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Momochako is the femslash ship between Momo Yaoyorozu and Ochako Uraraka from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Momo and Ochako are seen to be quite different from one another in several forms, being that Momo descends from a noble, and wealthy line of heroes, making her the richest student in the class, if not the school, while Ochako is known to be poor to the point that she made earning money (to help her parents live easy) her reason for becoming a hero. While she doesn’t bring her money troubles to be a topic all too often, Ochako does sometimes imply slight jealousy at Momo’s wealth, although she doesn’t let this prevent her from feeling close to Momo, or below her. Additionally, the 6 girls of 1-A are all shown to be rather close to each other; while Ochako is on more familiar terms with Tsuyu, and Momo to Kyoka, the girls are still shown to be quite fond of one another.

On the bus ride to the USJ, Momo and Ochako are shown seated directly next to one another. (They’re seated on opposite sides of the classroom, implying that they sat together by choice, rather than assignment.) During the trip, Katsuki is teased by a few classmates (Tsuyu and Denki), and begins to lash out, using his usual vulgarities. At this, Momo holds a hand to her mouth in a rather posh fashion, and disgustedly comments on how crude Katsuki’s mouth is. On the other hand, Ochako laughs at the brash conversation, and comments to Momo that she enjoys the volatility, and finds it funny.

After the obstacle course of the Sports Festival reaches completion, the students regather to take a break period before the 1v1 spars. Minoru and Denki tell Class 1-A’s girls that they were supposed to “perform”, and thus, tricked them into putting on cheerleader uniforms for their viewing pleasure, or a matter of the sort. As the girls are first shown in their costumes, Momo and Ochako are shown standing next to one another. Soon after coming to the conclusion of being tricked, Momo, despite her beauty, expresses great embarrassment at being showcased in such a manner, and slumps to the ground in sadness. Ochako goes to her, and is shown as she puts a hand to her back to comfort her. Later, after a suggestion by Toru, a few of the girls decide to make the decision to make the, admittedly compromising situation into something good, and follow through with “performing” for the crowd.

The girls are all shown gathered in the common room of the dorms as they chat amongst themselves. Ochako is shown staring blankly, to which Tsuyu questions, startling her. Ochako explains that her “heart had been feeling stirred up”, and Mina yells that this “mysterious force” messing with her has to be love. Mina continues to pry further, as well as a few other, now intrigued girls, which embarassed her to the point of (literally) floating. At this, Momo expresses her concern, commenting that it’s rude to keep pressing, and should leave Ochako be, unlike the others.


As the girls lack screen-time together, Momochako is not a heavily recognized ship within the MHA/BNHA fandom, and remains a ‘rarepair’, especially in comparison to other pairings for either girl, the largest ones being IzuOcha and TsuChako for Ochako, and TodoMomo and MomoJirou for Momo. However, the strong duality between the two sparks interest in some, and draws it a notable fanbase, especially in terms of fanart, being that both are rather adorable in the eyes of most. Additionally, due to their high stats in their hero training, both are joked to be “girlbosses”, although the term does fit quite well, in an ironic sense or other.



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  • Momo and Ochako are considered to be the two most prominent female characters of 1-A, as well as the strongest.
  • Horikoshi drew a sketch of Ochako and Momo for Christmas 2015.


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