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Naboolink is the het ship between Link and Nabooru from The Legend of Zelda fandom.


Link first encounters Nabooru inside of the Spirit Temple after traveling back in time and becoming a child again. She asks why Link is there and will tell him that he should not be exploring the temple and that she knows nothing about the sages. However, if Link says that he is not doing anything, she will ask him a favor but make sure that he is not loyal to Ganondorf. Nabooru explains that she is against him due to his evil behavior and that she has a plan to mess him up.

Nabooru tasks Link with obtaining the Silver Gauntlets. She explains that they are a treasure that allows one to push heavy blocks which she needs in order to get to where Ganondorf is. Nabooru explains to Link that she must be the one to take them because they will not fit a child like Link and promises him "something good" if he retrieves them for her. However, as soon as Link manages to get his hands on the Silver Gauntlets, Nabooru is captured by the witches Koume and Kotake. She looks up at Link and tells him to flee.

Link goes back to seven years in the future and returns to the Spirit Temple as an adult since he can use the Silver Gauntlets to enter the main part of the temple. As he makes it near the end, he fights a strange Iron Knuckle who is later revealed to be a brainwashed Nabooru. Link defeats the witches and Nabooru is able to awaken as the sage of the Spirit Temple. She offers him her power and is excited to help him fight Ganondorf. After giving Link the Spirit Medallion, Nabooru tells Link that she wish could have kept her promise from before since he grew up to become such a handsome man.


Naboolink has a decent amount of popularity due to the fact that Nabooru seemed to eventually develop a crush on Link. It as not as popular as Zelink, Malink or Salink. This is possibly due to the fact that there is an age difference between the two and that Link first met Nabooru as a child. Most fans only ship adult Link with Nabooru. Many fans speculate that Nabooru's promise to Link was a kiss or even an arranged marriage, with some even speculating something dirty. The fact that Nabooru called Link handsome and wished that she could have kept her promise does seem to suggest a romantic context.



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  • The ship mainly applies to the Ocarina of Time game as that is the game that Nabooru makes an appearance in.
  • It is unknown exactly what Nabooru promised Link. However, since Nabooru states that he is handsome in the future, it does seem that she fell for him.


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