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NaruLee is the slash ship between Naruto Uzumaki and Rock Lee from the Naruto fandom.


Naruto and Lee meet shortly before the Chunin Exams are supposed to start. Naruto calls Lee "Bushy Brows" and is irritated that he only shows interest in fighting Sasuke. Later, Naruto stands up against Neji after Hinata is defeated and Lee decides to let him fight his rival in his steed. Lee is later injured by Gaara and told that his ninja days are over. Naruto is angered by this.

Naruto later helps bring Tsunade back to the village and she is eventually able to heal Rock Lee. When Sasuke leaves the village, Lee notices Naruto give the "nice guy" pose to Sakura and is impressed. He initially cannot leave because he is still recovering but eventually joins the mission and helps Naruto against Kimimaro so that he can continue to chase Sasuke.

Naruto leaves for over two years to train and is eventually reunited with Rock Lee on a mission to save Gaara. Lee is impressed to see how much Naruto has grown. During the Fourth Shinobi World War, both are on the battlefield while Neji is killed. Both decide to not allow his sacrifice to be in vain and fight against the ten-tails. Naruto eventually gives Lee a Rasengan which allows him to use Ninjutsu for the first time. Lee is unsure about being able to do it but Naruto encourages him.


NaruLee has a decent amount of popularity in the Naruto fandom. Fans tend to support it due to their similarity personalities and the fact that both were considered to be underdogs wishing to surpass their rival teammates. Naruto and Lee have more interaction in the super deformed spinoff Rock Lee's Springtime of Youth and fans of that tend to support the pairing. NaruLee tends to rival SasuNaru and NejiLee as well as other pairings involving the two.



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  • According to the data-books, Rock Lee wishes for an all-out match against Naruto.


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