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Mooseley is the slash ship between Sam Winchester and Crowley from the Supernatural fandom.


Season 5


Sam and Dean cut the power at Crowley's place, and he walks out to see the two there. He says it's about time they found him, and calls them the Hardy Boys. He notices a crinkle in the rug and lifts it up to see the Devil's Trap beneath it. He asks them if they have any idea how much the rug costs and two of his goons show up behind them and hold them. He pulls out the Colt and seems to be about to shoot Sam and Dean, before shooting the two demons behind them. Sam and Dean are shocked, and Crowley says that they need to talk privately.

They follow him into a separate room and Dean asks what's going on. Crowley says that the only reason they know about the colt is because he sent it along the grapevine, and Sam asks why. Crowley point the Colt at Dean. Crowley tells them that he wants them to shoot Lucifer, since Demon's are next on Lucifer's kill list after humanity. Crowley just wants things back to before, and asks if they'll take it to kill Lucifer. Sam hesitantly takes the gun, and asks if Crowley knows where Lucifer is. Crowley tells him where, and Sam points the gun at Crowley and fires, but there's no bullet. Dean and Sam are shocked that the Colt didn't work on Crowley. Crowley realizes that they need more ammunition and goes to get some. He throws them the bullets and disappears.


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