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MomoNeta is the het ship between Momo Yaoyorozu and Minoru Mineta from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Minoru is well-known for the unrestrained lust he not only feels, but is portrayed towards just about any female. He has not shown to have any specific preference in a specific person, in the matter of wishing for romance, but has made it clear that Momo is the girl he is most attracted to in a physical sense, her easily being the most gorgeous in their shared class, and potentially the school. However, her other, equally, if not more attractive traits are those that Minoru could find interest in as well, being that he is in the top half of their class when it comes to smarts as well as Momo (the two place 7th and 1st respectively in the class rankings).

Momo and Minoru are partnered on Team C for their shared Battle Trial(s) to fight as the mock-villains for the ‘hero’ Team G, consisting of Kyoka and Denki. While the majority of the battle, including its outcome aren’t canonically shown, due to shadow cast by Katsuki/Tenya vs. Izuku/Ochako, the two are briefly shown observing the battle grounds for their enemies. Momo slightly bends over while barricading a door, and Minoru looks at this, even giving a thumbs up to the unintentionally raunchy view.

During the obstacle course that put a start to the Sports Festival, a rather exasperated Momo is shown as she runs through the passing gate. However, she appears slightly hunched, due to what is shown to be Minoru, who used his sticky-grapes to piggyback onto her lower back. An excited, almost crazed expression crosses his face. Momo tells him that he’s the worst, but Minoru expresses no shame, happily stating that he “killed two birds with one stone.” (Passing the gate, and touching Momo.) After the Rescue Race Drills, Minoru found a hole that making him could peek to the Girls' Changing room, he starts talking about the girls in a perverted way until Kyoka stabbed him on his eye using her earphone jack.


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Like (about) any ship involving Minoru, especially that of him and a girl, MomoNeta is notably unpopular in the MHA/BNHA fandom, as Minoru’s constant perversion upon his female classmates brought him to be a common enemy within fans, making romantic pairings for him quite looked down upon. However, it is seen that a woman as respectable as Momo could manage to teach Minoru the common decency he so desperately needs.

There are some MomoNeta fanfictions that involve the two reaching an understanding, as well as Momo attempting to help Minoru become a better person and redeem himself among the other girls, with the two becoming genuine friends in the process. While Minoru clearly views Momo as attractive, there are some works where he develops genuine feelings for her, and even in some cases, Momo gains feelings for Minoru.

There are some works where the two combine their intelligence and respect one another for their own cleverness. Fans of the ship tend to like this approach as for the two to become closer, given that they’re two of Class 1-A’s smartest students.



Momo/Minoru tag on AO3


  • Momo is the girl that Minoru harassed the most and looks at with perversion.
  • Momo and Minoru are the tallest (Momo), and shortest (Minoru) of their respective genders amongst their classmates.



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