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Mowriel is the family ship between Mowgli and Ariel from the Disney fandom.


As Mowgli and Ariel are from different series, they have never met in canon. Even though a few Disney crossover video games could have the two crossing paths with each other or get them added in the same team, by the player's choice.

Throughout their Disney films, both Mowgli and Ariel feel most happy in places that they were told to never go near. Her mermaid abilities allows her to understand certain kind of animals that live under or close by the sea, while Mowgli's time in the jungle allowed him to learn its many animal tongs. The two had opposite reactions to the relationship between their new and old homes. While Mowgli wanted to show his family the jungle, Ariel forbid her daughter from going anywhere near the ocean and built a wall to keep her out. Mowgli is eventually allowed back into the jungle and to come and go as he pleases, while Ariel lets the wall be taken down and allows Melody in the ocean and visit her mermaid family as she pleases.

When Mowgli was expected in the man village he got adopted by the village's leader and his family, just as Ariel's father is the king of the sea and later got expected into Eric's family when she went to live in the surface world. Before Ariel and Mowgli left their old homes, they had a fight with their fathers, but later patches things up with them. When the two were at the mercy of their antagonists, their friends came to Ariel and Mowglis' aid. Along with Ariel and Mowgli doing their parts to help them fight Ursula and Shere Khan.


The ship commonly has Ariel and Mowgli residing in the jungle world of The Jungle Book, as a family where Ariel commonly serves as Mowgli's adoptive older sister. The family ship between the two Disney characters originates from a The Little Mermaid/The Jungle Book crossover fanfic on DeviantArt that has a loyal following. The story got a few fans to explore idea of Ariel and Mowgli's family bond and their shared times in the jungle together through their own fanworks. There have even been fans who have Ariel turning Mowgli, from a young age, into a merman so she can raise him in her underwater world as his adoptive mother.

Manip fanart of the ship commonly uses screenshots from The Jungle Book, Pocahontas and Tarzan, in order to place Ariel in a jungle. Just as the underwater world side of the ship uses screenshots from The Little Mermaid to feature Mowgli as a merman.

Fans see the two getting into trouble together and helping one another to get out of it. Along with them confiding in one another about some people making choices for them, without their say so. While Bagheera's determination to get Mowgli to the Man Village has him not wanting to be separated from Ariel.



Ariel-and-Mowgli fanclub on DeviantArt


  • The two were guests at the club in The House of Mouse.
  • Both of their films were based off of books/stories of the same name.
    • There have been many non-Disney versions of the two stories.



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