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Monisuki is the femslash ship between Monika and Natsuki from the Doki Doki Literature Club! fandom.


Monika and Natsuki are two members of the Literature Club in the hit game, Doki Doki Literature Club!. Both girls appear in the main storyline, as well as featuring in some of the side stories. Monika appears in all the stories, while Natsuki’s debut is seen in the side story called “Respect”.

Doki Doki Literature Club

In Act 1 of the game, Monika ask's Natsuki if she likes to write poems about cute things. Natsuki seemed to be embarrassed at Monika's question, as she turns red and asks Monika what gives her this idea. Monika says that she left a scrap of paper behind last club meeting and that it looked like she worked on a poem called-. Before Monika could say the name of the poem, Natsuki screams that she shouldn't say it loud and that she should give the poem back, which Monika does.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus

In DDLC+, in the side story, "Respect". Natsuki finally joins the Literature Club, being her, the last one to join before the Protagonist does. The three started introducing themselves to Natsuki, with first starting Monika. When introducing herself, Natsuki tells her that she had figured that it was her club, telling she had that vibe so. Monika asking what vibe she had, Natsuki tried to answer so but didn't and told that she's not gonna judge people that she just met.

With Monika asking Natsuki what kind of literature is she into, Natsuki replies with Manga. Though Monika didn't really considered Manga being literature at all, though yet Natsuki still wanted to join the club so Natsuki tells her that she'll join any club activities that she want so, Monika then agreed so. Natsuki was happy and thanked her for it, she also told that she was the best. Monika still wasn't that happy though.

Natsuki leaves the room to get all of her mangas since she had most of it in her locker, Sayori tried to cheer up Monika despite her not considering Manga as literature. Telling that Natsuki seemed having fun, but Monika tells her that Natsuki has no actual interest in literature, though she said it's normally fine.

Within the next club meeting, Monika seemed less relaxed ever since Natsuki joined the club. Monika was the first to arrive, within the second, Natsuki arrives. Monika started smiling though she was actually forcing herself to smile in front of Natsuki, when Natsuki makes her way to the closet, Monika asks her if she is in needs of help. Natsuki declined it saying she got it, Monika peeks into the closet where Natsuki was stashing all of her manga since she was curious. Monika tells her that the top shelf was empty but since Natsuki's height wasn't enough to reach the top shelf, she couldn't put all of her mangas on the top shelf. Natsuki of course tells her she couldn't because of her height and telling that it would be so inconvenient.

With Sayori and Yuri finally coming, the four decided to go over some potential club activities, while having some ideas what to do. Monika asks Natsuki again if she is sure that she doesn't have any other literature interests so she could share with the club, telling that she doesn't really mind if she keep her manga in here. Monika was about to say something until Natsuki cuts her words off, Natsuki tells that it was obvious that she wasn't needed in the club, into which. Natsuki lefts the room, leaving to Sayori running after her.

With Natsuki and Sayori, Natsuki wondered why Monika was a jerk, telling that she should be grateful that she joined her "stupid" club, Sayori tells Natsuki that Monika was really nice, telling that she cares a lot about everyone in the club being happy. Natsuki didn't believe that statement, so Sayori tells her usually since Monika did felt less relaxed ever since she joined the club so.

The next day comes, starting on Monika. Monika decided to find Natsuki, having the fear that she might avoid coming to the club. After some time, she finally finds her. Though she saw Natsuki with some of her friends who she doesn't know, she tried to listen to their conversation. Hearing their conversation, Natsuki's friends were being mean to her, so Monika felt bad for Natsuki, not being able to defend her, she knew that she was being awful to her.

Monika then heads back to the clubroom, seeing Yuri. Monika decided to talk to Yuri, Monika tells that Natsuki has kind of blunt attitude and made her feel like she wasn't taking the club seriously. Until her friends were being mean to her, she felt bad for her. Sayori then bursts through the door and tells she's having an intervention, it was about Natsuki. Though Monika was just talking about it with Yuri, she apologized telling she was just talking about it with Yuri. They then decided to have a plan.

The next day comes abide with Monika and Yuri being the first to arrive, and then finally Sayori and Natsuki. Monika then started an activity and yet, it was all about Manga literature. Assuming this was what the three were all planning for Natsuki, though Natsuki thinks that Monika is just forcing it but Monika apologizes her and asks if she could make it up for it. Natsuki thought Monika was just lying, Sayori told her she wasn't and did it all by herself, Yuri also agreed with Sayori. Monika tells that she thinks she deserves to share the joy along with everybody else.

A week has passed since Natsuki was able to finally return to the Literature Club, Monika approaches Natsuki on the way out. Monika asks if she's in a hurry, Natsuki said no and asks why. Monika tells her that she wanted to show something, if she had a few minutes. Natsuki said sure so Monika asks her to follow to the music room.

When going to the music room, Monika tells her she could only wish she was strong as Natsuki was. Saying she inspired her to start working on it, though Natsuki said that she didn't even do anything, but Monika replies back with Natsuki just being herself. Monika informs Natsuki that there was something else that she was gonna tell, Monika tells Natsuki that she have might off read a little bit of her manga.

Natsuki was surprised and asks her why she didn't tell her. Monika of course apologizes about it. Monika told that the manga she was reading had a character that was in the literature club, Natsuki knew which manga she read, and so it was called "Parfait Girls". Natsuki tells Monika that she has good taste. Though Monika tells her just one volume and she just picked it up randomly. Monika tells that character also plays the piano, Monika always wanted to play the piano so.

And so, Monika then walks up to the piano and sits down. Within that, she finally starts playing the piano, when finishing playing the piano, Natsuki compliments her saying that was so good. Monika though thought it wasn't but Natsuki told her that she was already like a pro at it.


Monisuki is a rare-pair within the Doki Doki Literature Club! fandom. Often overshadowed by ship's like Natsuri, Sayonika and MC x Monika.

The ship sailed because of Natsuki's and Monika's opposite personalities, Natsuki being a Tsundere, while Monika is a Yandere and is from outside nearly perfect. Some people see it more like a sister-sister relationship, though the ship is more popular as femslash ship. For some fans of the ship it helped, that Monika is heavily implied to be pansexual, because of her being attracted to the player, not the "MC". Though Natsuki's sexuality isn't known.

Monisuki has about 42 fanfictions on Archive of Our Own.



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  • Doki Doki Squad refers to the ship between Sayori, Yuri, Monika and Natsuki
  • Literature Club refers to the ship between Sayori, Yuri, Protagonist, Monika and Natsuki


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