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“We're a tribe, Nate.”
— Dani Moonstar; Age of X-Man Omega #1

NateDani is the het ship between Nathaniel "Nate" Grey and Danielle "Dani" Moonstar from the Marvel fandom.


Nate Grey and Dani Moonstar had been aware of each other for quite some time. Both being auxiliary members of the X-Men and its many split-off teams, However, as X-Man, Nate would generally choose to act solo as the Mutant Shaman watching over the 'tribe' of Earth. While, Dani as Mirage usually was a member of teams like the New Mutants and X-Force.

New Mutants #25-50

The two would first properly meet when the leader of the X-Men, Cyclops (Scott Summers), sent the New Mutants, being lead by Dani, on a rescue mission to save Nate who had been captured and tortured for months by Norman Osborne. When Dani's team had located Nate they found him in the clutches of Sugar Man, who was using Nate's powers to try and open a portal back to their native reality, Earth-295 (Age Of Apocalypse). Dani and her team were successful in rescuing Nate, and preventing him from ending up in S.H.I.E.L.D. custardy. Unfortunatly, Nate had suffered from severe nerve-damage, which reduced his god-like powers to a mere fraction of what they were. Concerned, Dani watched on in the medical ward. She knew all too well what it was like to lose your powers, as she completely lost her's after the M-Day event.

After some time Dani had asked her old therapist friend Gus Grim to aid in various issues with her team members. Dani included Nate in this, whom she indicated to Gus first, noting his recent trauma. Dani struggles to explain the nature of Nate's, Cable's and Cyclops' convoluted, inter-reality, inter-temporal father-son relationship.

Durring the events of Fear Itself Dani goes missing when she is sent to meet with Hela. When the New Mutants learn of their leader's disappearance they elect for a search and rescue. Nate is present for this decision, and while he is initially torn between looking for Dani and the immediate threat of the Juggernaut, he chooses to aid the team out of a sense of obligation. They literally go through hell before the manage to find Dani, in Helheim. While the team is defending Helheim Nate confides to Sunspot (Bobby Da Costa) that he felt that Dani wouldn't want him as part of the team due to his lack of powers. This indicating that Nate actually wants to be part of the team and cares about what Dani thinks of him. Ultimately Nate devises a plan, which Dani agrees with, and succeeds in saving Helheim.

When the entirety of the X-Men are torn in two, due to the Schism between Cyclops and Wolverine, Dani personally asks Nate to join her team. Nate agrees and they move in together in a sharehouse, 1128 Mission Street San Fancisco, as the teams new base of operations. As they are moving in their new landlord, Mrs. Livitz, mistakes Nate as Dani's boyfriend, to which Dani denies to be the case with an embarrassed grin on her face.

Over the next few missions Dani openly mocks Nate with playful jokes and jabs, to which Nate usealy just rolls his eyes. However, this comes to a head on Paradise Island, when the two end up having a full blown argument and Dani outright insults Nate. Nate calls Dani out for this and she immediately apologizes. Cypher (Doug Ramsey) who can read body language says, "She is, in fact, attracted to Nate, and is trying to disguise that fact by being overly harsh to him."

For the remainder of the mission on Paradise Island Nate and Dani become more complimentative and much more handsy with each other, paying close care to each other's wellbeing. The two are even forced to move as one when their hands become stuck together.

The team is in low spirits after Paradise Island, so Blink (Clarice Ferguson) teleports everyone to Madripoor for a short vacation. Durring a festival Magma (Amara Aquilla) teases Dani for liking Nate. Dani tries denying it, but she blushes fiercely when Nate walks past. Not being the greatest in social situations Nate walks off to drink by himself in an alley. Dani follows him and asks him to dance with her. Initially Nate tries to decline but Dani insists and he joins her. Dani tells Nate that he has not spoken much since Paradise Island. Nate reveals to Dani that he had planned on telling Dani how he felt about her, but after everything that had happened he was no long sure of the right thing to say. Dani responds by telling him to shut up and say it anyway. Then they both embrace in an intimate kiss.

Dani and Nate remain on the team together for several more missions. Over this period Nate becomes some what protective of Dani, rushing to her aid when ever he feels she is in danger. Durring a celebration held at the team's house Dani is approached by Cannonball (Sam Guthrie), who happens to be her ex. Sam tells Dani that he doesn't want things to be awkward between Nate, Dani and himself. Dani states that regardless of whatever is going on between her and Nate, that Sam will always be her friend. Nate and Dani are later seen holding each other as they mingle with thier guests.

Fearless Defenders #9

Eventually the team members went their separate ways. Despite this, when Dani joined the superhero team the Defenders, Nate remained close to her. The pair finally officialy confirmed their relationship status, when the Defenders' significant others were called in. However, due to some confusion Cannonball was also called. This lead to Nate telling Sam straight up that he was with Dani. Sam stated that it was cool, and that he had his own thing going on now being an Avenger.

At some point before Nate becomes possessed by the Life Sead, Dani professes that she loves Nate.

