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MysteryPearl is the femslash ship between the Mystery Girl and Pearl from the Steven Universe fandom.


Pearl first sees the Mystery Girl at the Big Donut, who immediately caught her attention due to her pink hair. Amethyst and Steven notice that Pearl is attracted to her. As they drive there Pearl sees her and chases after her, but loses her when they get pulled over by the cops.

They arrive at the rock show, where she sees the Mystery Girl. Pearl goes over and the two talk for a bit. She returns to Steven and Amethyst and explains their conversation. She then explains that the girl gave them a piece of paper with several numbers on, which confuses her. Amethyst and Steven then become excited and tell her that the girl gave Pearl her phone number.


It is a popular ship for Pearl, after the Mystery Girl's introduction. Before most fans would ship her with Amethyst or Rose Quartz and occasionally Garnet. The ship is also viewed in a way to help Pearl move on from Rose. Many fans also theorized that she was Rose, before said theory was proven false later.

On AO3, MysteryPearl is the most written ship for Mystery Girl and the fourth most written for Pearl. It is also the fourteenth most written in the Steven Universe (Cartoon) tag.



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