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NaruShion is the het ship between Naruto Uzumaki and Shion from the Naruto fandom.


Shion first saw Naruto in a vision of his death. She was later saved by him during an attack that killed many of the soldiers protecting her. Naruto's group later retreated with Shion and she warned him that he was going to be killed. The shinobi on the mission began to escort her to the Land of Swamps. Naruto and Shion have a brief disagreement over the latter's treatment of Taruho.

Naruto and Shion later headed to the shrine together. Shion was knocked off of a cliff and had a vision of dying exactly the same way but was rescued by Naruto. She started to blush after this and Naruto explained that he would not die either. However, she tells him that it is impossible which angers him. Naruto continued to carry Shion to the shrine and she thought about him as she entered which caused her to collapse.

Shion was later attacked and Naruto eventually arrived to save her. She saw her mother's power saved Naruto and combined this power with her own. However, this turned to be a vision and Shion was nearly devoured but Naruto managed to save her with her bell. The two then combined powers and finished off the enemy with a huge Rasengan. Afterwards, Shion asked Naruto to help her pass her power along to a new generation. Naruto agreed to help her in any way he could although he did not realize that she was asking him to stay and have a child with her.


NaruShion has a decent amount of popularity in the Naruto fandom but is as not as popular as the "main" ships. This is mostly likely due to the fact that Shion is a movie-only character and is not canon to the series. However, NaruShion is a popular het alternative to NaruHina and NaruSaku. Many fans were amused by their interaction during the movie and liked it when Naruto unknowingly agreed to have a child with Shion.



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