Age of X-Man

When Nate becomes possessed by the Life Seed he singlehandedly defeats the majority of the X-Men, Dani was not present that this time. Seeming have killed 99% of the X-Men, the truth is that Nate transported everyone to a pocket-dimension, created by the Life Seed's influence, that outlawed love. Despite not being present at the battle against Nate a version of Dani appears within the Age Of X-Man dimesion, possibly as a subconscious act by Nate against the influence of the Life Seed. This Dani is instramentle in the final confrontation against Nate, and allowing him some semblance of control over the Life Seed. Dani reminds Nate that love and relationships are a part of us and make life worth living. When the X-Men returned to Earth-616 Cyclops asked Dani if she knew what Nate had done, Dani just replied she knew she would see everyone again someday.

At present Nate remains in the pocket-dimesion trying to control the Life Seed, while Dani is on the island of Krakoa once again leading the New Mutants.


  • New Mutants #25 — Sunspot questions whether the team should actually search for Nate Grey, saying that he's 'freaky powerful' and 'scary'. To which Dani replies, "He's one of us. That's all that matters."
  • New Mutants #26 — After the team had successfully rescued Nate he was confined to the med bay of Utopia. Dani watches on through the window concerned for Nate's wellbeing, as he had been drained of almost all his power. Dani sympathises with Nate's condition as she too had been stripped of her mutant powers.
  • New Mutants #27 — Dani askes her therapist friend Gus Grim to speak with Nate, to try and help him adjust to his new limitations.
  • New Mutants #28 — Out of a sense of duty Nate chooses to aid the New Mutants to search for Dani when she goes missing in Helheim, instead of helping the X-Men battle Juggernaut.
  • New Mutants #32 — Nate states that he is concerned that Dani doesn't want him to be part of the team. Though despite his concerns Dani's listens to and agrees with Nate's plan to defeat the Draumar and save Helheim.
  • New Mutants #33 — Dani surprised Nate by firing an arrow to test how his powers are recovery. Dani personally asks Nate to officially join the New Mutants. The two of them move in together in the team's sharehouse.
  • New Mutants #34 — Mrs. Livitz, their landlord, invites Nate and Dani to dinner. She then calls Nate Dani's 'grumpy boyfriend', Dani smiles in embarrassment and tries to deny it.
  • New Mutants #35 — When Nate states that Blink's actions is a form of atonement Dani mocks Nate, making a joke about a giant robot killing him. Nate responds by rolling his eyes, but Dani then agrees that it is atonement.
  • New Mutants #36 — Mrs. Livitz has made dinner for Nate and Dani, but welcome the rest of the team in as well.
  • New Mutants #38 — In a dream Cypher states that Dani is 'spoken for', indicating that he knows Dani likes Nate. On a mission to Paradise Island, Nate and Dani have an argument where Dani insults Nate about his lack of powers. Nate calls Dani out and she apologizes. Magma asks what's going on and Cypher explains, "She is, in fact, attracted to Nate, and is trying to disguise that fact by being overly harsh to him." Later Dani compliments Nate after he had saved Cypher. Nate tends to Dani's cuts when she was slashed by Bird-Brain.
  • New Mutants #39 — While the New Mutants are infected by the Ani-Mator's virus Nate comments to Dani, "You are very hot." Dani is about to say that's an inappropriate comment when Nate clarifies that he meant her fever. Nate and Dani stay by each other's side, supporting each other, during the entire mission. Dani complements Nate when he manages a large psionic blast. In a delirium caused by the virus Nate admits that he likes Dani's body. Nate gets Dani a glass of water and the two hold hands. Due to the odd nature of the virus their hands become fused together, causing the two to have to move as one. Nate gets knocked out while protecting Dani.
  • New Mutants #40 — Nate and Dani continue to work together while Cypher and Warlock cure the virus.
  • New Mutants #41 — When Dani tell Blink about how she had been fused with Nate, Blink teasingly asks if they were fused in an 'interesting way'. When the team takes a break in Madripoor Nate spots Dani having a drink in a bar and goes over to talk to her. Blink asks if there are "Any yummy guys in this town?" Dani replies "Yes, there are," as she sees Nate walking over. Blink asks Dani if she likes Nate, causing both of them to blush. Magma interrupts shouting that "She so does. You can tell." Dani fiercely denies it as Magma and Blink begin teasing her, causing Dani to blush even more, overhearing Nate chooses to walk away. Dani looks on as Nate leaves. Dani slips away from Magma and Blink and goes searching for Nate. She finds him drinking alone in a back alley. Dani asks Nate to dance with her. Nate tries to decline, giving the weak excuse that he isn't much of a dancer. Dani calls him out, saying that is the worst excuse she had ever heard. Dani insists and pulls Nate to his feet, stating that its all about the 'hip action'. As the two dance Dani asks Nate, why he's been so quiet since Paradise Island? Nate confesses that he wanted to tell Dani how he felt, but after they got fused together and everyone freaking out that he was no longer sure if it was the right thing to say. Dani replies by telling him to tell her anyway. They both embrace in a passionate kiss. Nate and Dani are next to each other when the team gets a group photo.
  • Exiled #1 — Nate is concerned for Dani's safety when the Disir attack.
  • Journey into Mystery #637 — Nate helps Dani to focus when her mind gets muddled by reality warping. Later, Nate holds Dani back from assaulting Sigurd.
  • New Mutants #42 — Nate convinces Dani not to involve the other X-Men in their current predicament, as it may jeopardise the structural integrity of reality. Dani entrusts Nate with watching over kid Loki.
  • New Mutants #43 — When Dani is struck by Bor Burison, Nate leaps into action ready to throw-down with the elder god. Dani as a Valkyrie shields Nate from a blast.
  • New Mutants #45 — Nate rushes to catch Dani and help her to her feet, when she is shocked by future Cannonball's armor. Nate attempts to shield Dani when Magma causes an eruption. Nate knocks out future Cannonball when he is believed to be a threat to Dani. In photos from the future Dani and Nate are shown standing together in a team photo and being together at the beach.
  • New Mutants #46 — Nate uses a psionic blast against Warlock in order to save Dani, which she calls 'impressive'.
  • New Mutants #47 — Dani asks Nate for his opinion on temporal shifting, a subject he's an expert on.
  • New Mutants #50 — The New Mutants throw a celebration at their house. Mrs. Livitz arrives saying that she would like to introduce Dani to her nephew. Nate and Dani laugh together at the notion of their landlord trying to set Dani up. Cannonball then walks in apologizing for interrupting Dani and Nate. Cannonball says that he doesn't want things to be awkward between the three of them. Dani assures Cannonball that while she is with Nate, she is still his friend. Later on, Nate and Dani are seen holding each other during the party.
  • Fearless Defenders #9 — Nate is called to a meeting for the male partners of the members of the all-female team of Defenders. Though due to some confusion both Nate and Cannonball were called on the behalf of Dani. While trying to call Dani, Nate and Cannonball state that she never answers her phone, then questions why each other are here. While talking Cannonball asks Nate if he and Dani are an 'item', to which Nate tells him how they hooked up in Madripoor. When Dani and the other Defenders arrive she tells Nate that she was going to tell Cannonball about them herself, eventually. Nate aids Dani and the Defenders against their enemies. After the battle Cannonball says that he's happy for Dani and Nate, and that it's cool that their together.
  • Marvelous X-Men #4 — When Nate and Jean Grey go to patch cracks in reality, 'memories' of the real world begin leaking into the Age of X-Man pocket-dimension. One of these memories shows Nate siting with Dani beneath a tree, and Dani saying "I love you, Nate."


