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Monacrose is the femslash ship between Mona and Sucrose from the Genshin Impact fandom.


There is no canon interactions between Mona and Sucrose as of the most recent update. Although, Mona and Sucrose are both from the region Mondstadt. Both characters are also friends and co-workers with Albedo. Although Mona sees him more as a rival whereas Sucrose respects Albedo greatly. While Sucrose is a 4 star, Mona is a 5 star.

Both Mona and Sucrose are very passionate about what they do. Mona is an astrologist while Sucrose is a alchemist. They both spend most of their time focusing on what they do, and it's obvious. Mona is very knowledgeable in astrology and combines her astrology skills with hydromancy. This makes her a well-known, if still growing astrologist. Being obsessed with astrology gives Mona a sense of pride and any Mora she gets her hands on is immediately spent on astrology-related materials, regardless of its cost. As for Sucrose, Sucrose loves experimenting and spends most of her time researching on bio-alchemy, stating that she likes to discover the secrets of life. She spends an immense amount of time researching that she finds herself quickly bored whenever she takes a break and she has a hard time speaking with people because of how much time she spends on her research.

As for differences, Mona and Sucrose have a few. Mona's work mostly has her talking to people to tell their fortune. As for Sucrose, her work doesn't really need interaction with others, the only person Sucrose really talks to is Albedo since they're both alchemist. Another difference is when Mona is telling people their future, she is blunt and straight forward and she's not afraid to tell people about their misfortune. Mona also doesn't tolerate with people who disrespect her. Sucrose is the opposite of this as she's stated that she's terrible at communicating with others and worries about offending them. Sucrose also doesn't seem to be able to tell what's a joke and what isn't.


In Mona's story number four, it explains that Mona goes for lunch with Albedo and Klee. From that, it can be implied Sucrose has been around when Mona comes over to meet up. As for rival ships, this ship is greatly overshadowed by Albecrose, and as for Mona, Almona and Monafischl. On AO3, there are currently 23 fanfictions that include this ship, whereas there is only 12 that are centered solely on Monacrose.



Mona/Sucrose tag on AO3


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