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MotoMako is the het ship between Makoto Kino and Motoki Furuhata from the Sailor Moon fandom.


Makoto had a crush on him earlier in the manga and classic anime, as did many of the other girls. He works at the Game Center Crown and the girls often go there to see him. But he regards them more as little sisters and was unaware of their attraction to him.

In the anime, on Makoto's way to school she bumps into Motoki. He helps her up and shares his umbrella with her because Makoto doesn't have one and Motoki is going by the school. Makoto asks him to give her his address to she can come over and cook his favourite food and give him a cooking lesson. She comes over after school to find his house an absolute disaster, so he gets to work cleaning without hesitation. Makoto leans that he is dating Reika Nishimura much to her and Usagi's dismay. However, she doesn't let that get her down and says she can at least tell him how she feels.

In the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon live-action series it is Motoki who has a crush on Makoto. During a date he passes out and Makoto saves him. He tries to save her from a Youma at one point in the series causing her to realize his feeling for her.

In the Special Act, he and Makoto are dating. They show concern when Usagi and Mamoru apparently calls off their wedding for unknown reasons. Motoki eventually proposes to her after catching the bouquet.


It is a less common ship since Motoki isn't a very popular character in the classic anime. It is more popular in the live-action series. As well, some people don't ship him with anyone other than Reika since he is dating her.

While Motoki's anime age is unknown, he runs a game center and in the was stated to have went to the same college as Mamoru, so he is likely a young adult. In the manga he is 19-20 years old[1]. Like many other pairings in Sailor Moon, characters tend to have questionable age gaps that may not be suitable for a romantic relationship. Makoto is 14 when she develops a crush on him and Motoki is at least 18.

It rivals other more popular Makoto pairings, like MakoAmi.



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  • Motoki was Makoto's illusion by the DD Girls in Episode 41, which made her hesitate to attack the enemy.




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