“I love you, Nate.”
— Dani; Marvelous X-Men #4
Nate“Dani. What... How are you here? You were never part of this world.”
Dani“I'm part of you. Irrevocably. Forever.”


NateDani is somewhat of a rarepair, with there seemingly only being a handful of fanworks out there. This may be due to the fact that both Nate and Dani could be considered as 'B-list' characters within the X-Men, and the Marvel fandom overall.

Of what fanworks there are they majoritively don't deviant to much from established earth-616 canon. Such is the case in the The Armless Cheyenne, a fan fiction written by technosagery. The story takes place in the period between New Mutants #50 and Fearless Defenders #1, while it focuses primarily on Dani Moonstar trying to work out what she is going to do after the events of Avengers vs X-Men. After Cyclops had been arrested and Sunspot and Cannonball had left the New Mutants to join the Avengers, Dani is struggling to find purpose. There are several moments through the fic where Nate Grey joins Dani in her bedroom to offer advice and try to help. At one point it is stated that Dani is attracted to the male members of the Summers' family (which includes Nate}. As Dani begins to regain her focus Nate joins her once again to offer some words of encouragement, but also to sneak a peak at Dani's new skin-tight costume. The story ends with Dani kicking Nate out of her room but then suggestively saying he can 'come back later'.

Nate and Dani also semi-frequently appear together in the satirical comic created by magickmaker, poking fun at more obsurd accurances in comics. Such as what would be the legal ramifications for sleeping with someone who had been artificially aged up, or ridiculous nature of Age of X-Man.

While fanworks for this pair is somewhat scarce, fan discussion of the relationship between Nate and Dani has been quite frequent on forums when it was considered 'relevant'. This relevant period was primarily between 2011-2013 (during the publication of New Mutants and Fearless Defenders) and 2019 (during the events of Age of X-Man). At these times there appeared to be a fairly even divide between fans both supporting and against Nate and Dani being together.



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  • Both Nate and Dani are mutants with psionic powers.
  • Both have at one point lost the ability to use their powers.
  • Both have at one point single handedly fought Ares the god of war.
  • According to writer Brian Michael Bendis, Nate and Dani have children somewhere in the multiverse.[1]



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