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Muffgore is the het ship between Muffet and Asgore Dreemurr from the Undertale fandom.


Muffet and Asgore are not shown to interact in the game. The only time they appeared together was when Muffet was among the various monsters to cheer Frisk on in the True Pacifist Route.


Muffgore is a relatively rare ship. A ship often (but not always) shipped alongside Muffgore is Soriel. Shippers of this pairing like to imagine Muffet and Asgore having tea and donuts together.

On AO3, Asgore/Muffet has 6 fanworks, making it a rare pairing on the website. It is not among the top 5 ships for either character. It is most prominently featured in the Life of Asgore series by dietcokeenthusiast, which takes place after a Pacifist ending.

On DeviantArt, the pairing is rare. Fanart of the pairing has been made by NekuZ and a fanchild called Muffin has been made by Rawring-Rainbows.



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