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Muliana is the femslash ship between Fa Mulan and Tiana from the Disney fandom.


As Mulan and Tiana are from different series, they have never met in canon. In one of the film's posters for Ralph Breaks the Internet, Mulan and Tiana are seen standing beside each other.

Both Mulan and Tiana are friends with animals that they journey with. The two Disney Princesses also care a great deal about their fathers, as Mulan takes it upon herself to serve as his "replacement/fill-in son" in the army in order to protect him, while Tiana puts her social life aside as she works through two jobs, day and night, so she can earn the money to open the restraint she and her father talked about as their shared dream in his memory. The two women's families have even told both of them to think about marriage, even though Tiana was solely focused on her dream of opening her own restaurant in her father's memory, while Mulan was told by the matchmaker that despite her looking like a bride she'll never bring her family honour, as well as Mulan II showing the title hero that she disagrees with the idea of aggraded marriages. In the end, both Tiana and Mulan were able to find someone who they want to spend the rest of their lives with, despite the hiccups they went through before the day of their weddings. In their home city/village, Mulan and Tiana are different from the other girls there, as Mulan is shown to a tomboy in her own way while Tiana put work first and fun in her party filled city aside. As well as them being strong in their own unique ways.

Tiana is seen wearing a blue dress and two types of green dress, while Mulan wears blue and green pieces of clothing. Which is why both of them have been featured as green Disney Princesses, as it is one of their commonly worn colours. The two also have dark shaded hair, as Mulan's is black while Tiana's is of a very dark shade of brown that has been confused for black. Tiana's story is based on a fairy tale while Mulan's is drawn from a Chinese legend. Tiana had a non-royal upbringing, even though she is good friends with a rich girl and her father, through her mother from having Charlotte as one her best, long time costumers and had spent time in their mention, while Mulan comes from a respected family in her home village because of her family's legacy before she made her own one.


Mulan and Tiana are shipped by a small group of fans who believe they would get along very well. Their dedication to their fathers is often used as a point of similarities between them in fandom. Fans sometimes place them in each other's films. In modern AU's fans will draw them in the outfits from Ralph Breaks the Internet or use it as inspiration.

While AO3 only has one fanfic of the ship, Tumblr as a reasonable size fanbase of it on the site.



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  • They are two of the limit time characters, with limit time clothes, in Disney Magic Kingdoms.
  • Mulan and Tiana appear in Once Upon A Time.
  • They both have their own Sofia the First songs, "Stronger Than You Know" and "From the Heart".



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