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Nadence is the het ship between Nagini and Credence from the Harry Potter fandom.


Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

Credence and Nagini met during their time at Circus Arcanus at some point between December 1926 and September 1927. The two became close friends, and eventually planned their escape to help Credence find his true identity. The two successfully escaped in September 1927, when Credence interrupted Nagini's performance by releasing firedrakes.

After the two escaped the circus, Credence and Nagini went to look for Irma Dugard, as her name was on Credence's adoption papers. The two found her home, unaware that they were followed by Gunnar Grimmson, one of Grindelwald's acolytes. As Credence was talking to Irma Dugard, Grimmson attacked. He killed Irma and trapped Nagini inside a wall. Credence attempted to attack Grimmson in his Obscurus form while Nagini tried but failed to escape from the wall. After Grimmson left, Nagini was free from the wall.

Later, Credence and Nagini were on top of a building near the Eiffel Tower, where they met Grindelwald. He gave Credence a map of Pere Lachaise cemetery, where Grindelwald would be holding a speech for his followers. Grindelwald convinced Credence that he was the only one who knew Credence's true identity.

In the Lestrange Mausoleum, they encountered Yusuf Kama. Believing Credence was Corvus Lestrange V, Kama tried to kill him. Nagini tried to defend Credence, but Kama said he would kill her too if she got in the way. After Leta Lestrange showed up, she proved that Corvus and Credence were in fact not the same person, saving both Credence and Nagini.

The two listened to Grindelwald's speech. After the speech was over, Grindelwald summoned a fire that only those loyal to him could cross. Credence joined Grindelwald to find out what his true identity was. Nagini tried to convince Credence to stay with her, but he did not listen. Devasted by Credence leaving, she joined the Global Wizarding War against Grindelwald.


When promotional material for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald was released, it was believed Credence and Nagini would be a couple due to how closely together they were. After the release of the film, it is still speculated that the two have feelings for each other that they never revealed.

The ship has some popularity, although it is not massively popular. On AO3, it is Nagini's most common ship, as Nagini was generally not shipped before the introduction of her human form, but not among the top ships for Credence.



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