're unsatisfied. They use it as a frisbee and Kyōka said Deku sucks.


In canon, the two are shown to be opposites which are often shown off to a greater extent in fanon as the two fit most ship dynamics. They are usually portrayed as soft lovebirds that are also powerful and in general mesh well together.

The great emphasis on sincere friendship between the girls quickly made their ship popular. In this context, Kyōka’s admiration for Momo’s femininity and charm is treated not only as evidence of her complex because of her tomboy-ish appearance, but also as an indication of her sapphic identity. This impression is only reinforced by the fact that Jiro is usually very noticeably pleased that Momo is friendly to her and agrees to be her best friend, which many ship fans interpret as undeniable proof of her crush.

Momo, for her side, does not demonstrate the same level of affection, but MomoJirou supporters tend to justify this with her alleged status of Kyōka’s crush and thereby the interpretation of their relationship as a character’s search for reciprocity on the side of their love interest. Given one of Momo’s other ships, TodoMomo, and her open to interpretation affection for Todoroki, such uncertainty makes Momo a key character in ship wars between the supporters of the two ships.

MomoJirou is the most popular BNHA femslash ship in Archive of Our Own, the 7th most tagged pairing under the My Hero Academia fandom, although most of the works have them in the background instead of the main focus.


Yaoyorozu“I was... a bit disappointed.”
Jiro“What? Why?”
Yaoyorozu“Well... I would have loved to see you singing from the front row, Jiro.”
Yaoyorozu“And yet you were still a sight to behold up there in the spotlight, even if I could only view you from behind... (grins) So yes, it was all very worthwhile”
Jiro“(while blushing) Cut it out, you.”
— Extra moment after the School Festival in the school briefs.



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  • The support of the ship in western fandom is so wide that when Horikoshi tweeted a sketch with the walking Momo and Kyōka, this tweet received huge feedback from people who took it as the author’s nod to the ship or direct support from his side. Some of the replies include an edited screenshot of Bakugou holding a sign reading “gay rights”, a reaction meme implying that the person was shocked by how blatantly homoerotic the drawing was, and a more simple one reading, “Hm, beautiful couple”.
  • Momo and Kyōka’s friendship has been described by Horikoshi as “particularly intimate” in the Ultra Analysis book.
  • The ship name “PeachJam” comes from the meaning of Momo’s name, translating to “Peach” when written in different kanji, and Kyōka’s hobby of playing music, or “jamming”.
  • Momo and Kyōka have a height difference of 19 centimeters.


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BakuMomoKamiJirou refers to the ship between the two, Katsuki Bakugou and Denki Kaminari
Girl Power refers to the ship between the two, Ochako Uraraka, Mina Ashido, Tsuyu Asui and Toru Hagakure
MinaMomoJirou refers to the ship between the two and Mina Ashido
MomoBakuJirou refers to the ship between the two and Katsuki Bakugou
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