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Naoreko is the femslash ship between Reko Yabusame and Nao Egokoro from the Your Turn To Die fandom.


In a short amount of time during the death game, Nao and Reko became quite close.

Throughout the first two chapters of the game, they are seen to care deeply about each other. While the others search for Sue Miley's body parts, they take care of Kanna together in the Central Hall. When Nao goes missing holding Professor Mishima's head, Reko is restless.

Moments before the first Main Game, Reko is seen comforting/talking with Nao in front of the red door in the 2F Back Hallway. During the Main Game, whenever Nao would be suspected or accused of something, Reko is always the one to immediately defend her.

In the route where Reko lives, after Alice's death, Reko who is very upset angrily asks Nao and Sara to leave her alone, but suddenly changes her mind and asks that just Nao stay with her for a bit.

If Reko is alive at the end of Chapter 2, Nao thanks her for being her friend, to which Reko tries to express her gratitude for their friendship by responding with "If you weren't around, Nao, I...!!". If Reko is dead at the end of Chapter 2, they're seen together as Nao paints a portrait of Professor Mishima, implying that Nao felt Reko was just as important to her as Mishima.

In general, the two are often seen searching together.

Your Time to Shine

In one of Nao's death scenes, Reko is the one to call after and mourn Nao's death, and vice versa.


Similar to Joesara, Naoreko has a lot of popularity in the fandom, most likely because of how easily they became close after meeting at the start of the death game.

Some fans prefer to ship Naosara, which is the ship between Nao and Sara Chidouin, while Naoreko is the only known/most popular ship for Reko.



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  • In Chapter 2 Part 1, Nao was the first person to point out that Reko was acting strange in the Arbitration Room.
  • The two are both involved in the arts; Reko in music and Nao in visual arts.
  • They are right next to each other on the Pen Case merchandise.


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